Sunday, June 28, 2015

Warning! Graphic Video! LEAKED VIDEO: ISIS Puts Innocent People In A Giant Cage, Locks Them Inside, Sinks Them Into A Pool And Drowns Them To Death. They Then Take Another Group Of People, Wrap Them With Explosive Rope And Blow Them Up To Pieces - Walid Shoebat

By Theodore Shoebat

ISIS here is showing a combination of execution innovations, with footage unlike anything we have seen before: heads exploding and flying like projectiles, people incinerated with napalm burning them alive, locking people into a giant cage and drowning them to death while recording their screams underwater. Truly sickening. ISIS as it seems are tired of slow beheadings. In the end of the video they perfected an instant beheading technique. They take a number of men, wrap them with explosive rope and blow the heads to shoot upwards like a projectiles. The puppet Obama and his analogy calling ISIS “jayvee team putting on Lakers uniforms” just shows how ridiculous our government is. Perhaps after watching ISIS’s sickest, just released video, that only this will finally wake Americans up, especially that we had 52 attempts linked to ISIS style activity in the U.S in 2015 alone. Here, the ISIS killing fields that no one in the media will ever show:

As to the victims, they were accused of being spies, and ISIS had them confess to their supposed culpability before killing them. It is truly horrifying to watch this. Death to all of these heathens, for the glory of Christ. This is why the Crusades fought against these demonic people, and it is no wonder that St. Bernard wrote:
The knight of Christ, I say, may strike with confidence and succumb more confidently. When he strikes, he does service to Christ, and to himself when he succumbs. Nor does he bear the sword in vain. He is God’s minister in the punishment of evil doers and the praise of well doers. Surely, if he kills an evil doer, he is not a man-killer, but, if I may so put it, an evil killer. Clearly he is reckoned the avenger of Christ against evildoers, and the defender of Christians. Should he be killed himself, we know he has not perished, but has come safely home. The death which he inflicts is Christ’s gain, and that which he suffers, his own. At the death of the pagan, the Christian exults because Christ is exalted; in the death of the Christian the King’s liberality is conspicuous when the knight is ushered home and rewarded. (St. Bernard, In Praise of a New Knighthood, ch.2)
Islam must be uprooted and destroyed, but that is not going to happen until Christ comes, and with Him as our King and General, the armies of Christ will vanquish and utterly destroy this religion of the Antichrist.
All this gets to show that we need to get the Christians out of Syria and Iraq as such persecution will increase as we see these events unfold. Rescue Christians helps Christians who live under the Muslim yoke flee the persecution. To see an example out of the thousands we rescue, click here, and listen to the amazing testimonies first hand on how you can help and make a difference, now in this life and for eternity.
The video of these murders was released from the Nineveh Plains province in Iraq, which is heavily populated by Christians. This type of brutality is being done to Christians and we have to get them out before its too late.
“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal”.CONSIDER DONATING TO RESCUE CHRISTIANS



Anonymous said...

America, your own rogue 'government' approves of such killings for YOU. The borders are purposely ordered to be wide open, and these demons are being purposely allowed - invited and even enticed - by your criminal 'president' and his appointed muslim advisers to cross the borders in to your nation. Mosques are being erected on nearly every street corner. Classes are taught in the basements on what to do when 'the time' is right. Weaponry for their Ameriecan killing fields is purchased and stored there. The fuel stations are being purchased with foreign muslim monies, and staffed with muslims inside your nation. Businesses and neighborhoods are being scouted for future devastation. Reports have been made to FBI and to local police of muslims with cameras taking photos of buildings in commercial areas of larger cities. The police don't respond. This has been occurring for a few years now. muslim communities and training camps have been established throughout your nation. muslims running the community businesses make it very clear that they do NOT like this country, they do NOT like YOU and they do NOT intend to adapt to America's laws, language, education or lifestyle. They do NOT intend to assimilate in to American society. To the contrary - sharia law 'courts' have already been established and function. Muslims in America are birthing children at a much higher rate than any other race, especially the Caucasian/white race. At the present birth rate, muslims are expected to at least double their presence in America within the next few years. Your borders have been opened and have welcomed immigrants for many years America, but your nation suffers division among races, religions and traitorous leadership. America, while your heart has been good toward others in need, now is the time to use wisdom and planning for your today, tomorrow and your future as your enemy within is doing their own planning and their plans are NOT good for YOU. Some of your people roll out terms like 'fear porn' and 'bullshit' and other such nonsense like water out of your kitchen tap, but when things begin to happen on their doorsteps, they will have other things to say, like "NO!" and "HELP!" and Oh my god!" It may well be too late then. Let them say what they will - it only shows their ignorance of the times and the seasons. This warning signed: one who knows and loves your nation and is amazed at the many American sleeping sheeple

Freewill said...

I just finished practicing my 1,000 yard shots with full metal Jacket 30.06 and it is deadly.. even goes through a 16 inch tree and then through a 10 inch tree behind that.. 10 inch wide, 20 inches tall pattern with field sights! Bring em on! M1 Garand is a pretty mean piece!

marie said...

Well... Thank you for your warning and thank you for loving our Nation. I believe that your warning is heartfelt. There might be many sleeping sheeple but we have many many guns and a lot of other things so those who are awake are ready and we will take up the slack for the sleeping sheeple who will soon realize what is happening and get busy. TRUST ME ON THAT! God will be with us as the light always gets rid of the darkness.