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G. Edward Griffin

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2015 June 18                                 from G. Edward Griffin
The documentary, Offline, now is online for viewing by Unfiltered News subscribers,
and the closing date has been extended to June 30

"Pentagon finally admits the
truth about EMPs"

"Texas Senator, Bob Hall, says his bill to protect the grid was defeated by power-company lobbyists"  (2)

If you are new to Unfiltered News, these recent headlines may need explanation to appreciate how incredibly important this topic is. If you already know about it, you can skip the following text window. However, even if you have read our previous reports, I urge you to take a moment to review. It is hard to imagine anything more important.

If you are in a hurry to see the film, you can skip to the bottom of this page and click on the link ... but please came back and help us get this message to the world.
The topic of this documentary is about as serious as it gets:
the possible end of civilization as we know it. That is not hyperbole or scare mongering, but the sober evaluation of analysts from many scientific disciplines. However, it's not just another end-of-world horror show. It's about what needs to be done and can be done to avert this outcome. 
We are talking about the probability
astronomers call it the inevitability of the Earth being slammed by a mega solar flare. This is not the kind we read about in our newspapers every few months that interrupts communications and creates light shows in the Northern skies. We are talking about their big brothers that are hundreds and even thousands of times more powerful. These monsters deliver enough electromagnetic energy to completely blow apart the master transformers at generating plants that supply the planet's energy grids. If that happens, the lights go out and stay out for longer than anyone wants to even think about. 
It takes about two years to build and deliver one of those transformers (about the size of a small house) and that's assuming the manufacturers themselves have electrical power, which is a questionable assumption. If hundreds of these transformers were destroyed at the same time, it could be at least twenty years before the grids becomes operable once again.
Twenty years without electricity!  
Imagine the chaos that would ensue no light, no water from pipes, no appliances, communications, gas pumps, transportation, food in grocery stores, fire-fighting, banking services, medical services, police protection you get the idea. It has been estimated that eighty to ninety percent of the population, especially in cities and towns, would perish. 
Fortunately, these high-end X-Class solar storms don't hit the Earth very often, only every 150 years, on average. But unfortunately, the last one arrived 156 years ago, which means that, statistically, we are overdue.  
When the last one occurred
it was called the Carrington Event power grids did not exist. However, the telegraph was coming into use then. The energy from the Carrington Event was picked up by telegraph cables, fried the wires, burned some of the poles, and set fire to equipment. The electronics in modern power systems are much more delicate than in telegraph systems, and multi-million-mile expanse of wires in today's power grids constitutes a more efficient antenna system to capture electromagnetic energy. It is the understatement of the century to say that we have been warned.
"It would literally paralyze all the United States, not just for a day or an hour, but for months to years."
~~ Michio Kaku, Professor of Theoretical Physics, City College of New York

"Severe geomagnetic storms have the potential to cause long-duration outages to widespread areas of the North American grid."
~~ North American Electric Reliability Corporation and the US Department of Energy, High Impact, Low Frequency Event Risks to the North American Bulk Power System (June, 2010)

Summary: Eventually, possibly within the next decade, Earth will be hit by a solar burst that will knock out the world's power grids for months or years.
~~ Severe Space Weather Events: Understanding Societal & Economic Impacts, December 2008, National Academy of Sciences in collaboration with NASA
When we began research for this documentary we naively thought it was our mission to inform government and industry leaders about the need to protect the grid, but we were in for a shock. After further research, we discovered that everything we were hoping to bring to the attention of these people was already known to them. The public may have been in the dark (pun intended, but government and industry officials have known about this for nearly two decades. In fact, we learned that some of them have taken steps to insure that they will survive what they consider to be an inevitable apocalypse, but they are doing very little to protect the rest of us.

The second shock was to learn that the same damage could be caused by the detonation of an EMP weapon in space and that many of the people who are responsible for protecting the grid from solar storms and EMPs publicly pretend that there is nothing to worry about.
This documentary shows that such assurances are not even close to the trut h, and that pretended preparedness has become the most serious as pect of the problem. If those we trust to protect us are trying to cover up their failure or even if they are just trying to avert public panic, either way we are woefully unprotected while our rendezvous with the sun (or an EMP) is inexorably approaching.
There have been numerous documentaries and books on the vulnerability of the power grid, but all of them have uncritically accepted the assumption that government and industry are doing everything possible to protect us. No one has had the courage to challenge that assumption until now.
The purpose of this documentary is to create the momentum necessary to require retrofitting the master power transformers that supply the grid with protective devices, which currently are available at reasonable cost. To accomplish that, the public must be informed, governments must be compelled to stop pretending preparedness, and executives of utility companies must find the courage to speak the truth to their stockholders so they can fund the necessary retrofits
and do it quickly.
goal is to release this program with sufficient image and sound quality to be suitable for theatrical and TV distribution. Patrea Patrick (our Producer and Editor) also has worked hard to prepare it for entry in film-festivals and Academy-Award competition. These efforts are aimed at reaching the largest audience possible.

Even though the program is complete, it would benefit from
color-correction to make all scenes consistent, re-mixing and equalizing music and audio, and purchasing the rights for several video clips taken from commercial sources. It would be a shame to have to delete these from the program.

You probably have figured out where this is going. We are out of money to do these things, and we need your help to complete the mission. The production is funded by donations, and we are deeply grateful to those who already have generously supported this effort, but now the fund is empty just as we come to the finish line.

So far, we have received $21,800 in donations. That is far short of what we anticipated, and it is a tribute to Patrea Patrick that she was able to accomplish so much for so little. When we started, we felt that we needed about $60,000 at a minimum, but Patrea brought it all together with what we had. She has worked tirelessly for almost a year, without compensation, to complete the program
but now she must stop unless we can cover the cost of these final expenses.
Please join with Patrea and me and the many others
who already have donated to make Offline possible.
Here's how you can help:

Angels* donate $200
and receive a DVD autographed by the producers. Angels' names will appear on-screen at the end of the film.
Our Angels are not Hollywood investors but just common people who care about their families and the future of mankind. They are the real thing.

Guardian Angels* donate $1,000
and also receive a handsome plaque acknowledging their role in making this production possible. You will be proud to display this in your home.
Guardian Angels, of course, are special. Everyone should have one. We are hoping for many. 

Archangels* donate $5,000
and also receive an open invitation to a private lunch or dinner with the producers, G. Edward Griffin and Patrea Patrick, in the Los Angeles area. 
They say that Archangels are limited in number but very powerful. We sure could use a few.

Cherubs* prepay $20
for the DVD including shipping and tax. Later, they will cost $19.50 plus shipping and tax, so this is a thrifty way to obtain your copy. Advance purchases are greatly appreciated, especially in quantity. They are ideal gifts for family and friends. 
*Definition: Angels of the second order
To become part of this urgent undertaking, click here.
To see Offline, click here. The password is "offline". This version is intended to be viewed only by donors, those who are contemplating becoming donors, and subscribers to Unfiltered News. Any other use is prohibited at this time. Unauthorized posting to the Internet for general viewing may disqualify the program for TV use or entry in film festivals, so please keep this for your eyes only ‒ or for a friend who you think might help with completion. The program will be available for this restricted viewing through Tuesday, June 30.
Please help us put Offline ONLINE for everyone! click here

G. Edward Griffin 
(1) OffTheGridNews, April 2015
(2) Offline trailer, Comment section, 2015 June 17


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