Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Three patriotic roofers stood with their hands over their hearts

Look: Roofers In Middle Of Job Notice National Anthem Playing At Nearby Football Game

"They had no idea anyone even noticed

Three roofers in Maine paused their work and stood during the national anthem, which was being played at a Waterville High School football game next to their job site.

Prior to the Old Town and Waterville teams taking the field on Oct. 14, the three patriotic roofers stood with their hands over their hearts for the playing of The Star-Spangled Banner, WLWT-TV reported.

Spectator Michelle Cossar heard someone in the stands say, “Hey, look! They aren’t kneeling.”

The remark prompted her to turn and see the roofers taking a break from their work to show respect for America and the flag.

Cossar snapped a picture and later posted it to  Facebook.

Standing for the National Anthem at the Old Town Waterville football game today and from behind the stands we hear, 'Hey, look! They aren't kneeling.' When I turn to see who said it, this is what I saw...three men roofing a house and respecting the flag. #classyroofers #nokneelinginWatervilleJarred Spencer

“When I looked over the fence, I saw them standing and respecting the flag even though they didn’t have to,” Cossar told WMTW-TV. “I just thought the world could use a little more of that right now.”

Shanon Gurski Dixon, who was also interviewed by WMTW, said, “They had no idea anyone even noticed but our community did. Several people had taken pictures of this patriotic act of kindness.”

Through social media, appreciative citizens have learned the names of the roofers and the company for which they work.

“It turns out they were doing independent work that day, but they are roofers by trade and all work together for a company out of Oakland, Maine,” Dixon said. “Our little city would love to have them recognized!”

Cossar was at the football game watching her nephew play.

The Waterville Purple Panthers won the game, and many of the spectators were proud of the roofers, as reported by KGW-TV.

The photo of the patriotic roofers has gone viral, as Cossar’s post has been shared over 2,000 times.


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Anonymous said...

Awesome! Now if we can get the cesspool in the District of Criminals, DC flushed and turn back to the right side of history, this is the spirit worth standing up for.
First on the list is to STOP the chemtrails. Everything else will follow.