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When Words Are Used To Deliberately Mislead, And The Agencies Who Are Supposedly In Charge Of Insuring That Products Are Safe, Are Actually Controlled By The Corporations They Are Purportedly  Monitoring....

It is a sad state of affairs when a person can no longer trust any government agency to give them the truth about what is "safe" in any products that we are spending our money on  for our families.

The unfortunate truth is that ALL of the so called government(s) watch dog agencies are doing nothing to protect our families from the corruption that is rampant in the "Organic"  and "Healthy Lifestyle" companies.   Sadder yet is the fact that not only are these purported "safety agencies" NOT enforcing truth in the labeling of all the products that we thought were "healthy" or "good" for us, these same agencies are some of the very bullyboys who have forced truly "Organic" companies to bow to their pressure and deliberately pollute their products with GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), and chemicals. They have led the way to deliberately change the meanings of certain words used in advertising, such as:

"Organic"  & "Pure"

The FDA is a prime example of how language in labeling has been severely warped, and has led the way for lawyers to set precedents in court rooms that has now giving the green light for any company to use these words when in fact their products are not "Organic" nor "Pure".

There is currently a major battle going on in the USA in this arena.  Lobbyists for mega corporations like Monsanto (and their front companies) are paying huge sums of money to convince Congress to NOT force companies to label products that contain GMOs as having.... GMOs!   And when major players in the FDA are former Monsanto executives.... is that not a conflict of interest?

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), its responsibilities include “[p]rotecting the public health by assuring that foods are safe, wholesome, sanitary and properly labeled.”  This responsibility entails regulating a large number of companies producing the nation’s food, making appointments to the high-level positions within the agency very important.

    "Over the past decades, at least 7 high-ranking employees in the FDA were employed with Monsanto."

Most high-level FDA employees have a background in either medicine or law, but one of the largest private-sector sources is the Monsanto Company. Over the past decades, at least seven high-ranking employees in the FDA have an employment history with the Monsanto Company.


Monsanto Controls both the White House and the US Congress

The FDA has recently pushed through legislation to allow companies to use the word "Organic" even if the product contains GMOs.   This has directly created a legal loophole for companies to put the word "Organic" on their labels, even when the product is not even remotely organic.  The same legal precedents have been set with descriptive words such as "Pure" and "Fresh" and "Natural".

I personally went toe to toe with an advertising executive from a very well known "Natural" products manufacturer, when I discovered that "Pure Aloe Vera", did NOT mean that the product contained PURE ALOE VERA.  His response ?  "Well.... the aloe vera in our products is pure, it's not fake, so therefore we can advertise it as "Pure"."      Now, just about every beauty and skin care product, and even "health" food products can have the words "Natural", and "Pure", and "Fresh", and yes, even "Organic" on their labels, knowing that they now have the legal ability to twist the meanings of those words.

We now live in a consumer environment where it is up to us to investigate everything ourselves.   If you really want to know what is in your shampoo, your skin cream or even your baby wash, I highly suggest you spend some time reviewing the "Skin Deep Database".  This data base is an excellent tool to decipher what's on your labels, what is actually IN your products and the information about the side effects, risks, and toxic background on every single ingredient.
As I wrote in the "Argan Oil" page here on Our Gaia's Gardens, the sad truth is that because Argan Oil has become very popular and is considered a "trending product", the vast majority of products that proclaim to contain "Argan Oil" contain amounts so small, and are contaminated with so many chemicals and perfume pollutants, that any health benefit that may have come from the Argan Oil, is diminished to almost zero.

The Argan Oil industry itself has also become rife with advertising corruption,  with impure Argan Oil, cut with mineral, corn or soya oil, being sold as "Pure".  Remember: all they have to say is that the Argan Oil in the product is "Pure"  and then they can call it "Pure Argan Oil".  Beware the twisting of words!

I have been a political activist in the arena of Maternal & Infant Health for over a decade,  and been very involved with many aspects of Natural Healing, through Aromatherapy, Herbal remedies, Acupressure, Massage Therapy and Energetic healing (Reiki and Therapudic Touch) for over 20 years.  Through my work, I have researched all of these aspects of corruption and fraud in the various "Watch dog" agencies of many governments.   I have been involved in several movements and organizations fighting against the Corporatization of Agencies who's jobs are purportedly to protect the public and the consumer.  The legal structures that have been set in place, in America, Canada, the UK, Australia and the EU pretty much guarantee that the corporations are allowed to put almost anything they want into a bottle and then label it with misinterpreted and twisted words, to fool the public into thinking they are buying some thing they are not.

And so..... when it comes to "Certifications of pureness" and "Organic certifications", I place almost zero respect  in any stamp or fancy paper.   Having said that,  the Women's Cooperative where we obtain all of our Moroccan Oils (Argan and Essential), is fully certified by these agencies.  The Argan Oil has the "Eco Cert" stamp of approval, and is Certified to be 100% "Organic" (which really is a joke as there is no such thing as GMO Argan Oil, and none of the Argan trees are sprayed with pesticides because they do not need it!).   But more importantly, all of our oils have MY Stamp of Approval.  For me, that is the highest level of "Certification" I can ever bring to my customers, because I can guarantee that I am WAY pickier and WAY more conscientious than ANY Government Agency.
The products I make, are used in our house every day by my children and all of our family.

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