Sunday, June 28, 2015

Jade Helm 15 The Disappearances Have Begun Loss Of Freedoms

Jade Helm 15

The Disappearances

Have Begun Loss Of Freedoms


Unknown said...

fear porn jade helm is a military exercise & nothing els do you see what you are saying anonymous 2 the best military on the planet { the one that is about to fuck us over yah that one } i have said this before & ill say it again these guys are true patriots they won't kick in anyones door to collect guns they love their country as we do they are old enough to know better cobra said they are the good guys & are of NO threat to us printing all this bullshit is going to get some fool to start shooting at them & thats all it takes the shot heard around the world than the cabal win we are all dead the cabal walk in & take over end of story

Anonymous said...

Understand this about the USA (NOT 'us') military - it was turned over to the UN/NATO/NWO years ago by the private corporation USA Inc out of Washington, DC - that is how they get away with being 'used' in foreign nations to create such turmoil (Ukraine, Turkey and Iraq as examples). The 'plan' for this UN/NATO world army is that all soldiers are sent to other nations; i.e. Americans are not serving in or for America. They are sent to foreign nations where they have no loyalties or concerns about following orders to shoot and kill. IF they were in America, then yes - perhaps you would find that they would disobey such orders but in another nation that, for the most part, would not be the case. So - since Americans are sent to other nations - guess what? Soldiers of other nations are sent to America (outfitted in American uniforms and equipped with American guns, trucks, etc so they are not easily identified, as Americans are not supposed to know this fact generally.) So, as you observe Jade Helm 15 and all the white vehicles with the big blue UN logos on the doors, understand that not only those participating in JH but those hidden in America's national forests and on bases that were formerly 'shut down' are soldiers from other nations who have no loyalty to America and who, in fact, mostly hate this nation for the military atrocities this military has committed against their own nations and peoples. Call it 'fear porn' if you must, but it will be your own 'fear' when your own door is being opened either by being kicked in or a battering ram comes right in to your living room and perhaps misses your head by an inch - if you're lucky. Then you will know what 'fear' is my dear. It's coming.