Friday, August 25, 2017

Alt-Left Leader Vows to “Crush Skulls” With Baseball Bat


Peace through violence?  WOW!
August 24, 2017

A self-proclaimed Alt-Left “leader” has vowed to use a baseball bat embedded with nails to “crush skulls” during a “Patriot Prayer” peace rally set to take place in San Francisco this weekend.

The Twitter user, who goes by the handle @ibPrinceJordan, tweeted, “The Patriot Prayer rally is a nazi white supremacist event. I’ll be their to crush some nazi skulls.”

He repeated the threat in a series of other tweets that have now been deleted.
 “Can’t wait! Going to bring this nailed bat for some nazi pounding,” read one.

The user is located in San Francisco, which is where the event will take place at Crissy Field on Saturday, suggesting he does indeed plan to attend the march.

His Twitter bio reads, “Alt-Left resistance leader. iraq war survivor. cute communist & catholic.” (How about idiot, stupid, extremely retarded, low of lowest IQs, and ready for prison?)
Despite numerous other prominent Twitter users drawing attention to the violent threat, the account has not been suspended.  (WHY NOT?! No audience and no response may mean no more hate filled tweets.)

What makes the threat even more absurd is that organizers of the Patriot Prayer rally have specifically said its aim is to “promote peace, love and unity,” and that racists are not welcome.

The leader of the “Patriot Prayer” rally, Joey Gibson, has vehemently denounced neo-nazis, yelling “f*** white supremacists!” at a recent rally.

Even the SPLC, which routinely tars conservatives with a broad brush, does not consider Patriot Prayer to be a hate group, reports Fox News.

To the alt-left, that doesn’t matter. Anyone to the right of Michael Moore is fair game for violent assault.

Remember, in the aftermath of Charlottesville, the mainstream media relentlessly attacked Trump for saying both sides were responsible for violence, tacitly endorsing the violent alt-left.

CNN even changed a headline at the request of Antifa to disguise the fact that the group routinely engages in violence.  (WHEN are the police, national guard, local militia groups, and military going to be authorized and available to 'police' these ignorant violent ahos?  It is TIME to STOP these retards - permanently - from causing so much hate, confusion, interruption of life, and threats to all Americans.)
Given that the mainstream media has emboldened unhinged thugs by exalting them as “anti-fascists,” any violence that occurs at the “Patriot Prayer” rally will be their responsibility.  (Is it not TIME to prosecute the MSM for their participation in these crimes against innocent people?  They are part of the terrorist activity, instigators of the activity, and should be punished as such.)

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Anonymous said...

All I have to say is never take a baseball bat to a gun fight.

One problem is that in San Francisco only Police and Sen. Feinstein can legally carry a gun.

Why does Feinstein carry a weapon, because she is scared as are most liberals. Feinstein got laws passed San Francisco so she is the only one that can carry protection. Well ,except for those that carry condoms.

If I was a liberal I would be worried all the time that another crazy liberal might come after me for all the crazy things I do.

Maybe she's a tranny and when people see the bulge she could tell them it's it where she hides her secret weapon. Ken T.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if all these threats and comments attributed to a representative of one side (e.g., alt-left) are actually trolls from the other side. After all, who would want these threats attributed to them? I've seen similar threats that allegedly came from the alt-right. It makes no sense to do that to oneself. It's like all those false flag terror attacks in which the assailant yells "Allah Akbar!" just so you know it was a Muslim who did it. With the alt-left/alt-right conflict, somebody seems to be throwing out all these fake threats just to inflame the situation by using the media as an echo chamber. It's all so contrived and I wouldn't take this sort of thing at face value.