Sunday, August 27, 2017

Legal Kung-Fu

By Anna Von Reitz

Tonight a friend (thank you, Rene) reminded me of a true gem, another one of those people like Brent Winters and Jean Keating who have a great wealth of insight and information to offer about the law: Richard Cornforth, yes, "corn" as in the vegetable, and "forth" as in "going forth": Cornforth.  Remember that name. 

Of course, it is my hope and determination to see the restoration of American Common Law Courts, which the people of this country are owed.  But in the meantime, we must gird for legal battle on foreign turf.  Too many Americans have been railroaded and misrepresented by members of the Bar. 

For those sincerely seeking a solid understanding of the various kinds of law including the American Common Law we are heir to, I recommend Brent Winter's astonishingly wonderful book, The Excellence of the Common Law, available on Amazon.  It is neither brief nor is it a quick read, as it does justice to the subject and gives you both meat and potatoes, and it is not inexpensive, either.  

I have purchased several copies that I lend out to people and I am in the process of providing copies to public libraries.  For those who can afford to do so, consider making a Christmas gift or Hanukkah gift or memorial gift of Brent Winter's The Excellence of the Common Law to your local library, so that more Americans can afford to learn the history of the various forms of law we have to deal with.  

Until our local Jural Assemblies (not "Jural Societies" which are organized to support international (sea jurisdiction) courts) are up and running and our land jurisdiction courts organized, there remains a crying need for self-defense in these foreign international courts.  

I am often asked for help from people who need practical information and I feel bad when I don't have time to answer, much less go through the step by step by step that is necessary.  How do you teach 320 million people how to defend themselves in court?  About any number of issues?  

You send them to Richard Cornforth's website:

There are many patriot gurus preaching this and that remedy, but there is no silver bullet that I know of.  However you look at it, people must learn.  They must learn their actual history.  They must learn how to defend themselves.  They must learn to self-govern and restore their lawful government. 

There are few reliable teachers out there, but Richard Cornforth is one.  His materials are concise and well-written and practical.  His videos are engaging and straight-forward and easy to grasp. He has a stable of specialists who work with him to provide topic-specific help, allowing you to quickly locate the information you need without sorting through piles of paper. 

I just ordered his DVD "Introduction to Law" with the intention of reviewing it for my readers.  I have read his work and seen his lectures on YouTube so I am looking forward to it.  Nobody else that I know of has Cornforth's passion, organized intellect, and devotion to teaching legal self-defense.  

Please note that I said "legal" -- not lawful.  This is for those who are engaged in legal battles in the federal and federated state courts. This is for those who continue to face (or dread to face) foreclosures, custody battles, the IRS, identity theft, probate, debt collection, criminal charges, divorce, and all the rest. 

The best defense is a good offense.  Get the right information and the right attitude now.  Don't wait for the IRS to attack you or the property tax goons to foreclose.  Start educating yourself about history and the law, so that no matter what happens in the future, you know who you are and you are prepared to stand your ground and make good use of the public records you develop as recourse. 

So--- Brent Winter's The Excellence of the Common Law, to learn the history and kinds of law, and particularly, Common Law. 

Followed by Richard Cornforth's learn as you go ersatz law school.  I guarantee you that if you graduate from his tutelage you will be able to defend yourself and your family against any of the common assaults.

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