Monday, December 31, 2012

Archangel Michael Through Ron Head: We Have Some Good News for You

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                      AAM with good news. God Bless  Love to all Smile Red rose Red heart

              Archangel Michael Through Ron Head: We Have Some Good News for You
As channeled by Ron Head – December 30, 2012
As we begin our last message for your year of 2012, let us give our deepest appreciation to each of those who have followed our channelings throughout these months for all of their dedication and efforts toward your planet’s ascension.
None of you has had an easy time of it, and yet, here you are, preparing for another year of the same. Well, we have some good news for you. While there is still quite a way for you to go on this journey, you will soon be quite well aware that the most difficult part of this undertaking is behind you.
You are far stronger now and have at your disposal inner resources you have not begun to uncover. The masters that you have been, the leaders that you have been, the healers that you have been, and much more, are now just beneath the surface, and you will bring them forth now.
You have been carefully taught that anything just beneath your surfaces must be evil, scary, and avoided at all cost. You were taught that in order to keep you from discovering where your treasure lies. Well, wait until you find out even the smallest part of what is really there awaiting you. Wait until your ‘How could I ever?’ transforms into your ‘How in the world did I ever?’
Become cheerleaders for yourselves and each other this coming year. You are about to perform some rather miraculous deeds, both personal and otherwise. There is no Santa Claus. There will be hard work to be done. The miracle will be that you find you can do it.
The coming together of soul groups will continue also. It is now the time for which you agreed to come together. You will find more fun, more joy, more love. Nothing will stop you. Begin by being grateful to yourselves for what you have accomplished. If you can’t see it, have enough trust in us to believe what we are telling you.
This time is always a time for you to celebrate. Make it a special time this year. We open our hearts in love to you, as always. Well done, dearest friends. Well done.
There is much to do. Some of it will indeed be no ‘piece of cake’, as you say, but neither are you anywhere near as unprepared as you were even a short time ago.
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Anonymous said...

Who is this Archangel Michael that is so frequently referred to in posts like this? He certainly isn't the one and only true Arch Angel Michael who is written about in the Holy Scriptures. Anyone with any knowledge of the scriptures, heaven, the angelic hosts, and also of who the true God is can easily recognize an imposter.

This Michael is NOT the Michael who is the head of the warring angelic host who kicked Lucifer out of heaven ages & ages ago and who also does battle constantly for the redeemed in the 2nd heaven against those fallen ones.