Monday, December 31, 2012


The above bulletins issued to all MO police agencies and made public, about new MO Drivers License  and ID cards. They are smart cards made after the military ID card model. We are told that, due to fraud at the local license office, you no longer can just walk in and get a drivers license.  You submit the info, then later your license or ID card will come in. 
Question is, what is done with the info that is submitted to get the ID card or license? Could there be background checks, vetting everyone who wants a license or even a ID card with federal files (fusion centers)? Don't know that yet for sure. If your an enemy of the state, will you be denied proper ID? Don't know that yet either. Think of all the things you can't do without proper (govt issued) ID. Just another step happening very quickly.

Also, all local PD Officers have been issued a new universal (smart) ID cards. I do not have a ID issued by the city, even though I work for the city. The card says the cities name, but I had to go to a special location where all local officers from other agencies had to get the same card. I was told because I asked that the purpose of the ID card was all my police and military training will be on the smart card and (when) there is a major problem in the country and they don't have enough police, the feds will recruit officers from this list. Duration of the call up will be indefinite, if needed.  The Feds pay my salary and we take no equipment with us. We will be supplied and trained on site (I suspect for cannon fodder). 

Just more info on the coming police state.


Anonymous said...

If they are federalized, you don't have to go through the trouble of bringing a federal suit against them for Title 42 USC 1983 violations - you just file a complaint with the de-partment of just-is and they can investigate and fine and imprison.

I don't want some things to happen but some just make sense to me.

Anonymous said...

I seriously have a hard time believing that a FAG, USURPER Kenyan can have this much power to destroy our country. ARREST HIM!!!

Anonymous said...

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