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Clearing My Conscience, The Truth About Al Rasheed Hotel and The "Shot Down" Missile

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Clearing My Conscience, The Truth About Al Rasheed Hotel and The "Shot Down" Missile

The following testimony is that of a Navy Veteran who wishes to remain unidentified for fear of possible retaliation. This individual contacted me through the forum and I agreed to post this after the testimony had been broadened enough to only allow it to be narrowed down to a group of more than 10 people. This is to keep him and his family safe.
This testimony may be re-posted, with reference and a link to this site.
Re-post and cache this site EVERYWHERE, after the following article, It's days may be numbered.

A U.S. Navy Veteran speaks up.

First of all, I must say that I have held this secret for almost twenty years now. I've told my wife, and close friends, but have never come forward and cleared my conscience and told the truth about what I saw on January 17, 1993. This is a night I will never forget, and I am sorry for not being courageous and telling my story sooner.

I was a Fire Controlman aboard the USS Cowpens CG-63, serving during Operation South Watch. On January 17, 1993, my ship fired 10 Tomahawk missiles out of a total of 46 released that very early morning. I was in Combat Central. I witnessed the targets. All missiles successfully hit their target, well, that is until there were reports that one of the missiles was "shot down" by anti-aircraft weapons, and "accidentally" hit the Al Rasheed Hotel. What was this story I was hearing? All the missiles that took flight successfully, HIT their TARGETS. That is what I witnessed. Later, it became painfully obvious, one of the targets was the hotel, that contained civilians. We killed innocent(?) people, on purpose. I told myself, there had to have been a military target in that hotel. I tried to justify the actions. The more I learned, the more horrified I became. My world was turned upside down.
After the attack, the media came aboard our ship. We were given strict orders to not say ANYTHING about the missiles, and not admit we even shot any. The XO followed the media around like a hound on our ship. We had one guy on our ship that screwed up though. Either he really didn't hear the order, or was a complete moron, but I think the media tricked him, I can't remember his exact words, but he said that the missiles looked really cool launching. There were many people that were allowed on certain areas outside to watch them get launched, and the whole launch was filmed by our IC team. So after he tells the reporter, the XO just stared him down. It was the stare of death and actually, the guy was off the ship not long after, and I don't know what happened to him. The media learned that we DID shoot some missiles, and I guess you can figure out why they didn't even want our ship named in the attack.
What was I a part of? I have held this secret for way too long. I can not hold it any longer. I have to tell the truth, it is the right thing to do. It was a long time ago, but I can not sleep another night with this information, I had to tell. I did nothing wrong, except not tell this sooner. I will not feel guilty any longer.
If you are not familiar with this story, since it has been close to 20 years ago, here is a Youtube video I found of the incident -

I am sorry I did not tell sooner, but I was scared. I hope everyone understands.
Comment - The youtube video counts STARTED at over 30,000 and counted BACKWARDS to 6,000!

Media Whistle blower confirms Wag The Dog is NORMAL

The site hacks started with this article, and got worse after the Navy Vet's testimony. So this one is important as well

I received this mail in response to my work related to the Bat Man shooting, a report in which I clearly showed it was NOT what we were told. My comments will follow.
Dear Jim Stone,
I'm not sure if I should state my name. I've just discovered your site and to be honest I feel a bit shaken reading most of what you've published. Not to mention all of the warnings about being censored and intercepted. I hope that my email does reach you though.
First off, I'd like to thank you for all of your hard work. I know that there must be a strong element of danger in it and I admire your courage. I love literature and used to have an even greater passion for journalism and the media. I say used to because I've seen first-hand what a news network is like.
Two years ago, I was chosen for a co-op program out of hundreds of applicants at a major broadcasting corporation situated in my city. At first it felt like I had won the lottery but the experience itself ruined my interest in a career in the media entirely. And for that I am extremely grateful.
I was there for 5 weeks out of 6 and at first I was loving it. I got to help out with projects and the employers were real nice. It was only in my last two weeks that I began to hate it. I was switched to mail duty and so I had to drop off letters for people in different sections. By accident one time, I walked into a restricted zone.
What really bothered me was the existence of 'restricted zones' in the first place. Everyone acted like one big happy family, yet when it came to asking about certain floors and areas in the building they became instantly venomous. I had used my keycard to get into a room to drop off a letter and instantly realised that I was in the wrong place. Being curious, I looked around for a bit and made sure I put everything back in it's place. I caught something really fishy though. There were news stories about the G20 summit that was taking place in Toronto that summer. But the thing is I was volunteering in the last week of May. The G20 wasn't until the end of June! And the stories seemed like they had already taken place. It was really trippy.
The next day security took me in right away and started to interrogate me on why I was in the restricted zone and who was it that had granted me access. All throughout the interrogation they kept on bringing me different cups of water telling me to drink. I drank the first two or three because I was actually thirsty, but I refused to drink the rest. And every few minutes the guard would ask 'Are you going to drink that?' I wonder now if the water was maybe drugged. My memory of that day is kind of dark but I think I'm being a bit paranoid.
At last they asked me if I'd stolen anyone's keycard and after keeping me for nearly 4 hours they let me go. Afterwards my keycard was confiscated and they told me that there had been a mix-up when they had given me mine. The one I had was for people 'higher up'. I wasn't given a new one and they also took my building ID, and other possessions that they had given me. They kicked me out of the program a week early complaining to my school and my parents of my 'erratic behaviour' saying that I was constantly insubordinate and disrespectful to my superiors. I wasn't allowed to return to school that year because of the 'terrible example' I had set at the co-op program, and I ended up missing my upcoming grad year because I didn't bother reapplying to another school. I went from being an A level student to a drop out.
When I heard James Holmes story, I felt like I could relate to him in a way. On a much lesser level of course, but I feel like he's going through something similar to what happened to me. I'm back in school now though. And I look forward to graduating. I was wondering if you could maybe give me any pointers on how I can be of any help to this cause. I hate the world we live in now, and I especially hate how people are being deluded into thinking that everything is changing for the better when in reality it's only getting worse. I hope I'm not weirding you out or anything. I'm just really excited to know that there are people out there that think for themselves.
I wish you all the best!


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