Saturday, February 28, 2015

We Need to "KEEP FEAR ALIVE" FBI Official Explains How Govt Needs You in Fear, to Justify Paychecks

By Matt Agorist
February 23, 2015

A documentary film, The Newburgh Sting, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in April of last year. The film set out to expose how the FBI entraps and coaxes otherwise peaceful people into participating in hoax crimes.

In the film, former FBI assistant director Thomas Fuentes defends the tactics used by the FBI to set up poverty-stricken men and offering them large sums of money to commit crimes.

After he had defended the FBI's role in bribing poor people to get them to commit crimes, he let out a bombshell statement, confirming what many of us already know. In the film, Fuentes stated:

"If you're submitting budget proposals for a law enforcement agency, for an intelligence agency, you're not going to submit the proposal that 'We won the war on terror and everything's great,' cause the first thing that's gonna happen is your budget's gonna be cut in half," states Fuentes. "You know, it's my opposite of Jesse Jackson's 'Keep Hope Alive'—it's 'Keep Fear Alive.' Keep it alive."
Early this month Privacy SOS reported, "In the context of an interview about a case in which a paid FBI informant is alleged to have offered destitute men a quarter of a million dollars to execute an attack, a former assistant director of the FBI admits it's in the bureau's best interest to inflate the supposed terror threat. That's remarkably candid, and profoundly disturbing."

When the broken down and often mentally diminished participants are arrested by the very people who were going to pay them to commit a crime, we're told that our flawless law enforcement apparatus has foiled another attack, and kept us safe another day.

As Glenn Greenwald stated in response to this story, "The agency does not disrupt planned domestic terror attacks but rather creates them, then publicly praises itself for stopping its own plots."

Fear is a normal and crucial part of the human psychological being. Fear has been defined as a typical reaction to a real or imagined threat and is considered to be an integral and adaptive aspect of development with the primary function of promoting survival.

However, our fear can be used against us.

Using fear to control the masses is nothing new. The fact that this tactic has been used for thousands of years makes it all the more disheartening when we witness our fellow humans tremble in fear every time the state names their new boogeyman.

The evolving list of boogeymen in the US has grown quite lengthy over the last couple of centuries. Despite being told that these boogeymen pose an imminent threat, and we should surrender our freedoms to combat said threat, very few times are Americans hurt by these contrived villains.

Nonetheless, the majority of Americans line up to have themselves and their children molested by agents of the state, to keep them "safe." As his rights are trampled, his freedoms are stripped, and children are slaughtered in his name, Boobus Americanus parrots the words of his tyrannical overlords, "freedom isn't free."

As he watches innocent men, women, and children, brutalized by the blue fist of oppression, Boobus Americanus repeats to himself, "they likely did something to deserve it…at least it's not me."

However, it is only a matter of time before it is Boobus Americanus who's killed in a botched raid on the wrong house, or whose child receives a flashbang grenade to the face.

Mainstream media coupled with government fear-mongering about the next boogeyman [The current "bogeyman" is ISIS (ISIL) which is an Anglo-American creation.] is helping to create a society of timid and fearful drones who are entirely dependent on the state for their own protection; "protection" that is all but non-existent.

When the next terror threat, beheading video, or justification for killing children is shoved down your throat via FOXSNBCNN, remember that you are far more likely to be killed by a police officer [Approximately 1,000 Americans were gunned down by police across America in 2014.] in this, the "Land of the Free," than by a terrorist.

In fact, you have a better chance of being killed by a bee sting, a home repair accident, medical malpractice, hot weather, tripping, or choking on your vomit. All of these are more likely to kill you than TERRORISM.

Our fear is the only thing that keeps the gears of the police state turning. Once we realize this, we can begin to see the entire picture; we've granted a monopoly on the use of violence to a gang of sociopaths who manipulate us for their own personal gain. [The FBI's fiscal year (FY) 2014 budget request totaled $8.4 billion in direct budget authority, including 34,787 permanent positions (13,082 special agents, 3,026 intelligence analysts, and 18,679 professional staff).] When the sociopaths refer to this manipulation, however, they call it public service.


Tracey Cooke said...

An estimated 1,000 innocent, adorable squirrels, many of them pregnant mothers or mothers tending newborns who will be left to die, will be brutally sought out in the woods they call home and murdered tomorrow in what the Holley NY Fire Department has promoted for several years running as a fun-filled contest for prizes to see who can kill the biggest squirrel, or the heaviest group of squirrels, all in the name of raising money for the fire department. This despite the outcries and pleas of thousands of goodhearted people. Many of these squirrels have been fed and baited to make them heavier and gain their trust. But tomorrow when they come for their daily nuts, they'll be met with slaughter. Children 12 years and over have been invited by the Holley Fire Department to partake in the grisly massacre. Offers like the one extended by For The Love Of Alex to pay a sum equal to the net proceeds of their "fundraiser" in exchange for cancelling the event were disregarded and ignored. So it's not about the funds, is it? It's all about the kill.
For those of us who understand and appreciate that all life matters, that every living being is on the same journey, that the right to life is divine, our hearts will die a thousand times tomorrow. For the tiny peaceful beings who stand no chance against humans and their weapons, for the deception and trickery of baiting, for the suffering they will know, and for their unborn and newborns left to die. How horrible is mankind. The personification of evil.
Shame on all the media and government officials who were contacted to help in the fight to stop this and never even uttered the slightest response. Kudos to Jane Velez Mitchell for calling attention to this and trying to help stop it on her Facebook page, the only well-known person we are aware of to do so. Shame on Holley NY for your despicable actions and evil mindset, for indoctrinating children to your concept that life has no value whatsoever.
In choosing an image for this post there are many horrific pictures from prior years' Holley NY "Squirrel Slams" out there. One shows a young girl taunting protestors with a bloody pizza box overflowing with her squirrel victims, an adult (reportedly her father) beaming the well known hunter's glee sick smirk behind her as they walk. ( Or the trucks parading through Holley with their victim squirrels dangling from their bumpers and windows like some kind of demented Rose Parade from hell. (…/941x485xSquirrel_slam_Holley.jpg.pag…).
But we don't want those horrific images to forever be a part of our page. So instead we show an image of life as it should be, humans as guardians of the earth, not its destroyers. Giving a helping hand, to a precious life in need. We pray that one day the mindset of evil is eradicated from our world like the hideous cancer it is. To the precious, unsuspecting squirrels of Holley NY, please hide tomorrow. Please let divine intervention warn you and guide you. My heart is shattered for your tragic fate. God's little gardeners, you don't deserve this horror.
More on this:…/stop-squirrel-slam-holly-…/…
Holley Fire Department President Fran Gaylord 7 Thomas St, Holley, NY 14470 (585) 638-6884 and their FB page…/941x485xSquirrel_slam_Holley.jpg.pag…

Tracey Cooke said...

Offers like the one extended by For The Love Of Alex to pay a sum equal to the net proceeds of their "fundraiser" in exchange for cancelling the event were disregarded and ignored. So it's not about the funds, is it? It's all about the kill.

Tracey Cooke said...

Shame on Holley NY for your despicable actions and evil mindset, for indoctrinating children to your concept that life has no value whatsoever....

Squirrel Slam -- bizarre hunting contest..