Friday, August 31, 2012

Your TWEED RING is showing !

Rogue Army Propaganda Mob Bans Veterans Today
Who is Looking Down the Barrel?
Defense Media Activity, a Command at Ft. Meade, Censors Veterans Today for Political Expose
Monday, August 27th, 2012 | Posted by Gordon Duff
Veterans Today learned last night that the Defense Media Activity is censoring Veterans Today from military bases because of an article involving illegal political contributions tying Mitt Romney to the “blood diamond” trade, illegal foreign contributions and wide dealings with organized crime.
The article, Foreign Cash Disqualifies Romney from Presidential Bid, went viral on the internet. General Odierno, the man who tried to order troops into our cities to quell “Occupation” demonstrators, ordered this attack on Veterans Today, according to Pentagon sources.
The military fed us information on Romney because they are afraid we may be pushed into a conflict in the Persian Gulf and the other minor issue, General Dempsey is a favorite of ours and is now Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Now the Army has Obama and Panetta doing exactly what the best of our officer corps has wanted, General Dempsey has a total free hand.
Dempsey is clearly running the show, taking the lead in our dealings with his counterparts around the world, one of those rare times when the right commander is in the right place at the right time.
This, however, is the problem for those who depend on a weakened US. Where Obama may have bent to political pressure or lacked a base of power, Dempsey is totally in command and backed 100%.
This has made him a target, Netanyahu finds him impossible to manipulate and Romney has been directed to fire Dempsey at all costs. After leaving Tel Aviv last week, Dempsey was subjected to an assassination attempt credited to the Taliban but nobody takes that seriously.
They [Taliban] respect Dempsey and have expressed belief that his advice will bring about a more rapid and lasting end to conflict in Afghanistan.
Romney is closely tied with Israeli Likudists and is said to have promised a US invasion of Iran, without support of the UN or any allies, if elected.
Up to 60 million in illegal cash was collected in Israel and London, much in secret meetings with banksters, the diamond trade racketeers, Russian “oligarchs” or “laundered” through supporters who traveled with Romney.
The international drug trade not only sent representatives but their leaders were actually traveling with Romney on his jet.
Since this time, Veterans Today has been under, initially, sophisticated “hack attacks” with individual editors subjected to attempts at sophisticated computer intrusions.
If the Army, or the nutty right wing version believes it can censor the truth by abusing its power, if it thinks it can silence freedom, let it try. I wish you good luck with that. Were I with the gang at Ft. Meade, I would have left this alone. You guys are in over your heads.
GOP blames Ron Paul supporters for loss to Obama
Submitted by hayek on Tue, 08/28/2012 – 17:16
Ron Paul 2012
I have heard that if the GOP loses to Obama they will blame the Ron Paul supporters, what I can’t figure out is why?
Ron Paul attracted independents, traditional conservatives and turned activists out to the GOP en mass. The pushed conservative values and turned many democrats into the party. They gave the GOP all the leverage they need to defeat Obama.
Yet when these supporters showed up, they isolated them, mocked them, marginalized them, and disenfranchised them of their hard won votes within the GOP primaries. Then they have the audacity to tell Ron Paul supporters that now they want our votes?
All the GOP would have to do, to keep a lot of traditional conservative Paul advocates in the party and engaged in the fight against Obama is, show a little respect. Let them have the delegate seats they earned, let them vote for their candidate…and let the process work.
That would mean, everyone would feel welcome and many would want to see the party that endorses their hopes for a better future.
If the GOP loses, it is not the fault of Ron Paul, it is the fault of Mitt Romney and the RNC rejecting millions of new and returning Republican voters, many of whom are intelligent young hardworking activists or experienced and savvy political voters. All of whom though came to or back to the GOP because of a glimpse of the possibility of liberty.
The Romney camp can’t expect support when it says in no uncertain terms, “Your vision of liberty whilst the GOP is under our control is a delusion…but come vote for me”
Allow me to succinctly describe the bad decisions made by the GOP from the precinct to national levels in their effort to broaden the GOP base:
Epic fail.


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Friday, August 31st, 2012 | Posted by Gordon Duff
Why Is Iran’s Ayatollah Saner than Mitt Romney?
Address At Non-Aligned Conference in Tehran a “Breath of Fresh Air”

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

In Tehran, 120 nations got together, risking car bomb retaliation and the scorn of Mitt Romney and Sheldon Adelson to discuss why they think the UN is a cheap con and America and Israel are “full of it.” The numbers of nations no longer willing to “kiss butt” is a smackdown for Israel more than America.

Continues here.....