Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Some idiots will do ANYTHING for a buck

Here is an example of ignorant American children protesting, cursing and condemning when they have been purposely taught FALSE American history and government in school (i.e., No Child Left Behind and CORE) - IF taught it at all
They can't add 1 + 1 and get 2 for an answer
They can't give you the names of former Presidents
They can't spell the names of states and cities
All they can do is 'protest' for money and curse foul words
Clearly, there is a HUGE job to be done with education
in America's school

 Everything George Soros Doesn't Want You to Know

 The Deleted Interview that
George Soros Tried to Ban

 Craigslist AD for $25.00 Hour Protestors
for Guess Where!?

Antifa Members are now protesting George Soros
Demanding their Payments

Trump Protestors Admit George Soros Pays Them
to Protest and to Get Tattoos

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