Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Explosive found in Swedish Nuke plant

Sunday, July 1

We need ACTION on the following topic:

Explosive found in Swedish Nuke plant

Prepare for another Fukushima! You can bet the forklift brought in a whole pallet or several pallets of explosives, which are now planted in the nuclear facility. "A fist sized lump on the fire extinguisher, but don't worry, it did not have a detonator?" Where did that fist sized lump come from? You cannot get a "fist sized lump" without grabbing it from a larger batch. A fist sized lump is what you would grab while cramming the explosives into a tight place. Someone most likely spaced out, and forgot one of those fist sized lumps while DOING THE JOB. OOOPS!!
All the news reports about this are playing it down, and I beg the question WHY? WHY WOULD THEY PLAY THIS DOWN? Explosives found in a nuke plant?
If explosives were found at a Burger King in Peoria, do you think it would be more newsworthy? Why are they silent about this at a nuke plant?
I will make a guess. If Sweden now fails to give the bankers a HEFTY "bailout" and destroy their country doing it, the nuke plant goes BOOM. So it will be a choice between a physical death and a financial one. I would bet this is one of MANY. This is just the one where someone spaced out, and it got caught. And I predict (but I will not put a date on it) that IF the elite really feel threatened they will just destroy a large number of nuclear facilities, contaminate everything, and THEN use the window of opportunity to throw the final control net. Explosives in a nuke plant is such major news the silence on this topic is damning.
Think about this - They have TRILLIONS of dollars to blow, and have hired MILLIONS of psychologically sterilized goons, on top of having almost their entire tribe be to one extent or another psychopathic. They easily have the manpower and patience they need to get the right people into key places in various facilities to lace them with explosives under the full permission of security and the employees. Needless to say, when the places go boom they will have all called in sick, or will have left one by one in the months before the event. Explosives in ONE nuclear facility is grounds for having ALL of them shuttered and gone through by legitimate bomb teams, but you can bet that will never happen. The fact that it will not, and the media silence on this issue is proof that the world has for the most part already been conquered. The alternative press did not even run with this story. What's up with THAT?
No doubt Stuxnet also found it's way to wherever the explosives did, to create a plausible scenario before the place goes BOOM.
We need ACTION in the alternative press. Please copy this blurb above, with the link to the supporting article, and DO NOT MENTION MY NAME OR SITE. IF YOU DO YOUR POST WILL BE DELETED, MY WRITING IS BANNED ALMOST EVERYWHERE.
We need THAT wording above, just copy and paste. Never define the word "THEY" because people who do not know that "THEY" do it all will puke on that. But even a senile chihuahua would pick up on the scent of something being wrong with explosives in a nuke plant.

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