Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The CDC Veil of Lies is So Thin

The CDC Veil of Lies is So Thin
by fungihomeworld
..what is more likely in regard
to "explaining" the morgellons/GMO Disease phenomena?
1. "something" got into the environment/food chain
and has infected millions with some sort of pathogen
that results in gel covered lesions and fiber growth..
2. Millions of people have become obsessed over
a delusion that "something" is crawling around on/under
their skin..they see "delusional" fibers and are
hacking hundreds of holes into their skin with
their finger nails trying to
get at the "bugs".
** never mind that the fibers are easily seen on and
under the epidermis..and in all manner of excretions
and secretions. Just so long as the "medical professional"
keeps their eyes shut..the evidence is..invisible.
*** why is it that a human covered in "self inflicted"
excoriations and oozing lesions..THAT ARE NOT BECOMING SEVERELY INFECTED
draws no notice from the "doctors"?
Folks are forever making appointments to get treatment
for an infected paper cut, cat scratch, splinter or
any of a variety of ways in which bacteria can take
advantage of a break in the skin.
The "delusional" folks..covered in gaping craters in their
skin..supposedly made with fingernails or whatever is
at hand..are not overrun with bacterial and fungal
infections of those lesions.
...this does not appear to be raising any eyebrows.
I suppose that one can assume that because they are
"delusional lesions"..the bacteria and fungi can't find them.
...pfffft...seems that just about all the "health care professionals" are in on the gag by now.
No one seems to be really observing or thinking about
what they are seeing. So much silence from the "docs".
Well..lies and silence. The flimsy veil of lies provided
by the CDC can't hold together forever. If nothing else..
the plague of "delusion" will only keep spreading.
Or will the "medical experts" merely assert that
"the entire world is delusional..and is merely responding
to an internet meme"..please take your prescribed
mind altering meds..and you will all feel so much better".
"We are the CDC/NIH/AMA. Respect our authority.
Comply. Obey. It will be easier for you that way."

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