Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bus Carrying Ron Paul Delegates "Got Lost", Preventing Them From Stopping Rules Change Vote At RNC

Bus Carrying Ron Paul Delegates "Got Lost", Preventing Them From Stopping Rules Change Vote At RNC
Once again Ron got screwed over.

The only alternative is to vote for Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party. Any write-in votes for Ron Paul will be thrown in the garbage.

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An RNC bus driver transporting the Virginia delegation to the convention seemed to have lost his way to the destination yesterday. The delegation, led by long time conservative activist Morton Blackwell, was prepared to vote against the proposed rules change. However, the delay meant the Rules Committee meeting had adjourned prior to their arrival. Delegates remaining on board the bus were unable to participate in the proceedings.

In an age of GPS, cell phones, and other forms of instant information access, it is difficult to fathom how a professional bus driver finds it possible to remain lost for an hour in a city the size of Tampa. After all, the entire downtown area is only a few square miles! The frustration on the part of the delegates became apparent when some demanded to be dropped off in order to walk to the convention hall.

Speaker of the House John Boehner ruled the “ayes” won the voice vote on the proposed rules changes, a result which possibly could have been avoided had the Virginia delegation not been detained by the “lost bus.” These rules alter the structure of the Republican Party, by transferring power from grassroots activists to 100 RNC committeemen.

According to delegate Matt Dubin, an attorney and conservative activist, those supporting the changes ”disenfranchised grassroots conservatives everywhere – Liberty Republicans, Tea Party Republicans, supporters of Bachman, Santorum, Gingrich and Cain – anyone who is not already part of the power elite.”

Dubin, who supports Ron Paul, earned the respect of many Santorum supporters in the state of Washington in their mutual struggle against party corruption and deceptive tactics. As Matt Dubin states, “Those of us who have been working in the trenches over the past 6 years know firsthand the cheating, rules violations, deceptions and bully tactics used to silence our voices. Today the whole world saw them for themselves. The insider establishment would like nothing better than for us to give up and walk away. They still think they can win without us… But we are not going away, and our numbers are going to swell with grassroots conservatives who see what their leadership is doing to this party and to their voices…This is about ideas and values.”

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There's nothing about the write-ins in the original article, this is only a meaning i can see - look at the article:

Again: GLP is an Tavistock division, folks!

I think it's a massive campaign against RP now we can watch in the next weeks...