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August 24 2017


Submitted by ERASMUS OF AMERICA - AUGUST 24, 2017

This report is intended to reveal to the American people one of the biggest and most damaging and treasonous scandals that Washington DC is desperately trying to hide from the American people.

This report is about Agenda 21, a Communist planned conspiracy, approved by the United Nations, to mass kill off the American people, confiscate all the land and seize all assets, turning it over to the Communist created government planned for (and working now within) America.  This is high treason perpetrated upon the American people, a plan to kill most Americans by United Nations authority. The Georgia Supreme Court in 2014 reviewed the facts on Agenda 21 and declared it to be a genocide conspiracy and high treason against the American people.

Obama was hard pushing Agenda 21. When Agenda 21 was discovered for what it was, he and those pushing this plan changed the name to ‘climate change’ instead. Obama was very upset when his Agenda 21 scheme was declared illegal by the Georgia State Supreme Court.  And, when ‘climate change’ was discovered to be the same Agenda 21 plan for genocide of the American people, Obama then renamed the plan ‘Sustainable Living 2030’ and pushed it once again with the identical policies, material, etc. as the original Agenda 21.  Obama pulled on his UN connections and got them to push Agenda 21 to be the UN policy America was to have forced down its throat by the UN. Obama, his team and the UN have almost won from the UN side, and it is aimed to be THE ‘UN law imposed on America’ shortly.  BUT THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THAT!!!

President Donald Trump, with the support and assistance of General Joseph Dunford, needs to immediately slam the brakes on Agenda 21 / ‘Sustainable Living 2030’.   Obama was never an American citizen.  He was put in the White House by the (communist) Democratic Party hiding the legal records showing that Obama was born in Kenya and not in America.  Lawyers examining his forged Hawaiian birth certificate found at least ten mistakes in how his name and information was forged in creating his fake birth certificate. C.I.A., you did a sloppy research job for this forged birth certificate! 

Since Agenda 21 / ‘Sustainable Living 2030’  is a legal plan for the mass extermination of the American people, also referred to as genocide conspiracy under international law, I suggest that the White House and  General Joseph Dunford of the U.S. military issue arrest warrants for Obama on genocide charges, high treason under the U.S. Constitution, and for trying to get foreign annexed most of the land of America, pocketing for foreign sources maybe hundreds of trillions of dollars that was supposed to end up in the American economy and instead got siphoned off to Obama and his foreign buddies instead.

As for Congress, they are a worthless collection of bought off traitorous politicians on the whole.  Paul Ryan especially worked with Obama to make Agenda 21 / ‘Sustainable Living 2030’  the national law of America.  Ryan continues to work with Obama in their efforts to try and pass Agenda 21, since they simply gave a new name to the same proposed treasonous genocidal law as before. Ryan, a traitor, is working with Obama and team and is not loyal to America and her people but to the enemy within and without.

As a patriot of America, I evaluate that Obama and Paul Ryan have, by joint conspiracy, attempted to set up the highest plan of high treason ever tried in American history. WHY HAVE THEY BOTH NOT BEEN ARRESTED, TRIED AND EXECUTED FOR HIGH TREASON?  Their crimes are not just one, but a continuing trail of treasonous acts against this nation and its people.

State and federal grand juries can criminally indict Obama and Ryan as well as foreign leaders, including UN officials, who tried to set up the American people for mass genocide which they, in nicer terms, call "depopulation" of the American people.

Indict federal officials, including members of Congress trying to back Obama in this attempted genocide and high treason operation in high gear going on right now in America.  These traitors believe that Wash., D.C. is too corrupt, along with the American fake press, to expose the truth about what they are doing and will cover for them so they can get away with this plan of HIGH TREASON and outrageous attempted mass genocide of the American people.

This revelation should be enough to call up the grand juries and indict or else criminally accuse by presentment of charges by the grand juries. The grand juries have much more legal authority than they were told in school. They can kick the prosecutors out and investigate and criminally charge without him if they want to. This legal right of presentment by grand juries is listed in the U.S. Bill of Rights only our politically correct schools did not teach the students what this legal language actually meant!

WE THE PEOPLE are the future of America, not Obama, NOT Ryan and NOT the deep black state, Obama’s shadow government intended for America.

Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America

This situation clearly resembles that of the genocide of the peoples in South Africa when Jim Jones led the people to drink the koolaid, committing their own suicides for a traitorous leader.  THINK ABOUT IT.

 Agenda 21
The Plan to Kill You

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This situation clearly resembles that of the genocide of the peoples in South Africa when Jim Jones led the people to drink the koolaid, committing their own suicides for a traitorous leader. THINK ABOUT IT.