Friday, August 25, 2017

Monsters 2.0

By Anna Von Reitz

I know that this video is making the rounds and that many Americans are in shock as they realize how badly the Bundys and others have been treated by their public employees, yet it is a fitting follow-up to the video I shared with everyone last night that chronicles the history of the Native Americans and particularly the Lakota people who now live on Pine Ridge Reservation.  

It shows you in no uncertain terms the kind of brutality and ignorance that has become commonplace among federal government employees, and especially within the subcontracting organizations known as agencies: BLM, FBI, FEMA, BATF, NSA, DHS, IRS, and the list goes on.  

Never forget when viewing this video that even worse things ultimately happened as a result of this "stand off".  LaVoy Finicum, an innocent Rancher on his way to a public assembly, was deliberately ambushed by paramilitary mercenary goons acting under color of law -- and murdered in cold blood.  His family escaped only by the hand and grace of God.  

The Bundys themselves have been repeatedly, unjustifiably railroaded into foreign courts and tried under foreign law under the false presumption provided by deliberately falsified public records misidentifying them as "US citizens".  This is a war crime of genocide that has been practiced against the American states and people by commercial corporations merely calling themselves the UNITED STATES, INC., the USA, Inc., the STATE OF NEVADA, and the State of Oregon. 

And the pity is that the people enforcing this evil in our midst are so dumbed-down and ignorant that they think they are doing the right thing.  The further ironic pity of it, is that they are also the victims of it themselves.  They are running their own country into the ground and preying upon their neighbors and benefactors, their actual employers, at the behest of foreign warmongers who have no granted authority to operate in this manner on our soil at all. 

We must also remember Ruby Ridge, Randy Weaver, his young son, their family dog, Mrs. Weaver and her baby---- assaulted, murdered, wounded, left without a home and without help to soldier on the face of employees gone wild.  

What were we thinking, America?  The sniper who shot them is still swaggering around, a free man, decorated for his actions instead of being arrested and tried as a cold-blooded, senseless, brainless murderer who "just took orders" like a Nazi Storm Trooper. 

The same thing in Waco, Texas.  The vicious Janet Reno and all her brood, still wandering our streets, patting themselves on the back, making up lies to justify gassing and burning alive men, women, and children whose only crime appears to have been owning property close to a secret "government" air strip where goons were running drugs and other contraband into and out of Texas. 

And then, the Twin Towers.  Do we really need the Engineers and Architects for 911 Truth to tell us the obvious facts?  If so, they have done so.  They have proven the Truth beyond any doubt in thousands of pages of factual research, tables, graphs, materials science, and laws of physics: it was a controlled demolition, an inside job.

911 was a deliberate, pre-planned atrocity, executed, filmed in Technicolor from every possible angle and delivered to us with our breakfast coffee.  It was the biggest Hollywood open air performance ever---- and again, thousands of innocent Americans and people from around the world suffered and died at the hands of the Monsters Under Our Bed. 

Hello?  Houston, we've got a problem here.... a criminal element has taken over what is supposed to be our government but which is in fact just two criminally inclined commercial corporations running rampant on our shores.  

It doesn't matter what political party is in office.  It doesn't matter what the excuse is.  It's wrong, horribly, terribly, inexcusably wrong.  

And if you are still unconvinced, still think its "your country right or wrong"--- take another look at what these vermin have done and what they have planned, using your resources against you, using guns that your tax dollars bought to murder unarmed Americans, setting up FEMA camps and buying 30,000 guillotines to kill you like cattle, arming their brainless agency minions to the teeth with billions of rounds of ammunition and buying millions of body bags--- all with your money. 

Think about it and look at this and ask yourselves---- what if this were my ranch?  My family?   

It is more than past time to wake up and get up on your feet.  "State of Oregon" today passed a gun confiscation law.  It only applies to U.S. Citizens, of course, but the vermin will try to take everyone's guns just the same --- to make it easier for the UN Troops to come in and slaughter Americans. 

It's time that you all paid really strict attention.  

You MUST seize back your lawful birthright political status.  You MUST support our efforts and bring law suits and pre-emptive measures against these Enemies in our midst.  Over three years ago, we issued General Civil Orders to the Joint Chiefs of Staff telling them about the plot to use agency personnel to foment and fight another insurrection akin to the so-called Civil War.  

The problem was that they just couldn't find a Hot Button issue that worked.  

They tried religion (Christian v. Muslim).  They tried racial prejudice (Black against White).  They tried social injustice (Rich against Poor).  And they just couldn't get their funky, stewed up, rotten little war machine to work.  Too many people sensed the truth and too many foreign journalists paid attention, and overall, their own vile acts have earned them too many enemies. 

As I say and as I said before: If the fake United States now being operated by Trustees chosen by Secondary Creditors of this bankrupt commercial corporation attacks Americans it will be instantly known that they are criminals and the "war" won't be against Americans ---- as they had planned.  

The Americans have identified the "problem"--- and it isn't us.  It's the venal corporations that have masqueraded as our lawful government and the criminal banks behind them.  It's the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc. that have caused all the misery, the violence, the warfare, the debt---- all of it.  

If push comes to shove in Oregon or anywhere else, the entire world including the Americans will know exactly who is at fault, Mr. Rothschild, and we will all join in whatever action it takes to put an end to this criminality.  

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