Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Real Matrix

There are languages within languages. Doctoreeze, lawyereeze, etc.  

Words crafts man ship.

Subject: The Real Matrix

... Anthropologists will tell you that one of the defining characteristics of a human is its ability to use
language. What separates us from other animals is our ability to speak and write in complex symbols.
Language and manual dexterity have allowed us to do almost all we have done. So disrupting language
must be the most powerful weapon against us, short of removing our thumbs. This is why we have
seen such a concerted attack on language since the 1950's, not only in the paring down of vocabulary,
the jettisoning of grammar, and the ignoring and ignorance of classic literature, but in the unmooring of
words from their old definitions. The very ground has been removed beneath speech and writing, and
what you learned in a previous decade probably no longer applies. ...

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