Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Guess who's shoveling millions in support of net neutrality: GEORGE SOROS and the FORD FOUNDATION

Gee, look surprised as to who is lavishing huge sums of money to supporters of the net neutrality bill.
Soros, Ford shovel $196 million to 'net neutrality' groups, staff to White House
By Paul Bedard
Washington Examiner
Feb 25, 2015
Liberal philanthropist George Soros and the Ford Foundation have lavished groups supporting the administration’s “net neutrality” agenda, donating $196 million and landing proponents on the White House staff, according to a new report.
And now, as the Federal Communications Commission nears approving a type of government control over the internet, the groups are poised to declare victory in the years-long fight, according to the report from MRC Business, an arm of the conservative media watchdog, the Media Research Center. 

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