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Unspoken Truths: Rabbit Season, Duck Season

Unspoken Truths
By Jim Kirwan
The purpose of the ‘Quest’ is to frustrate the armored fist of ‘Conquest’ that has been trying to rule the world for centuries. Today the world is facing the supposed “invincibility” of the fascist police state worldwide; as an indisputable fact of life. That’s a flat out lie: Because there are circumstances that have become part of the Dirtiest Secret of them all: Which has always been here but which has not yet been mentioned, at least not publicly.
“When the global-axe comes down everything here will change”
That’s the supposition but what will happen includes an entire series of events that have still not become part of any equation, at least not in public, because the fake-powers atop the global-media are terrified of what could and probably will happen, once that threatened axe actually falls on the US population that has been ignoring all the facts for at least the last fifteen years.
Much has been made of the private mercenaries that are protecting everything from the politicians, the bankers and the government, which have targeted all of us for prison, torture or obliteration.
This “fear” is the one thing that is never publicly discussed because no one wants to think about what could happen to them and to everything they have, if and when this unspeakable event actually succeeds in turning the public into permanent captives of this global-cabal.
This will only happen if “Resistance” is not embraced; either before or after U.S. Incorporated decides to initiate their fully criminal pogroms against the people of the USA.
This is what SUBMISSION ~ DEFIANCE looks like now.
This conundrum has remained unexplored so far as the actual conditions that already exist, among the criminally employed mercenaries are concerned. Those that are “guarding” the outlaws definitely know that their employers are the real targets who will be “at risk”: from the second they decide to go the last few miles to shatter the last of the fa├žade, which is all that’s kept everyone in place and “playing” with the current pretense of still having a country. That concept clearly died a very long time ago. This is one of the basic conditions we must reverse if we are to survive the next few months: Actual RESISTANCE must commence...
This much some people have been discussing, but they have not factored in the reality behind the fascist police-state that we’re currently living in.
Part of these unspoken truths involves the professional killers that are employed to protect all those who should have been arrested years ago. The ordinary people have either forgotten, or have never really known, that these ‘professionals’ have no loyalty to any cause or to anything except to money.
Consequently these mercenaries for hire are constantly evaluating where their greatest ‘fortunes’ are; while they continue to assess their positions in this continually shifting, yet still undeclared War upon the people of the old United States. There has never been any ‘honor among either thieves or murderers, which is especially true as we move into the next phase of this globally-criminal event.
What has not been collectively considered is that the hired-guns, whether in uniform or not, are not creatures that will stay purchased by whatever they are being paid in their current status, no matter who they work for. This is one of the things that those in positions of fake-power have always underestimated when they set out to kill all the rest of us. As long as things remain as they are, most of those doing the security details, will more than likely remain where they are: But each and every one of them will always continue to reevaluate and reassess their own personal situations, as things change.
When it benefits them to wear the uniform they will do that. But when that becomes a real problem, they will dump the uniform and change course, as things actually begin to threaten their employers: Whether that’s the criminal government, the bankers or the politicians: because in reality none of the Outlaws that have done this to us all, are actually safe from the same creatures they have hired to protect “them” from “us”.
A typical scenario might involve working for something like a John McCain: The creature that doesn’t even know how many “homes” he owns. Once McCain’s positions begin to be permanently threatened, it’s likely that his ‘security detail” might just decide to take whatever they can steal and split: Leaving the Senator to face the mobs, by himself.
This is but one of thousands of continuing situations both in the government and the world of privatized-theft incorporated, in the corporate world that will very soon have to be reevaluated again and again; as situations get closer to confronting a public that is moving from semi-passive to angry and determined people.
Anyone who knows anything about the world of the dark-side, knows these facts intuitively, by the simple fact that they’re out there and have survived it all before—no doubt several times themselves. Because of this fact, the Outlaws in place now have not yet dared to push this public further—yet!
This is no longer about basically criminal actions as these have been routinely engaged in by virtually everyone at the top of every government agency, private illegal-business or the corporate-traitors that have been running this place for over a hundred years. The second tier of crooked lawyers, cops, judges, and everyone else all the way down to bent reporters, local mayor’s, members of criminal boards of supervisors: Everyone that has found the criminal way of life to be irresistible to keep their broken lives alive. A great many of those creatures have always depended on the power of those they are protecting, to protect them as well—which of course will not happen.
The fake-powers that would be, do not share, especially not when it comes to their underlings that can’t protect themselves. But most of the greedy and thoughtless blood-suckers that have made a way of life out of feeding off the public, will not see this coming either, until it’s too late for them to escape from a truly aroused public Those coming moments will look like what happened when the townspeople discovered the existence of Frankenstein, just before they chased him down with torches to end his days.
The difference in the world of today is that the people will not be coming with pitchforks, no. They’ll be coming armed and once they finally see the handwriting on the wall, they will not stop until every part of this crime has been answered for, throughout what they’ve been doing for the last fifty years. Faced with that reality the mercenaries will be fleeing for their lives, after they’ve killed their former employers and taken whatever they can into the wilderness to try and escape what will be roaming this land, in search of survivors
This is not fiction: We have to begin to choose LIFE over mere EXISTENCE.
This is what’s about to happen as the Outlaws continue to force the nightmare to come ever closer to the lives of all those that have already been targeted in every way possible, without actually arresting us for treason, against the illegal fascist police-state which is still trying to kill 95% of the population in the old United States.
The dirty cops have always known that this, or a variation of it, is true. They know that no matter where they live people know who they are and that they are part of this continuing crime. These creatures are nothing but minor actors, chess pieces supposedly protected by mercenaries: But they too will be shot once they’re no longer needed just as Hitler eliminated the Brown Shirts once they were no longer needed. The puppet in the Tarnished House doesn’t give a damn about them or much of anything else either: Because he’s insane and will also be eliminated once he’s no longer needed. In fact this entire House of Dirty-Cards was designed to disappear once the money and the government are no longer needed.
The problem with that is that no one can actually tell, when or if whatever has been scheduled to take place, will actually be ordered. And part of the reason for that is that several of the above mentioned possibilities really do exist.
Everyone in the criminal but ordained political world is well aware of the fact that this is the case and that’s why they still have not chosen to drop that axe they’ve been preparing to use, with extreme-prejudice against the entire nation.
Those of us who have been living our own lives for the entire time we’ve been here know about the inner workings of the criminal side of life here. It’s unfortunate that more people are not yet aware of how the blackmail, the tyranny and the treason are really affected, by the shabby actions of the failed players that are trying to run what’s left of this dying place: But because we are nearing the end of this charade, it’s far more likely that many more individuals will very soon join in opposing the passive submission being demanded from us all, by those that have always hated the entire human race.
Now that this sordid series of facts is becoming public: Many might want to stave off the unthinkable for just a while longer—but that’s not what needs to happen. If there are to be any future generations then we must do what we have to date failed to do: We need to go on the offensive, in every dark corner where the criminals still think they might be “safe”.
Let them begin to sweat for a change because we know exactly how vulnerable they have always been: And now we can finally take full advantage of those vulnerabilities to take the rats down permanently
Era of Shattered Illusions
Rabbit Season, Duck Season trilogy


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