Tuesday, June 30, 2015

US Supreme Court Decisions Optional?

We The People, Sheriffs, and Larry Klayman,

When US Supreme Court decisions are optional for the Law Enforcement to make a personal decision on them, or they don't even know if they are legit if the individual brings it up, then where will the recent one on Gay Marriages stand?

Will it be that Pastors can be and will be arrested by Law Enforcement for not performing the Gay Marriage as it is discrimination as the Law Enforcement is mandated to follow the US Supreme Court decision?

While looking at numerous videos on the internet of what police, prosecutors, and Judges do they do ignore possibly 50% of the time of what the US Supreme Court decisions are or they just want the person arrested to get the funds coming thru the system for the courts to make even more money.

If you look at the video below you can see that the police officer did not comply with the policies, laws, and most likely US Supreme Court decisions that required Law Enforcement to not over step their bounds and not assault the arrested person, and this was at least the 2nd time for this officer.

People are arrested for not identifying themselves for just being out in public with a video camera as that is the 1st Amendment, and even filming police which the US Supreme Court decision said it is legal and lawful to film police and local laws to NOT supersede these decisions.

If this were the case that local and state laws supersede US Supreme Court decisions, as well as the US Constitution, then the States do not have to follow the recent Gay Marriage court decision, but if it were mandatory to follow the decisions then ALL arrests made on the people for filming police, not showing their ID when not under arrest, and not being allowed to open carry a firearm per the 2nd amendment and the State laws then there needs to be major removals of Government officials for approving the non-compliance of US Supreme Court decisions.

If it came down to a federal lawsuit on a city and their police for violating an individuals rights per US Supreme Court decisions with that individual winning the case and the city and their police have still failed to comply with those decisions with other people then those Government officials need to be removed.

If most ID checks per the Law Enforcement point of view is to verify for any warrants or illegal activity on that person then maybe it is in the best interest to go door to door on every household, or stop ALL people on the sidewalk and check their ID as well as pat them down for any weapons, but even if NO weapons that have ever been used in a crime can be brought into a building then a businessman wearing a necktie has committed a crime as it is very easy for anyone to walk near the man and grab that tie.

I would say at this point in time then there should be Anarchy as everyone is to be believed as being a criminal.

Video: Maniac Cop Straps Handcuffed Man To Chair And Tortures Him For “Resisting”
Officer pleads guilty to third-degree assault, had history of using excessive force
 by Steve Watson | InfoWars | June 30, 2015
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