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White Hats Report #5 Ed Falcone Demands Justice vid

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Reader: White Hats Report #5 Ed Falcone Demands Justice vid
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Date: Wednesday, 29-Aug-2012 12:54:47

From a Reder: TY!
Ask Obama & Romney Headquarters to explain what you know & understand after following the dots to dots
to dots & the obvious Pathway of Discovery. Yes, I did. No response.
CBS News came close but still miss the real news here. Have at it. It's going to be hot & furious from now to end of 2012. MOST OF THIS WILL BE EXPOSED BY election day! Taking bets?
Report number 5 from December of 2010 directly relates to the investigation that is about to explode in the Summer of 2012. This video will get you up to speed and even give you a chuckle or two... No point in not having a sense of humor in desperate times right?
Fast and Furious: Obama's Watergate
Operation Fast and Furious has been painted as a rogue program out of the ATF Phoenix Office, with no orchestration with the Department of Justice or White House. When it was revealed that Eric Holder had received memos discussing Fast and Furious, Holder denied reading them. When wiretap applications discussing Fast and Furious approved by the DOJ were revealed, Holder stated DOJ officials only read summary sheets that did not include mention of Fast and Furious details. When Darrell Issa, spearheading the investigation, subpoenaed 80,000 documents relating to Fast and Furious, Holder refused to comply because of "ongoing investigations," providing less than ten percent of the documents, most of which were redacted. Holder's claim of "ongoing investigations" was an obvious stonewalling technique that he has used many times in the past, including during the Clinton Administration.
With a Contempt of Congress vote looming against Eric Holder, Obama threw down the gauntlet, asserting Executive Privilege regarding the subpoenaed documents, an eleventh hour ruse, bringing to the fore the belief, as most have asserted all along, that Fast and Furious was an Obama Administration program, not, as asserted, an operation conducted by a handful of rogue ATF agents. Regardless, the Obama Administration is now in attack mode with the House Oversight Committee voting to place Eric Holder in contempt of Congress.
As commentators have indicated, the President can't have it both ways. He stated unequivocally, that he had no knowledge of Fast and Furious, but Executive Privilege specifically only covers communications between the President or one of his close advisers with another party, and cannot, as Nixon tried to assert, cover anything he desires. That Obama would issue this right to cover tens of thousands of documents is ludicrous. Per the Congressional Oversight Manual, Executive Privilege covers communication by or surrounding the President:
"The communication must be authored or 'solicited and received' by a close White House advisor (or the President). The judicial test is that an advisor must be in 'operational proximity' with the President. This effectively means that the scope of the presidential communications privilege extends only to the boundaries of the White House and the Executive Office complex" (51).
Ironically, Executive Privilege cannot be used unless Obama was involved in Fast and Furious. And if he was involved in Fast and Furious, then Obama was involved in sending hundreds of guns to Mexican drug cartels. If Obama was involved in facilitating the murders of hundreds of Mexican citizens, and at least one American citizen—Border Patrol agent Brian Terry—this would necessitate immediate impeachment.
Of course most Americans know, and as some Congressional members on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee have stated, Fast and Furious was an Obama Administration-orchestrated program in order to substantiate Obama's wild claim on March 9, 2009 in Mexico (parroted by Holder, Napolitano and Hillary Clinton) that 90% of weapons used by Mexican drug cartels in violent crime come from U.S. gun dealers. To demonize U.S. gun dealers by first encouraging them to sell to Mexican drug cartel straw buyers, and then to blame them for doing so. To ramp up gun laws. To curtail and eventually void the Second Amendment. To literally countermand the highest law in the land!
This is Obama's Watergate and the American people will not rest until this man is removed from power.


Anonymous said...

Bullcrap, Fast and Furious is the continuation of a Bush/Cheney program under Repub operatives on the local level that had started back in the Bush Admin and just the name was changed for convenience at the time. This is just another of those programs that the Wrong Wing actually created to try to smear Obama. Can you say False Flag Operation by the R's? See there, I KNEW You Could!

Anonymous said...

The Obama administration could have ended the program. Instead, they stepped the program up and allowed thousands of ATF semi-automatic weapons to flow into Mexico and fall into the hands of the drug cartels which has now caused thousands of deaths including two U.S. boarder agents. Someone in the Obmama administration must take responsibility for these deaths. If Obama gave Eric Holder the ok to go ahead with the program then the president is responsible. Just because a previous adminstration hatches a treasonous program doesn't mean the next administration has to continue it and even step it up. There needs to be accountability for these deaths and the accountability goes to the people in the Obama administration that gave the go-ahead for this botched operation that many believe was designed to do away with our second amendment rights. Instead the Obama administration is covering it up. This is much bigger than Watergate? People did not die during Watergate.