Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Wasn't Going to Post This - But it Brings into question Keenan's Actions Because They are Based on What Scott Advised

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I Wasn't Going to Post This - But it Brings into question Keenan's Actions Because They are Based on What Scott Advised
Posted By: Rayelan [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 29-Aug-2012 17:34:59

There has been an incredible piece of information just released. I have often said that if you wait long enough, the rats will turn on themselves and either eat each other or at least expose themselves to the rest of the world for what they really are.
The article that I will link below brings into question Keenan's actions because all are based upon what Scott informed and advised him... which is totally fake and false so Keenan does not hold any authority whatsoever. When you are lied to by liars, what you repeat from them are lies!
As for the mention of the BIS in the article, they have always been crooks and will never change, stealing and unlawfully using assets on a continuous basis without any authority or approval.
The truth is gradually unfolding on all of this and the relationship between the crooks. Pity Keenan can't see right from wrong, or the wood for the trees. His problem.
I also feel pity for David Wilcock because he got sucked into this den of vipers quite innocently. It only goes to show that innocents should not lie down with dogs or snakes. You can recover from flea bites, but can you recover from snake bites?
David needs to admit that he was sucked in by crooks and liars. Keenan needs to rethink his involvement with Scott. There is more that I want to tell... but loose lips sink ships.
When the time is right I want to fire the first volley at the cabal that Keith Scott works for!! They are single-handedly stealing the treasure that belongs to the people of the world. They doing their best to set themselves up and the new kings and queens of the world and by doing so... stealing our future.
For the long-time readers of RMN...
Do you remember what I was writing about in 1996?
Gold... gold that would be used to back a new international economic system. Just because Gunther died or was murdered, don't think for a moment that the plan his relatives put in motion over a hundred years ago, isn't still on track.
Remember what the Admiral used to say... I have quoted it hundreds of times here on RMN.
"When you kill a parasite, you sometimes damage the host."
The parasite is the federal reserve and all its member banks. The host is "we the people" of the world.
Look around you... banks are failing... people are suffering. When you kill a parasite... you sometimes have to damage the host to get the parasite out of it.
There was no other way to do it except to bankrupt the banks through various nefarious tactics that sucked in the greedy and led them to their own demise.
Here is the link to the article about Keith Scott. Scott is the one who single handedly destroyed the reputation of the OITC. Once you realize that this man was assigned, by the new world order, to stomp the OITC into the mud, you will have to revamp your opinion of the OITC and of what RMN has been telling you about the coming new gold (metal) standard.
Jean Haines – Keith Scott Undressed – Or Why Neil Keenan Has Not Re-Filed His Lawsuit – 27 August 2012


Unknown said...

Wow. That's a lot of words to express that Neil Keenan was betrayed by someone he trusted. I don't really see how Keenan can really take any heat for this.

The cabal works in very clandestine ways and is very capable, to say the least, of tricking even the most discerning people out there. How else could they have maintained the illusion for this long? I'd love to see the author of this article have to deal with the crap that Keenan has had to in order to do the right thing.

Keith Scott is the traitor here. Let's make that clear. I hope these people never try to teach a class because that was the most convoluted crap sandwich I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

If you listened to Drake's call tonight all he said Scott did was slow things down a bit. Don't forget that Keenan has been working with Shrout too on this from what I understand.

Anonymous said...

Man, what wicked webs they weave! All of this crap is made up by Lollywood script writers sanctioned by the cabal. They should just go ahead and make a movie. You can forget about any lawsuit being filed. It's all a hoax people.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Keenan is still going forward. He is not the one to fault here.