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Dr. William Mount: Russia Deploys Fleet To Protect New Texas Nation <<>> please post

William Mount
Russia Deploys Fleet To Protect New Texas Nation
Thu Jun 25, 2015

Russia is now deploying both land a sea assets to defend the New Nation
of Texas.

As you recall - a few weeks ago President Obama had someone sign an
executive  order taking Texas out of the US Corporation and deploying
Embassy Staff to set up a New Embassy in Texas.

If you recall - way back in the American Civil War the Russians deployed a
fleet to protect the Union from the English funded American Civil War.

Today the Russians are deploying a fleet to protect the New Nation of Texas
from the  Next American Revolution funded by the English - The Rothchilds,
as ordered by the Roman Pope.

When I met a CIA Handler just after meeting the CIA Director I was shown that
the US  will be broken down into 6 regions: Alaska Sarah Palen), Texas, Southern
States, North East, Midwest and the West. The handler I met is scheduled to be
the Next US President and will unify what is left of America.

California, Arizona and New Mexico were to be given to Mexico

The guy they chose is Intelligent and Honest and Patient. Not a bad choice for reunification.

So what happens if something goes wrong with our 65,000 + 10,000 from
Yucca Mountain Nuclear Arsenal - like some patriot decided to blow up the
White House, under Denver and under South Central Nebraska using their
own Self Destruct Nukes - remember Trinidad and Mineral?

Oops -

So yes - Sorcha is correct - they just did not go far enough in telling us the truth.
This is about the destruction of America. Expected US Population in 3 years:
About 70 Million.

So we have a potential:

1) Separation of the US into 6 regions
2) The death of 300 Million Americans
3) Last year of Jubilee
4) Lucifer lining up his forces to: Shoot Jesus Down With Lasers and Rockets.
5) Coming Nuclear War
6) Yellow Stone Blowing It's Top
7) Financial Melt Down

Choose what you wish to believe, but to anyone but a Moron it appears that
those in the White House want to kill you.

Please pray - Visualize - that those trying to destroy America are
immediately and completely immobilized for life.

Please also keep in mind that GOD has it all handled and that YOUR
relationship with GOD is between YOU and GOD, not between you
and a pastor or priest.
They may help you in your understanding but NO ONE stands
between You and GOD.

The Earthquakes and Sun Spots aimed at the Red Dragon Empire are to remind
them that when GOD speaks they had better listen.
As their economy falls around
their feet they let it happen because they were too "Lazy", "Cheap" to pay on the
Federal Reserve and US Treasury Obligations they were told to pay on so their
entire Empire falls over peanuts. So much for honor, integrity and honesty, right?

Let me know when you are ready China - until then your empire will continue to
collapse and there is nothing - NOTHING - you can do to stop it. Look up into the
sky and below your feet - Lucifer himself cannot stop this.
As for the Hit on Obama on 17 July at Camp David (Sniper) and the eggs someone
is planning to throw in Obama 4 July are just to get his attention.

As for the Idiots in the White House Staff - please destroy the labels of the food you
buy as someone way high up is trying to poison your staff- IE - it revolves around
your missing cook and be careful of range Cheese for the next few weeks in that
White House of Obamanation.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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Russian Navy Armada Ordered To Gulf Coast Of Texas For “Liberation Exercise”

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Anonymous said...

Why do you care if the landing gear of these traitors plane is broken, or if someone puts poison in the food that Odoghead eats? Maybe God told them to do that. These guys need to leave this sphere of existence.