Tuesday, June 30, 2015



Some of us are aware of this being published in recent weeks, but we did not see the post or know of the source of this info. With that in mind I am posting the below:

Someone found the following post on their page this morning (June 10th) on Facebook. I have no way of knowing whether there is any truth to it but feel it is best to put it out there.

This is a short interview with Dale Lewis, the person who made the post. There is no real way to ascertain if this information is true. We are releasing it for your consideration.

We are fully aware that this may be a military psyop as part of Jade Helm. However, if it is true then there is reason to put the warning out there.


Published on Jun 12, 2015
Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot


Anonymous said...

Well, it didn't happen then and still hasn't happened. Got this psyop shoved back up my wahoo by family I sent this to.

Anonymous said...

Be greatful it hasn't happened - YET. 'Psyop'? Shoved it up your wahoo? Sounds like they didn't shove it up high and tight enough. Maybe someone close to you will be kind enough to finish the job. When the lights go out - remember that 'psyop' statement - it makes you look very foolish and uninformed.