Friday, August 31, 2012

KGB Agent Tells You What The Illusion Is

KGB Agent Tells You What The Illusion Is !

31 August 2012
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KGB Agent Tells You What The Illusion Is !

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Anonymous said...

He is telling what the illusion is, but there are over 300 million people registered in this illusion that is demoralizing the people, creating the crisis that will lead to the normalization.

Listening to Drake, you can tell we are all split and even he is split in his own messages.

You can't get the truth from anyone and when someone posts something that appears absurd on the internet, the rest will jump on them and call them a shill or troll, or say they work for the other side of the conflict.

We are so judgmental we miss the details of the intel.

Reserving judgment in everything we read yet taking our own actions for or against what we read is more powerful because if you criminalize the messenger, his next message will not be delivered and then you've cut off your nose to spite your face.

We are who we are waiting on, but unfortunately and fortunately we are a collective and what one does, will affect the collective.

If one shuts up a messenger, the collective will not get the messages that were to be delivered by that One.

We see it in unexplained and unexpected deaths of whistleblowers, and we see it in the castration of Anonymous bloggers who are trying to give a clue without trespassing on your right to 'not know' something that you really don't know.

He explained the illusion, and that's all it is. We have the knowledge of the Universe if we tap it. We have access to source if we'd just quiet the mind and listen, and we have our own free will contracts where we choose to be governed, no matter how oppressive it is, we wait 4 more years for a new one to govern us, rather than exiting that system of control and returning enmasse to our own Republic and governing ourself.

Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ, knew she was dealing with a system of control that oppressed her, and wanted to get back to the original system of control with her family where she could stay or run away according to her will.

Glinda the Good witch told her she could always go back home.

We can always go back to the Republic, but you can't have your feet in both forms of government.

People have tried to say that in many ways, but others aren't hearing the message.

You are registered. You are not.
Do not be mad at illegals for having access to the form of government you desire but won't transition yourself to. You are mad they have access to more than you and have more freedoms and can 'get away' with more things - and overall they are peaceful not gun toting take down the government kind of people - and that's why they have access to the Republic side of America because they are peaceful and know how to govern theirselves accordingly.

But the others want a system of control where a central group mandates something and it's supposed to go in effect on everyone whether they like it or not.

That goes against natural law and the law of the Creator and against the Conscience of each soul, and that's why both forms have to share the same territorial boundaries.

The meek will inherit and the rest cannot oppress and cannot mass arrest..because the rest were not given the power to judge anyone but their own behavior and their own choices.

There is an Ultimate judge of each of us, and if One is a clone, there is a judge of their creator for what they do by the One Infinite Creator.

I do not defend my comments, they are as they are and I have the right, privilege, and immunity to change my mind at any time.