Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Bundys - An article by Anna Von Reitz

Many people have asked me what our Living Law Firm has done or is doing for the Bundys and others involved in the Oregon Wildlife Refuge Stand-Off.
Even I have wasted time and money writing letters and making phone calls and posting on Facebook to no avail---- and just like Thomas Deegan in West Virginia, you can't help Stubborn and Wrong.
Just recently I have had word that one of the Bundys might be starting to listen, but only because they have run out of money to pay "real" attorneys.
The Bundys are being prosecuted under the false presumption that they are
 "United States Citizens" or "citizens of the United States" when they are not. 
United States Citizens have never been protected by the guarantees of The Constitution, so, as long as you agree that you are a United States Citizen--- guess what?  There's no use arguing any "constitutional" defenses.  And there is no use arguing that they are being wrongfully prosecuted, because as "United States Citizens" they are subject to every little jot of Federal Code and Statute. That includes "federated" State Statutes, too. 
Now, have you ever seen a snake try to eat something grossly much bigger than itself so that the intended food gets stuck on its fangs?  Unless some kind soul comes along and unlocks its jaws, the snake will thrash around and starve to death. 
What should happen is that the Bundys and their friends should go into court and say, "Your Honor, there's been a mistake here, and we made it.  We were misinformed about several things.  We were told that we had to sign up for Social Security, that it was mandated for us by our government---- and that turns out not to be the case.  We were told we had to have Driver Licenses, too, and that turns out not to be true, either.  We aren't United States Citizens. We are United States Nationals so far as international affairs are concerned, and here at home we are what you call American State Nationals.  We are sorry about the confusion. 
Here's the Social Security Cards we were given and the Driver Licenses, too.  And here's the Birth Certificate our parents were given as the insurance indemnity receipt guaranteeing the well-being and safety of our "cargo". We were never told what it was until very recently. We thought it was just a record of us being born."
All that should take about 30 seconds, cost virtually nothing, and requires only three documents.
"Now, your Honor, this has all been a big mistake--- a case of mistaken identity. We must be set free and our losses made whole."
Remember that old snake trying to eat the world?  That's the look on the judge's face right about now.  He and his cohorts have knowingly prosecuted their employers under false presumptions.  Their court and the corporation they are working for are on the stick for it.
Unless they want to commit war crimes in open court---- crimes that carry the death penalty--- they truly do need to do a double flip spin in the air, 180 degree flip-flop in front of God and the whole world--- and release the Bundys and their friends and return all their losses, plus damages.
The Bundys and their friends actually are the Landlords who are owed the Wildlife Refuge and every other particle of land in the western states.  The Federales are just employees, working under contract as property managers.
But as long as you put up with this crappola and let the Feds pretend that you are one of them and subject to their rules, you look like a small and tasty bite.
Let's take this a little bit farther---
What if there was a man in your community who was known to be a murderer, a bully, and a thief?   What if he was also so slick, so cunning, and so adept at pressuring people and buying them off and threatening them, that no matter what he does---- even murder in broad daylight--- like Waco and Ruby Ridge
he continues to get away with it? 
Okay, what if it isn't a man?  What if it is an organized crime syndicate, set up like the mafia, operating as a corporation?  And what if that corporation is operating under color of law, pretending to be part of your legitimate government simply because they have a contract to provide "governmental services"?
That's what we've got here.  That's what we are dealing with. 
The private, for-profit corporation literally calling itself the "GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES"  ---- this is no joke----is listed on Dunn and Bradstreet. And under "GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES" you find numerous subsidiaries including the "BLM" and the "FBI". 
"NORTHERN TRUST" is listed as the owner/operator of the "IRS" and the "AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION". 
Now, you can go up against these groups of criminals with fists and pitchforks, or you can object to their criminality and liquidate them----expose them for what they are and how they are operating, bring charges against them, and "pull their charters".  Suddenly, they have no funding, no way to pay for their mercenaries, and no way to harm anyone, unless their shadowy bosses have grit enough to go one on one with Clive Bundy. 
And I really don't think they do.  That's why they are hiding behind legal pretenses and false fronts in the first place. That's why they are so scared of guns.
So what I am very broadly suggesting----again----to everyone concerned, is to take a bit of advice from George V, the British Monarch primarily responsible for this latest round of thuggery on our soil-----don't get mad.  Keep calm and get even. 
If any of my readers have direct contacts with the Bundy Clan, or Thomas Deegan, or Schaeffer Cox   or  others facing federal prosecution, please forward this blurb to their attention. 
It's a very simple, direct, and effective solution.  It costs virtually nothing.  It's peaceful.  Almost effortless.  What more could you ask for?
And what do you have to lose? 
If I am right, you get your freedom--- freedom like you have never had before; you get your losses repaired, plus damages, which after what you've gone through would be very nice, indeed.
If I am wrong, well, there will be some British Subjects set up for the gallows of the new Nuremberg Tribunal, and you can hardly be worse off than you already are. 
If you have already been tried and convicted "by mistake" submit the paperwork for a mis-trial hearing based on new information and challenge the court's jurisdiction.

Please note that this will not work for people who legitimately are United States Citizens or "citizens of the United States"----- which includes federal civilian and military employees, African Americans, federal welfare recipients (Retirees--- remember you are retired and those aren't Social Security "Benefits" you are receiving if you paid in and were vested in the Social Security System.) or political asylum seekers or if you are knowingly and willingly operating a federal franchise corporation.  
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Anonymous said...

The court has no business with the Social Security card, the account information is on the back, and is not to be revealed to anyone, nor handled by anyone.

Police will go through your wallet, and if they find it, they are going to have front and back copy of it after taking you to jail to separate you from it long enough for them to get the information.

The birth certificate does not belong in court, in order to use it the court would need a surety and guess who's it? The one who had the birth certificate and in order to get you, you had to show identification to be allowed to have it.

The court should not have the driver's license, as private and confidential financial information is tied to the driver's license, that's why the police demand it and swipe it like a credit card to get that information for their records.

None of those things should be given.

Courts are contracts, and Bundy's signed them.
If you've never been to jail, you wouldn't know any of this.
If you have, or someone told you what happens, they ignored this.

When you go to a doctor and sign all those papers is says, patient signature
or responsible party signature. Those are identifying characteristics people
agree to in signature alone, without protest.
In jail the term is 'inmate', and once you agree to be one, you are one.
Giving financial information to a judge is just a 'gift'.
He who pays what they know they do not owe is presumed to be giving a gift.

Anna, does not give enough in a single posting to let you know the trouble you
get into 'after' you do what she says to do in her posting.

Bundy's are in contract with the jail, and the jail is in contract with whoever wants to keep them there. That judge didn't sign their warrant, so who did? That's who will make sure they remain there until they are offered another contract, whether its a contract to plead guilty, or a contract to sit in jail under whatever sentencing they decide after trial.

Ignore me, I don't care. At least I pay attention to what's going on, and those that keep their names pristine clean and never had an issue with the system are easy prey when the system comes to collect you. You will have no skills to stop them, as you never tested their fence, you stayed inside and content like a good little sheep.

Leigh Smythe said...

This is all very nice, but how about some explanation of what we "retirees" should be doing. Can we claim to be American Nationals and still get the Social Security payments that are all we have to live on?