Friday, February 27, 2015


Disclosure and the Secret History of Our Solar System-- Radio Show [Major Updates!]


Holy Cross said...

From my understanding, David is pro-abortion. If true, his information cannot be from "trustworthy sources". His type of mysticism is open to nefarious infiltration! ET's and Aliens are NOT the entities we want to interact with.
Seek out people who espouse GOOD and are HOLY. Humble and contrite of heart. There is the wisdom and TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

I have a very difficult time with Davids concept of ufology. We know that the Nazi were experimenting with anti-gravity designed ships that resemble comic strip ufo craft.. We also know that the Russian were experimenting, we watched them flying their proto types on videos over 16 years ago, and they worked.

I don't believe that this technology is a result of alien beings from another dimension, I believe it is the result of discoveries and technologies stolen from earth bound beings like Tesla. Drone technology is a perfect example. Weapons technology and so forth. How many years, and scientists across the years have worked on these technologies, to advance it to what we see today, flying in our skies. controlling our weather, advanced weapons, invisible cloaking, etc.......they have had years....and they want us to believe in aliens?

If Aliens from other dimensions are so advanced, and are sharing numerous technologies on every level, how is it that the only recipients have been the Cabal, the Illuminati?? to develop war machines, Medical tech that only they benefit from and Wilcock claims they are the good guys, sitting on a cloud for the right time to help??? Its seems that the Aliens are confused, between good and evil... and, if your going to tell us that there are good and bad aliens, sorry, it don't fly..

Frankly, I think Wilcock and those that believe in saviors sitting in flying saucers in the sky.. are either brainwashed, or part of the problem.....