Wednesday, August 29, 2012


     "What is serving God? 'Tis doing Good to Man."
     "The noblest question in the world is, What good may I do in it?"
     "Pardoning the Bad, is injuring the Good."
     Vladimir Lenin - "Destroy the family and the society will collapse."
     "Give me your four year-olds and in a generation I will build a socialist state (Communist state)."
      "A lie told often enough become the truth."

     Bishop Fulton J. Sheen wrote in more than 100 newspapers in 1956: "We of the Western World, presently suffer from receiving Christ halfway...Our Western World has not denied Christianity, it has refused Christianity. We are not Christians, but post-Christians."
     "If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects something that cannot be." - Thomas Jefferson
     "The greater the power, the most dangerous the abuse." - Sir Edmund Burke
     "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." - Albert Einstein
     "All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.' - Galileo

     "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauver.

     "Genius is to discover the obvious others can understand once shown to them. Intelligence is to recognize as truth what is obvious when shown to them." - anon.

     "If we ever forget that we're one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under." - Ronald Reagan, 40th President

     "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy, Its inherit virtue is the equal sharing of misery."
- Sir Winston Churchill

     The Louisiana Purchase was bought by basically paying $15 million to the royal government of France. From it 15 states were formed in part or full from this prior land of France in North America. Without it, America was mass cut in two halves - East and West of it with a big block of land stuck in between the East and West of America. Obama as reported by a retired Major General and as reported by other heavyweight intelligence sources in America is planning a giant military takeover tentatively set for October, 2012. He wants to first collapse the American economy to create the disruption that C.I.A. can use to stir up a civil war in America and then Obama with pretended justification declares martial law and becomes dictator of America for life. Military sources adding up what he has lined up to crush the American people with estimate that he anticipates killing off at least 25 million Americans in the first wave of his military takeover of America. He has disarmed the national guard units so they have no ammo to oppose this move of Obama when he seizes control of America. He is heavily targeting to kill off the veterans of Americans as they are militarily a threat to him until he wipes them out. He does not want trained military personnel alive in America not on his side. He has arranged for foreign soldiers to aid him in the sudden military seizure of all 50 states. Unknown to the U.S. Congress, except for a few, it appears all other members of Congress are to be executed by his military when he launches his massive attack against the American people to crush them forever. He is to kill off selected heads of federal agencies he wants to replace with Communists and Muslims loyal to him. The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the Pentagon don't seem to know it, but our information is that Obama will kill all of them off when he strikes and replace them with trusted military commanders of Communist and Muslim loyalty.
     Having a madman in the White House has forced my hand to make moves I had no prior intention to do. Three descendant Jefferson Davis families had turned over to me authority for the Confederate Government and Confederate States of America which never legally surrendered to the Union either under the terms of the Confederate Constitution nor under international law as recognized by one of the British Commonwealth Parliaments which sent a secret letter of diplomatic recognization years ago that the Confederate States of America was legally an independent nation under international law and that I because of the Jefferson Davis family authority transferred over to me was the lawful head of the Provisional Government of the Confederate States of America and President according to the legal terms of the Confederate Constitution until the South was free to hold national elections as a free nation not under Washington rule. This is a big block of land I have authority to use as a powerful bargaining asset to line up military support from nuclear powers and have them end up backing the South with nuclear bombs if Obama tries to crush my people of the South. I have authority to appoint secret ambassadors to meet with the French Government, Russian Government, and British Government to make whatever deals are necessary to back the South with nuclear weapons and this powerful backing checkmating Obama from killing off many millions of Southerners which is his current intention towards the South which he secretly savagely hates. I am not helpless in this game of power chess.
     Colossal odds against it but I descend from a branch of the French Royal Line which would have claim to the Louisiana Purchase if sold back to this royal line, if the payment for the Louisiana Purchase was stolen by the federal government from this French Royal Line, and some other legal angles could be shown too why I have the authority if going by the standards of international law to cancell the Purchase of the Louisiana Territory or else in effect cause or legally trick the federal government to sell back to my royal line legal title to the Lousiana Territory. I tricked the federal government years ago to technically sell back the title to the Louisiana Purchse to my family line by a legal maneuver that Wash., D.C. never watched coming. They had stolen $15 million and more from me. I counted upon their Washington arrogance to not take it seriously and sent them legal notice several ways that if they did not return the $15 million to me within a reasonable period of time, I would legally consider that they had sold back to me title to the Lousiana Purchase of May 2, 1803. I did list my French royal background naming the rulers I descended from and counting on them thinking this some kind of hoax or else an obvious "nutcase." I gave them no reason to know that my legal claims were true and authentic. The morons in Wash., D.C. since they never answered back either throw the legal letters in the trashcans or some other way treated this as nonsense and a hoax which is exactly what I wanted them to do. Their silence constituted legal consent under the terms of law. I had beaten in court a Jewish lawyer who had never lost in any state court until facing me. He lost and two grinning lawyers gave me the V for victory sign when I left the courtroom. I assume they had lost to him and were pleased he had lost for the first time in his legal profession. I have engineered many other legal maneuvers which became legal upsets. Law is based upon cunning and God blessed me with much cunning for how to make law work for me, not the other side.
     But before I totally closed the legal trap on Wash., D.C., I gave them a chance to prove they would behave themselves as a constitutional government and I would not be morally justified to kick them out of the Louisiana Purchase under international law if I played my trump cards against them. Powrful actions like this must be based upon powerful moral issues. Trivial reasons are no reason to change the future of nations such as them suddenly losing a big block of their national land. Obama came into office and his conspiracy grew enormous for the planned massacre of 25 million Americans tentatively scheduled for October, 2012 just before the election so there would be no national election ever again in America. I pulled a legal maneuver on the Obama Administration and he is not as sharp in law as he thinks. He was given a time period based upon reasonable time to pay me back large stolen sums of money the federal government had previously stolen from me to block me from reestablishing my father's Vatican endorsed food process Pope Pius XII had endorsed as potentially the most important news for mankind since the coming of Christ since it was so important to the health and survival of the human race on earth. I pressed for legal angle two for reclaiming the legal title to the Louisiana Purchase. The federal theft of the $15 million and more from me when I owned a small office building and a factory building was stealing back the $15 million paid to the royal line of France at the time. Stealing back the amount of money paid for the Louisiana Purchase was automatic grounds to say that the Louisiana Purchase was never legally consummated as a sale of real estate since the payment was stolen back so nothing was paid for the Louisiana Purchase in the end. I did publicize when the U.S. Justice Dept. had massively attacked and destroyed my large trucking deal for America and abroad scheduled to pay me even up to an apparent $25 billion in profit or more which easily gave me legal leverage to charge that they sold the title back to me for the Louisiana Purchse when they refused to pay me for the $15 million they stole from me in that time period. And when they stole the coming apparent $25 billion from me, that quite adequately covered the legal angle that they forfeited title to the Louisiana Purchase by stealing back the $15 million paid for it by Wash., D.C. back then.
     My legal trap is now sprung and Obama is in one hell of a jam. It can be established legally that I descend from the French royal line claimed. I am sure that France will be glad to recognize my legal claims in exchange that I turn over to France the Louisiana Purchase or at least that huge chunk of it which did not go to the creation of any of the Southern States which became the Confederate States of America. I have studied Putin of Russia well. This deal goes through, Putin is my Prime Minister which means he pretty much does in Russia the same things he is doing now. I just take care of some major things such as giving Russia the greatest industrial revolution Russia has ever seen, giving them my military technology which would make Russia the most powerful nation on earth if I do this, and I bring other things to my political marriage to Russia if I go this route. I like the Russian people and understand them well. I was already trained to be a Russian general in nuclear warfare by a defector from the Moscow Institute For Nuclear Studies, and the Russian military would like me intensely the same as the French if I went that way. I bring tremendously powerful military answers with me that the Pentagon does not posess at this time. I know that we can deal together for either France or Russia. To protect the interests of the Confederate States of America which I will not betray, I am by logic forced into the strange position that I ascend the Throne of France to protect the national independence of the South if I turn over the Louisiana Purchase to France or if I deal with Russia, I become Czar of Russia and put the Confederate States of America under my personal protection. I descend from a minor branch of the royal line of Russia, but turning over giant land claims to Russia and huge wealth it represents, I am sure the people of Russia would highly approve to have a new Czar of Russia. Also, my French royal ancestry is quite impressive and I don't think Russia would be ashamed to have a Czar descending from the best royal blood of the history of Europe. And yes, I do bear the hereditary birthmark all members of this royal line has carried since marriage to the Hapsburg branch. An Austrian nurse for this royal line was quoted in Latimer's history of Europe what the hereditary birthmark is and I have got it the same as my mother did, her father, etc. I am the head of the French royal line involved as when the oldest son died early when this line was established in America, my grandfather Joseph became first in line in claims and I first in claims from him. Maybe American intelligence is too dumb to figure out what is really going on, but French intelligence will grin when they figure out what my true royal background is, Russian intelligence would grin, and gladly want me to become Czar of Russia. As for Britain, I am open to offers from them. As for Wash., D.C. under Obama, you can have no representatives at this meeting or meetings betwen three other nuclear powers unless you pay now the $525,000 payments owed me for money federally stolen from me and also pay other larger amounts as already specified openly over the internet.
     A clear warning for Obama. I have to play this wild game with royal descent and claims because of you. I close a deal with any of the three other nuclear nations and I suspect all three would recognize what huge stakes in land and world industry would be involved, and all hungry to close the deal with me. Once I have the nuclear arsenal backing me, I will be glad to teach Obama a trick of Russian nuclear strategy he does not know about. If one citizen of America is harmed by Obama in October, 2012 or whenever he decides to strike, when I come against Obama, you will crash. I will you executed if you try to harm the American people in a military takeover. I will see executed any of the military who backed Obama. I will see executed any political leaders who backed Obama. My eleven calendar years in military academies was not wasted nor my many years of experience in military intelligence where I picked up the best answers in military technology from all over the world. The Pentagon would be shocked to find out how much military technology I really possess at this time.
     For formality sake, if Wash., D.C. under Obama tries any smart aleck stunts towards me, I already turned over to a secret representative for me the technology for how to build the Soviet-era Doomsday Bomb.  I give first claim to France for the Louisiana Purchase unless I change my mind. Your military learn the trick to building Soviet-era Doomsday Bombs and the Pentagon will gladly turn over the Lousiana Purchase to you rather than fight with you. If France is not interested but I doubt that, Russia gets second claim. I may be willing to leave with you the top ultimate weapon design left over from Nazi Germany. The Nazi scientists and engineers were brilliant, but lost the war six months before they were to build this secretly near Stuttgart, Germany. I nicknamed this weapon system "The Wrath of God." You once see how it works and you will judge I named this correctly. You have the technology to build it. As for Britain, I also descend from the royal line of England. No claimant to the Throne of England, but close enough my grandmother when visiting London was written up in English papers as she could have been related to the British royalty. Enough said.
     This ending short and sweet. Look to Nesara News in their search box for copies of the Omni Law that must be passed quickly or you lose the Louisiana Purchase. Other reports of mine listed under Erasmus of America ( my pen name). If necessary, get a message to me at . Yours for God and Coountry, Erasmus of America (Folks, pass this report all over America and Obama will have to cancell his planned military takeover of America scheduled for October, 2012!)


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LOOK to the state of Texas for the NAZI CABAL LEADER aka MAD MAN...MILITIA, its time to take out those that have ruined this country and continues to run it to the ground!

Please learn the TRUTH about WHAT IS HAPPENING....O has a GUN TO HIS HEAD!

Anonymous said...

And I have a solid gold bridge to paradise that I'll sell you! O looks real worried, doesn't he?