Wednesday, August 30, 2017

So-Called Republic of North America

By Anna Von Reitz

Anyone who believes any bull put out by anyone called "Rautshild" --- which means "Rotten Shield" needs their heads examined.  

These criminals have been preying upon us for 150 years and they think that they are so smart and we are so stupid that they are going to be able to make false claims of "abandonment"---- saying that we "abandoned" or "gifted" or "donated" our assets to these criminals---- and come in here and displace us as the Paramount Security Interest Holders and Priority Creditors of virtually every incorporated entity on this planet INCLUDING all their banks.  

Alaska and Hawaii like all the "states" supposedly added to the Union after 1860 are not actually states, but states-in-waiting because there hasn't been a sitting Continental (land jurisdiction) Congress since then to enroll them.  But they do have contracts known as "Statehood Compacts" which are legally binding Treaties ultimately signed off on by the British Monarchs.  

This means that while none of these Western States are actually part of the land jurisdiction Union, they are nonetheless owed all the same rights and guarantees.
And as the actual Constitution was not vacated as the perpetrators of these crimes anticipated--- because we got busy and issued new Sovereign Letters Patent and forged agreements with new "federal" partners---- these pretenders are all "Secondary Creditors" and SOL (Shit Out of Luck for those younger than 40). 

No "Republic of North America" and no more Commercial Feudalism.  

End Game.  Checkmate.  

Judge Anna Maria Riezinger

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Unknown said...

thank-you for this opportunity ::anna::, going back to the mid sixties in high school ii challenged out history teacher on the status of Alaska and that of the Yukon, as in You-Con and ii asked who conned who in these land deals. ii was just about got through-en out of school. ii learned fast to ask the correct questions,, the land leases/claims were very questionable from the get get go and still are. All ii have found about Hawaii over the last 19 years is what ::david-wynn::miller:: has put out there... any thoughts