Saturday, August 26, 2017

Emergency! Democrat Plan To Kill Cops

Democrat Plan To Kill Cops And 
Overthrow Government Discovered

Alex Jones talks with Doug Hagmann and Roger Stone about the latest revelations showing the Democrats are moving forward with their plans for a coup against Donald Trump.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't vote.
I don't care.
I would ask this question from observation, and it will strike a nerve and the standard response is some mean, angry comment.
I used to think people were mean because of some medical condition that prevented them from balancing their emotions. I won't say what I think now.

Observation, Trump is Republican
Trump's cabinet is not supported by Trump Supporters, it's mostly ex-Squid and Cabal, and Kushner. Trump moved his family into the WH and even ivanka could sit in on presidential meetings.
Dems don't like anything. I haven't found them to like anything not even another Dem, but their not liking Trumps deciders, cabinet, family, decisions.
They move to do what they move to do, activity was done to remove O and Clinton but was unsuccessful.
Not sure why their activity to remove Trump will be successful but whoever posts seems to think it will be or is posting to control emotions of those with uncontrollable emotions.

We are in hell, if you analyze the posts on any site, it's a battle of the Gods, initiated by the people.

I call upon my God to kick your God's ass.
I call upon my God to kill you and your family.
My God hates you, because you worship your God.

However it is, that's what I read.
You did something to me, I'm going to pray to my God to stop you.
You are planning this, I will give it to my God and let him render judgement against you.

All of this is like me saying I call upon the Pope to do things the he most certainly will not do, for me against you.
Aliens will not interfere with your decisions.
God won't either.

you vote for these people, in three years you will vote again, in four years you will vote again.

That's more than them taking office and doing what you say.
What they do is what you would do, because they are your actors, you selected them.
In a book of life, your name is on the paper that calls them to do things for you.

If they kill, it's in your name.
If they war, it's in your name.
If they steal homes, it's in your name.
You are a participant, a registered - documented - in life - in book of life - participant.

Please just let them do in your name what you keep voting for them to do.
US Citizens, stop complaining. You are a US Citizen. Your constitution is just a piece of paper. Your prayers are unanswered because you can't buy a car and then pray it away.
You choose this. Please accept your choices. Until you stop, nothing will change.
It's you. And no matter how much someone tells you that, you ignore.
When there are more people who DO NOT VOTE and UNREGISTERED from the book of registered voters, then this will continue. Yes, there's a book, California got into trouble for having more votes than names in that book.

You are documented whether you know it or not.
They keep track of everyone who registers and who unregisters, they know who's US Citizen and who stopped playing the game.

This post and none other anger me. Hell is full of bad things. We are in hell.
Show me something nice and shock me. This does not shock me.