Thursday, February 26, 2015

Iceland kicked out the banksters. Now they're mocking McDonald's by displaying a burger & fries that won't mold or rot

Iceland Did Something Especially Clever With The Last McDonald’s Meal They Ever Sold In 2009
Jeff Roberts
Feb 22, 2015
Up there in the ranks of dinosaur bones and Renaissance art comes the star of our daily cabinet of curiosities (#AMH). And no, it’s not a petrified mummy or a two-headed anomaly, but rather, something more relevant and clever.
In a move that will likely one day see future generations looking back and gasping in horror, Iceland has taken its last McDonald’s meal ever sold and placed it on display at a bus hostel in Reykjavik.
McDonald's Meal Left To Rot In A Museum Remains Mold Free
Feb 2, 2015

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