Thursday, August 30, 2012

Secret Sky Experiments: Chemtrails Conspiracy Exposed!!

Secret Sky Experiments: Chemtrails Conspiracy Exposed!!

- VIDEO Documentary – For those of you that think you know about chemtrails, you need to see what the Europeans are saying. I also want you to know this program is based out of Wright Patterson Air Force base here in the States. Someone may want to ask Drake how the good military (he is dealing with) is protecting us, obeying their oath, and allowing this to go on at the same time.... In this documentary you will also hear how HAARP is being used to control all our emotions including our sleep and dreams... The chemtrails contain many dissimilar metals are mixing with the salt in our blood and causing a battery within us that could possibly be linked to heart attacks and nerve conditions.... i.e. MS, Parkinson, and other like man made so called diseases. 

For more than 20 years, people all over the world, first in the USA and Canada, have noticed strange persistent trails in the sky done by airplanes. In the meantime, people are more and more ill (Alzheimer, cancer, autism, MS, etc.). It is the same with trees, plants and animals. Is there a link? Are there illegal spraying in the sky of metallic particles (barium, aluminum, lithium…) and microorganisms? For what purpose(s)? The military, the scientists, the governments always reply that everything is normal and they don’t do such things. Is it so sure? This documentary proves the contrary. Some information it reveals has since even been deleted by a foreign army. A travel from North America to Europe, Africa and Asia.



Anonymous said...

If this is happening it is not originating out of Wright Pat. That base is right up the road from me. Very very little air traffic comes and goes from Wright Pat. Less every year. Sometimes you wonder if they didn't close the base.

Maybe the Roswell aliens took over the base.

Anonymous said...

I watched the video. Good presentation for those who haven't a clue on this issue. Not sure how long ago this video was done, but it is now known knowledge that Evergreen Aviation, McMinnville Oregon and AZ. is the world chem trail contractor.

I have not seen a chem-trail for the past 2 weeks and only 2 campaigns in the past 2 months here in the Willameitt Valley unless they have found a way to cloak em now.

These public officials are as dumb as a fence post when it comes to this issue. I have always wondered why those responsible for this insidious agenda would be doing this unless they didn't breath the same air we do. I was told by a very high credible source that they don't. I keep saying that science fiction is no longer fiction.

Should post a link on this site for the Chem Trail Alert System.