Friday, August 31, 2012

Global Coherence Initiative by Drake

Global Coherence Initiative

by Drake
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One of the most effective energetic contributions we can make to help co-create a positive future for ourselves and the planet is to replace our tendencies towards negative, downsided projections regarding personal or planetary outcomes. A downsided projection is a negative perception or speculation about how something will play out. For example, say you’re planning to meet someone with whom you have a hard time communicating. Instead of projecting judgment, dread or anxiety, replace that feeling with a heart intention to drop your presets and judgments while maintaining the state of calm and neutrality. This creates an environment where people and situations can change for the better – and even if they don’t change, you benefit from clearing the negative presets from your personal energy field.
Negative projections are registered in the heart’s and brain’s electromagnetic fields, generating waves of incoherence in the energy field environment around us that serve to create outcomes we don’t want. Most of us have done this at times, especially in the midst of challenges. It’s a societal habit handed down through generations that can seem normal and without consequence. As we practice changing the habit of negative projections, we reduce much personal stress and increase our power to manifest a higher vibrational field environment, which is our highest contribution to the global consciousness shift.
Remember, we each have a choice to add incoherence or coherence to the energetic field environment.
Care Focus: Replacing Negative Projections
For this full moon Care Focus, breathe love and compassion into the planetary field environment, while imagining our collective heart energy helping to ease the cumulative stressors from ongoing global conflicts and weather challenges. Then visualize more people beginning to realize that negative projections create the unwanted energy field environment we are trying to dissipate by sending love and compassionate care. As we practice replacing negative projections, this builds an energetic grid that makes it easier for others to be intuitively inspired to do the same. This full moon period is a supportive time to launch or re-commit to these types of habit changes.
      ~ Drake
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Anonymous said...

You can breathe all the love and compassion you want to, but I still see a "bad moon arising".

Anonymous said...

What is going on with this guy?
I hope people are starting to see through some of this-especially all the bloggers out there. Are we to believe that this guy goes from being a vetted top secret Intel contactee to now a New Age enlightened Guru who has direct contact and intel with higher up "Principals" in special areas "irrespective" of the "ideology" of the "differentials" "in 2 parts"?
Do you think those "higher ups" would disclose important info to someone who spews this kind of stuff? Well wait-what I am thinking, yes- the ones shilling disinformation would. Think about it. This guy is prodding people to make citizens arrests-WTH? Why doesn't he set the example? I guess everyone in his and Minuteman's counties are squeaky clean so there's no need for them to be the first to take any action.(?)

Talk about a blow-hard distraction full of dis-info. It looks as though even Wilcock's has stopped talking about this guy and doesn't seem to respond to any inquiries regarding him from any of the people/followers who pose questions about him in their comments.

"If you have 2 dogs, one of them is sweet and loving and the other mean and vicious- which 1 out of the 2 lives longer and grows stronger?"

"The one you feed!"

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm sure you'd rather be watching Wilcock bawl his head off on Kerry Cassidy.

Anonymous said...

Apparently the two initial comments here have been feeding the mean and vicious dogs.

Drake is talking calculus level information to a general audience and has apparently caught a couple of preschoolers on the spiritual development spectrum in his classroom. However, I think he has done a great job presenting this in as simple a fashion as possible. He is also 100 + % right on with the information in this post.

FYI plenty of "New Age enlightened Gurus" absolutely come from the higher-up Top Secret Intel community. Their so-called top secret practices" are called remote viewing and remote persuasion as a few examples. For those who are ready for a little more detailed, advanced education at Drake's level, research ARVARI. The general population would more apt to fall into the law of attraction stuff or many the occult practices (something in which members of the Cabal are well-versed and are more than happy to use it on us.)

For preschoolers, I recommend beginning with the book "The Hundreth Monkey" and researching everything you can find on "memes" and human consciousness to gain a little insight on how we are connected to each other and capable of influencing each other on a psychic, subconscious level. In addition, if you respect David Wilcock, he has spiritual/psychic educational materials and you can move up from there. Dr.Robert Anthony also has educational materials to help people evolve upwards. What you would have to purchase to obtain in order to learn all this, Drake is giving you for free. I think he deserves a thank you and not a b!ch fest.

As far as Drake making arrests? He has already served his country in Viet Nam and the military and certainly earned the right to shift focus to lead others to a higher consciousness. He has already been instrumental in informing and awakening the masses to the deceptions we have been living within for decades. What have you done? If you don't like the information, you are free to go elsewhere (while you can still have access to information that isn't censored.) He wants people to know that what has been done by the people of Iceland to secure their freedom, can also be done here and anywhere else in the world. This is possible.

Nesara News apparently finds Drake's information worthy of posting for the general population to consider.

Intelligent, awake and enlightened people understand Drake. Anything else is just laziness. Talk about a "blow-hard distraction full of dis-info..." Well, if you can't bother to be part of the solution, please set a better example by not being part of the problem. Get a revelation already--it's time for YOU to change.