Thursday, August 31, 2017

Joel Osteen, Hurricane Harvey victims, and his church building

Joel Osteen will not open church for 
Hurricane Harvey victims, then this.. 
 Aug 29, 2017

  Aug 29, 2017

Pastor CAUGHT In A LIE  
Over Hurricane Harvey Flood Victims 
Aug 29, 2017

Joel Osteen Accused Of Refusing To Help
Hurricane Harvey Flood Victims
  Aug 30, 2017


Unknown said...

What a piece of crap this guy is!People ought to be able to see now that he is just all about money. If they can't; God help them! They need to dump him and his, so called, church, like a box of hot rocks.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone that goes to this church should put a note in tithing plate next visit instead of their hard earned money. The note should simply say "we are praying for you Joel"

Anonymous said...

Maybe Osteen's true colors are showing now and his flock realize he's all about getting wealthy from them and he is not what they thought he was.

noname said...

Getting rich IS his 'prosperity ideology'. His motto is "You deserve to be wealthy. God wants you happy." He is the poster boy of what has happened to the church and the country in general.