Saturday, February 28, 2015

Federal Reserve Act of 1913 -- Your REMEDY under the Common Law


Anonymous said...

Been using a stamp for rear of all checks stating: "Redeemed with lawful money pursuant Title 12 U.S.C. Section 411" then autographing below same with "by" in front of signature if check is to ALL CAPS NAME/ TRADENAME/ STRAWMAN. Also "For special deposit only" IF some is placed into the account; on deposit slip i designate "Lawful money special deposit only" & keep copy. Eliminates IRS from one's life, as one is NOT using fiat currency, but has transformed same to lawful money, which is exempt from levy, as are live people not working for "govmnt". Govt employees names are styled as corporate fiction corp{se} in ALL CAPS/ TRADENAME/ STRAWMAN, a state creation totally different from living (wo)man, obviously. freeMom7 :D

Anonymous said...

I have a couple 1928 $2 U.S. Treasury Notes with the red seal.

I wonder if they are worth anything.