Saturday, June 27, 2015






Anonymous said...

Press 1 for Respect!

" English is from England you dumb yanks!!! " The guy that wrote this in comments, seems to be a " tad " displaced..........The founding fathers of America came from the British Isles, and the term " yank " only applies to the North, not the south. For those that disagree with the Video, need to step back in Time. The colonizing of America was foretold many years ago, in fact a few thousand years ago. Not only was America Colonized, but so was........Canada, Australia, New Zealand. The founding fathers of these Countries, all came from the British Isles, and were met with the same resistance from the Native Peoples. This was not by Chance! The Primary language of these Countries is English, and if you research the History of these countries, you will find that they have many things in common... Their very first Flags, were the Union Jack, modified to what you see today, and they are all.........Red, White and Blue All the Founding fathers of these countries, brought the exact same things with them..............The Flag, the English Language, and the Bible, and these are the things that bind our countries together, in war and peace! I do agree with the comment that English is hard for many especially the older migrants, because English is probably one of the hardest languages to master, because it has so many variables............ The comment that the Natives of our Lands were abused? yes, but colonization had to happen, it is written in the Bible.........Genesis 10, 72 Countries, divided into their Gentile Lands. and the Native peoples resisted, it was going to happen regardless, however, atrocities did happen, there is no denial about that. One of the biggest reasons why colonization happened, was to expand the Bible into the World so that no one had an excuse, at the end of the day, the reason for it, was because the Natives of our Lands, needed to know the full truth, instead of the spiritualism that was practised. Cultural differences is an amazing thing, a wonderful experience to learn about other countries, but I think the most important thing is not just the Language, but respect for other countries...........

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! I believe,............... Respect goes a very long way!

Anonymous said...

The song was really catchy, but leaves
the solution open ended.

Shouldn't we all make a small effort to help foreigners
learn our language?

If they're tied up time wise, working low paying menial jobs
to pay over priced shelter prices, the least we can do is help
in some small way.
Most 'spoiled' American kids wouldn't work the jobs
the immigrants work.

Everyone needs reminding, all mankind needs the same things
to survive. Some are more eager to work to that end.

I feel ashamed and tremendous guilt over how our people have been
used by the elite to destroy cultures worldwide, for purely
mercenary reasons.
At this point I don't mind overcompensating
for the dastardly sins of those responsible.

Do American high school graduates exit with any
basic proficiency in a second language?
No, they do not.
Are they expected to after the fact?
No they are not.

My case rests on our having been negatively
impacted by a sect of self serving band of misfits,
more commonly known as 'fake jew' chameleons...

Anonymous said...

Whew! There is always that person (liberal) who pushes and pushes and who want those evil Americans to be tolerant of other countries and cultures and languages. Wake up! Other countries do not care about other languages and countries. Their immigrants must assimilate to their way of life and their language and their country. We have been tolerant of other countries and cultures and languages and guess what? We are in a HUGE problem because of it. When people come to America they need to assimilate to our language (who cares where the English language came from as our primary language is English thank you very much.) No one said that we as Americans cannot be Bilingual or multilingual. Once we get through this chaos that is coming and when we kick the bankers and rest of their minions out or down things will be VERY different. Trust me on that!