Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What You Have Done

By Anna Von Reitz

Your donations have made many small miracles happen for me and my helpers and also for other people who simply needed help, asked for it, and got it.  

Almost immediately upon embarking on the life I have led for the past twenty-plus years, it became apparent that time spent mulling over, researching, and then testing the information I have shared with the world cuts into time spent doing many other things, including earning a living.  

I was luckier than most, because my life was my work and my work was my life and it all somehow managed to dove-tail.  I didn't have to meet a nine to five schedule.  I didn't have to worry constantly about basic expenses.  I was blessed with good health, a good mate, and a great education.  All the stars smiled on me and the blessings of God were warm on my shoulders.  

All I had to do was work and keep on trying and asking and looking and seeking and talking to other people on the same journey.  

Others have had a much harder road in one way or another.  A great many people were ensnared in federal traps and railroaded into prison terms and debilitating fines and fees. It has almost become a badge of honor to have a federal prison record.  Many have lost their families through divorce and rejection.  Many have suffered loss of jobs, homes, yes, even children. 

Most of us were blissfully unaware of what had happened and was happening to the land that we love when something pushed us into the fray. Most of us didn't know what a corrupt mockery the "American justice system" had become. And we certainly didn't know why.  

The search for answers and for justice isn't for sissies, but it is a search made infinitely harder when you are targeted and mischaracterized, when you have a young family to support, when you have a nine to five job, when you have a limited education, when you are sick, when you lose your employment, when accidents come to your door, when your mate decides that they have had enough of the work you've undertaken and its many privations and sacrifices, when your friends and your family think you have gone whack-job and desert you, when your employer lets you go because they are afraid that they will get in trouble for accepting a W8 BEN, when, when, when.... 

All these things and more have happened to people on my team and others I have known who have sacrificed large portions of their lives devoted to this work.

Your donations have bought a new computer system for Paul and made his work easier and less stressful, faster, and wider reaching.  It's a home run, right out of the ballpark.  You made it possible and he is leaping forward to do his part and make it count.  God bless you all! 

Your donations have paid light bills and filing fees and food and so many other things that have been needed by our team that we couldn't have done by ourselves.  

This winter one of our lead researchers had his water heater and his pressure tank go kaput, leaving his whole family without hot water and his wife on the verge of giving up.  Your donations made it possible for us to fix that problem and get things back on track. 

Your donations have funded travel to court dates and arbitration sessions, to the Library of Congress and other libraries and institutions to do research that couldn't be done any other way.  Someone had to go there in the flesh and dig.  You made that possible, because even with skilled volunteers, it costs gas and copy fees and sometimes hotels and train fare or an airline ticket.  

This past year has been like a slugging match.  I feel the "hits" on me and on our team, and then, I feel you all hitting back, renewing our will to go forward, filling our gas tanks, buying another ream of paper, keeping the lights on, sending us postage stamps (thanks, Stephanie!) and tiding us over the worst.

Sometimes it has been blow for blow, times when I was down to my last hundred dollars, left staring at a bill and thinking--- how can this ever be done?  One old woman and a few dozen skilled volunteers?  Lord? 

And then, a check would come, a smattering of cash donations would hit, and we would lift our heads and soldier on.  

It was like this in the First Revolution, too. The Continental Militia fed itself, made its own bullets, provided its own mounts, its own gun powder, its own uniforms, and as the British said, they stole the cannons. 

Our battle isn't a battle of arms, but a battle of wits and knowledge and media exposure, a battle of research and logic and historical records--- and yet, it is a battle nonetheless.  It wears us down.  It takes everything we've got.  It goes on and on and on, with breakthroughs, but also with disappointments.  We are closer to victory now than we have ever been. 

This week our claims are being heard.  

This week we have the absolute proof of the fraud and the mechanisms used to implement it.  Step by step, act of legislation by act of legislation. 

This week marks the end of the evils that have plagued our nation and kept it at constant war for more than 200 years.  

This week our Voice reaches 300 million people worldwide. 

We are not doing this alone, all by ourselves.  There is a silent majority behind us, voting with their prayers and their money for an America that has too-long been merely a dream, an America at peace with itself and with the rest of the world. 

Thank you all, and may you be richly blessed, just as you have blessed others. 

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