Friday, August 31, 2012

Florida - Say NO to higher electric bills

Subject: Say NO to higher electric bills

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Dear William,

After months of public meetings around the state, the Public Service Commission (PSC) hearings regarding Florida Power & Light’s (FPL) request for a $690 million rate increase are coming to an end. 
The PSC is expected to make their final decision by November.
As Florida’s largest utility, this rate increase will affect 8 million Floridians.
FPL's original request was for a 16 percent increase in base rates starting in 2013. Then, this month after weeks of public testimony, FPL announced a "settlement" with three of the groups that had been opposing their rate increase.

Although FPL has portrayed the settlement as a decrease from their originally requested rate increase, it is actually shifting $50 million a year in increases from major power users to residential consumers. The "settlement" also gives FPL automatic rate increases for three future power plants and increases monthly late fees on residential bills.
All told, the new agreement would give FPL nearly one billion dollars more revenue over four years than their original request.
FPL has a monopoly on its services – they have no competition and have a guaranteed return on investment. Their CFO says a rate increase is necessary “to continue to deliver value to its customers” and a “fair return” to investors. However, shareholders of FPL’s parent company NextEra received a 22% return in 2011, and their profits increased 72% in the first quarter of 2012!
This certainly begs us to ask - why does FPL need a rate increase?
FPL’s President says that the company has a history of tightening its belt, but their rate increase request includes $100 million for salary and benefits increases, and NextEra’s CEO made $14.8 million in 2011! This doesn’t seem like belt-tightening to us.
Governor Scott has said his focus is on leaving money in Florida families' pockets. At this time in Florida's economic recovery, he knows families need every dollar that comes in. When the average consumer is lucky to receive one percent return on their savings, if they even have any savings, why would FPL ask for such an unfounded and outrageous rate increase? It's time for FPL to be good stewards and watch out for their customers, not just their shareholders.
Governor Scott and the members of the PSC need to know that you can’t afford increased utility rates. Voice your opposition to FPL’s request and ask them to protect the interest of all Floridians.
In pursuit of liberty,
Slade O’Brien
State Director
Americans for Prosperity-Florida

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Anonymous said...

No worries. When the free, unlimited energy that has been deviously hidden from the masses finally is released, these goons will be out of business. Maybe they're trying to make all the profit they can from this archaic system while they have the chance.