Friday, February 27, 2015

The Individual's Power to Change Things

You are interactively connected with all. A two-way communication exists.


Ever hear of a thing called a Musician? These creatures can synchronize their most subtle motions, to collectively create audio landscapes.
What about sports teams?
What about military troop movements?
What about global financial institutions?
The following is not the best use of the human potential, but serves as another example of coordinated efforts. Consider, do we need a shouting dictator or stop signs, if each can think for itself?
MUST WATCH-THE FUNNIEST Synchronized Walking


Steven Strogatz: How things in nature tend to sync up


Massive Flocks of Starling Birds form Dark Clouds in Israel Sky


It is interesting that when swarms occur in nature, that humans can grok the defensive ability of the action, but seem to forget that the swarm appears as a much larger entity to a potential predator.

There was a man, who trimmed palm trees. He arrived at a job (house) when the owner wasn't home, but numerous dogs were. The dogs were of course outside and in the mood to defend their home. There were about 5 or 6 dogs. The tree trimmer stood outside the fence, looking at the dogs, and thinking about how to deal with this situation. The dogs got more vocal about their defensive desire.
As the tree trimmer was considering his options, there was another man who lived in the nearest house, who came outside. He had been observing the situation. He spoke up and said to the tree trimmer: "You just walk in there like you own the damn place, and those dogs will leave you alone."
The tree trimmer went back to his truck, and grabbed his climbing gear. He desired to test this man's suggestion.
It worked.
The Straight Dope: Do the menstrual cycles of women living together tend to synchronize?
Menstrual synchronicity in action
Dear Cecil:
Your informational bursts usually don't blow me away, but the piece you did on "synchronous menstruation" sure did. Quite by coincidence it meshed with a business conversation I had the prior week with a computer company middle management functionary. I manage technology transfer for a university in Illinois. One of our most successful recent inventions is an innovation in computer monitors known as plasma display. Their high resolution, soft orange color, and versatility are well suited for those who must stare at computers on a daily basis, i.e., engineers, designers, bank functionaries, etc.
A company (which shall remain nameless other than the designation "Big Blue") has been utilizing this invention in their product line for the past eight years or so. Not long after production geared up, Big Blue management noticed that the junk bins were filling up with rejected screens at an inordinately high rate at a certain time of the month.
Plasma displays involve the chemical bonding of electronic circuitry to the inside of the screen's glass face. Prior to the recent introduction of automated production equipment, the bonding process was done by hand by female assembly workers.
Yes, Cecil, you guessed it. When Big Blue's efficiency experts got done number-crunching, they found that the workers' menstrual periods were collectively peaking at around the same time the junk bins were running over. Why? It seems that the perspiration on the fingertips of the assemblers became more acidic at their collective "time," which quite effectively screwed up the chemical bonding process. When people tell me the world runs on sex, I now understand what they mean.
— Robert C., Chicago/Champaign
Cecil replies:
On the assumption that the Big Blue you're talking about is more commonly known by the initials I-B-M, I called up to check on your story, Bob. Nobody at IBM can recall anything about it, but they admit it might have happened. Makes a good yarn, in any case.
What is the point of the above expressions?
Human beings are a life-form, the same as any other "form" in nature. What appears to be a complex form, is just a bunch of simple forms combined.
When a human watches a movie, a tearjerker, and tears begin to form, what is happening? Is there an identification with the story? Has the human being been inspired to personally materialize a version of the idea being expressed in the movie? Sadness, loss? Feelings that materialize tears? This could be called inducement.
the act of inducing
a means of inducing; persuasion; incentive
(law) (in pleading) the introductory part that leads up to and explains the matter in dispute
the act of inducting or state of being inducted
the act of inducing
(in an internal-combustion engine) the part of the action of a piston by which mixed air and fuel are drawn from the carburetor to the cylinder
a process of reasoning, used esp in science, by which a general conclusion is drawn from a set of premises, based mainly on experience or experimental evidence. The conclusion goes beyond the information contained in the premises, and does not follow necessarily from them. Thus an inductive argument may be highly probable, yet lead from true premises to a false conclusion
a conclusion reached by this process of reasoning Compare deduction (sense 4)
the process by which electrical or magnetic properties are transferred, without physical contact, from one circuit or body to another See also inductance
(biology) the effect of one tissue, esp an embryonic tissue, on the development of an adjacent tissue
(biochemistry) the process by which synthesis of an enzyme is stimulated by the presence of its substrate
(mathematics, logic)
a method of proving a proposition that all integers have a property, by first proving that 1 has the property and then that if the integer n has it so has n + 1
the application of recursive rules
a formal introduction or entry into an office or position
(as modifier) ⇒ "induction course", "induction period"
(US) the formal enlistment of a civilian into military service
an archaic word for preface
Everything you do, personally, affects everything else. You have an influence on all of creation. Use your imagination and creativity. Don't be shy. Don't be cruel. The reason I say that is because: what goes around, comes around. What you do to others, they will do to you. What you do for others, they will do for you. Kindness breeds kindness. Cruelty breeds cruelty.
What do you want to create individually and collectively?

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