Sunday, August 27, 2017

Steve Quayle – America in Spiritual War Between Good and Evil


Anonymous said...

As muslim neighbors bragged to friends in Michigan, they “are here to out breed the Americans.” First, outbreed them. Second, out vote them. Third, take over the governments, starting at city level (actually all levels). Fourth, change the laws to Shari laws and remove all “non belivers.”
Hitler would be proud of this tactic. Islam is actually a political movement disguised as a religion. More deceptive than communism, imo.

Anonymous said...

Why in he*l did they come here? The came from their own nations where all that was already in force!!! Wasn't that good enough for them? What makes them think they have the 'right' to invade our nation and change everything to suit them? For mohammad's sake, GO HOME. This is all part of the new world order agenda - all will worship the same g-d - whether you accept that 'g-d' or not, all worship the same religion, all worship the one and same world ruler/satan, etc. People, it has all been planned out and it IS moving FORWARD no matter the airheads tell you - that they have been 'removed' and 'thrown in to the sun'!!! What bu*lsh*t!!!