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The Driven – from SaS, December 28, 2012

Op-Ed: The Driven – from SaS, December 28, 2012

Posted on by Jean
SaS apologizes because this is a long read, but the news is slow now with legislators around the entire planet gone home, etc. because of the holidays, and I’m hoping you’ll take the time to read this important piece – instead of other, often meaningless news.
When I initially read this piece, the word Wetiko immediately brought to my memory an article I published back on December 11, 2011, in which Wetiko was defined in a way I will never forget. Wetiko is described as a mental illness, an illness from which the the Native Americans early on realized we from Europe suffered: Wetiko means cannibal – not one who literally eats the flesh of another, but one who eats the life of another. In that article I mentioned several related posts that I hope will further clarify SaS’ words. I will post the article called REPOST: Wetiko, mentioned in the movie, I AM, reminded me of this post separately for those of you who have interest in delving deeper into the subject.
SaS suggests that there is/was far more going on with Sandy Hook than even bringing gun control issues to the fore as a diversion. His words are partially inspired by Paul Levy’s fine piece, The Sandy Hook Horror: Will It Wake Us Up From Our Collective Nightmare? If you haven’t taken the time to read it, I hope you will. SaS suggests that far beyond that which most people realize, we have been involved in and  duped by a superb effort at misdirection—in ways that are not immediately apparent. Once again, thanks, SaS, for using your analytic gifts so generously on our behalf.  .  . Hugs, ~Jean
SaS: I apologize.  This is a long read but, then again, we’re not discussing the aspects of a good game of tennis are we?
On October 6, 2012, having detected a pattern of duplicity emerging from a series of unbelievably savage homicides reported to have occurred in a number of locations throughout the United States, I wrote an article for Jean entitled “The Nature of the Thing.”  On the more dramatic and blatantly obvious incidents of orchestrated violence, many of you submitted commentary.  Within that commentary, you not only recognized the duplicity of a “shadow government” and the dark forces of the Oligarchy that supports and funds it, you submitted findings of your own!  Those articles of circumstanceredirected our attention to little-known facts that were emerging around the travesties of social justice that had scourged the human family in odd and far-away places like Aurora, Colorado and Oak Creek, Wisconsin.
This morning, December 25, 2012, I read the very well-written article by Paul Levy posted by Jean.  Levy poses the incident at Newtown, Connecticut to be a symptom of“collective psychosis.”   Just what is a collective psychosis?
Referencing an interview with German psychoanalyst, Gertrud Hardtmann, conducted in 2001, the interviewer, Mathilde ter Heijne, asks:
“Should war, between two nations for instance, where vast numbers of men and women decide to fight for their country or religion, also be seen as a state of ‘collective psychosis’? Is it also a case of a mass of people who no longer bother to check certain assumptions, especially since they are now under orders? Is war a matter of a loss of realism?”
Granted, we’re discussing an abstract context of the human condition but, as you can immediately understand, I’m certain, “war” as an analogy of the physical manifestation of “collective psychosis” indeed makes its definition all the more decipherable despite the intangible qualities of its conceptualization as a feature of our reality.  To this question, German psychoanalyst Gertrud Hardtmann then defines “psychosis” in general as:
“Psychosis, or any psychotic reaction, represents a partial loss of realism. Hitler was an example of such loss of realism, as were his generals. But so, too, was the Allied bombing of Dresden in 1944 an instance of this loss of realism. Realism has to do with the relationship between one’s goals and the means employed to achieve them. In almost every war that I know of, this relationship is lost. I believe this is because war and its military participants develop a logic and dynamic of their own that can no longer be controlled by means of political reason.”[Emphasis mine][1]
Notice she exploited the interviewer’s suggestion that the concept of “war” might best characterize the outward manifestation of “collective psychosis” to appropriate anapproximation of the definition of “Psychosis” as an event within which the human mindbecomes detached from its anchorage in the real world (whatever we think that is).  Paul Levy’s immediate supposition lies within a telling declaration in the very first paragraph of his essay:
“Our society, as well as our species, is suffering from a psychic epidemic of titanic proportions. This collective madness pervades the global body politic in such a way that it is hard to recognize because our madness is so obvious and has become so normalized that we don’t even notice it anymore, a blindness which itself is an expression of how advanced our madness has become.”[2]
Ah, but is it–has it?  Stop and think for just a moment, do any of you have an urge to kill?  Do any of you have, as your political objective, the annihilation of an entire class of human beings?  Do any of you think of your fellows as “useless eaters” who have no inalienable right to their own existence?
Before I continue unfolding my supposition for your scrutiny and consideration, I’d like you to peruse this list of reported incidents of violence that have occurred within just this past year of 2012.
(1)  Newtown, CT
December 14, 2012
26 people were shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a K-4th grade school. 24-year-old Ryan Lanza, [This is how it was initially reported but we now know that the purported gunman was Adam Lanza, a 20-year-old autistic man] whose mother was one of the victims and employed by the school, was the lone gunman. Twenty young students and six adults at the school died. (26 Dead at Newtown School, NBC, December 14, 2012).
(2)  Portland, OR
December 11, 2012
22-year-old Jacob Roberts killed two and injured one before killing himself at a Portland-area shopping mall, which was crowded with thousands of holiday shoppers. The injured victim was a 15-year-old girl, to whom Roberts had no relation. (Details, but no answers, in Oregon mall shooting, CNN, December 13, 2012)
(3)  Fresno, CA
November 6, 2012
Lawrence Jones, a 42-year-old employee of a Fresno, CA – area chicken processing plant opened fire at his workplace, killing two and injuring two others before killing himself. Jones had a long criminal history and was on parole at the time of his death. Later reports indicated that he had been diagnosed with ‘explosive disorder.  (3 dead, 2 wounded after shooting rampage at California chicken plant, Fox News, Nov. 6, 2012)
(4)  Chicago, IL
October 21, 2012
Two men, ages 28 and 30, were killed in a shooting that also wounded a 25-year-old pregnant woman in the city’s South Chicago neighborhood. This incident was one of many unrelated shootings that together resulted in 24 wounded in one weekend. (At least 5 dead, 24 wounded in gun violence over weekend, Huffington Post, Oct. 22, 2012)
(5)  Brookfield, WI
October 21, 2012
Radcliffe Haughton shot and killed his estranged wife Zina Haughton and two other women, wounding four others before killing himself, at the salon where she worked. Haughton had a history of harassing Zina, who had filed a restraining order against him on October 8, 2012. This order prohibited Haughton from owning any firearms, yet two days after it was approved, Haughton illegally purchased a .40-caliber semiautomatic weapon, which he used to kill three people and himself.  (Wisconsin salon shooter’s wife told court he terrorized her for years, NBC, Oct. 22, 2012)
(6)  Casselberry, FL
October 18, 2012
Three women were killed and one was wounded at a beauty salon by gunman Bradford Baumet, who later killed himself at another location. Police say he was served with a domestic violence injunction October 9, 2012, and had been scheduled to appear in court the day of the shooting.  (Salon shooting: police ID accused gunman in Fla. salon shooting, AP, Oct. 18, 2012)
(7)  Winter Springs, FL
September 30, 2012
Several people exchanged gunfire before a charity motorcycle ride began at a Veterans of Foreign Wars post. Shooters killed two and wounded one, and police confiscated numerous weapons.  (Shooting at veterans club in Florida leaves 2 dead, 1 injured, AP, Sept. 30, 2012)
(8)  Minneapolis, MN
September 27, 2012
Disgruntled former employee Andrew Engeldinger entered Accent Signage Systems, Inc., and opened fire, killing five and wounding four before killing himself. Among those killed were Reuven Rahamim, the business owner, and a UPS driver.  (Five dead in Minneapolis shooting rampage, Minneapolis Public Radio, Sept. 28, 2012)
(9)  Compton, CA
September 10, 2012
A still-unidentified shooter opened fire on a group of young men gathered behind a Compton apartment building, killing one and injuring two others. The gunman fled on foot, and police say the shooting appeared to be gang-related.  (Gang-related shooting in Compton kills 1, injures 2, ABC, Sept. 10, 2012)
(10)   Old Bridge, NJ
August 31, 2012
23-year-old Terence Tyler shot and killed two coworkers at a Pathmark grocery store, early in the morning before the store opened. The victims were 18 and 24 years old. Tyler used an assault rifle similar to an AK-47 and killed himself with a handgun. He was a former Marine, and police say he might have had a history of depression and mental illness.  (Employee shoots 2 dead at NJ supermarket before killing himself, police say,NBC, Aug. 31, 2012)
(11)   Chicago, IL
August 24, 2012
Eight people were wounded on a single street on the South Side of Chicago in a drive-by shooting. The victims ranged in age from 14 to 20 years. This incident was among several unrelated shootings the weekend of August 24 that wounded a total of 19 people.  (At least 19 wounded by gun violence Thursday, 13 over 30 minutes, AP, Aug. 24, 2012)
(12)   Laplace, LA
August 16, 2012
Two police deputies were killed and two were wounded in a shootout in a suburb of New Orleans between police and suspects with ties to violent anarchists. The shooters were among seven “sovereign citizens” arrested, known to the FBI for their suspicious activity and radical ideologies. The group of suspects had been previously monitored, and a stockpile of weapons was found in their residences.  (Suspects in deputy killings linked to extremists, CBS, Aug. 18, 2012)
(13)   College Station, TX
August 13, 2012
A 30-minute shootout near the Texas A&M University campus resulted in the deaths of a police constable, a bystander, the shooter, and the injury of four others. It was said by his family that 35-year-old gunman Thomas Caffall was “ill.” The University activated its emergency “Code Maroon” to warn students to avoid the area.  (3 killed in shootings near Texas A&M University, CNN, Aug. 14, 2012)
(14)   Oak Creek, WI
August 5, 2012
Seven people were killed, including the gunman and three injured at a Sikh temple in a Milwaukee suburb. The FBI is investigating the incident as a “domestic terrorist-type incident.” (Gunman, six others dead at Wisconsin Sikh temple, CNN, August 5, 2012)
(15)   Aurora, CO
July 20, 2012
Twelve people were killed and 58 were injured in Aurora, Colorado during a sold-out midnight premier of the new Batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” when 24-year-old James Holmes unloaded four weapons’ full of ammunition into the unsuspecting crowd. He detonated multiple smoke bombs, and then began firing at viewers in the sold-out auditorium, Ten members of “The Dark Knight Rises” audience were killed in theater, while two others died later at area hospitals. Numerous patrons were in critical condition at six local hospitals, the Aurora police said. (Colorado Movie Theater Shooting: 70 Victims The Largest Mass Shooting, ABCJuly 20, 2012)
(16)   Tuscaloosa, AL
July 17, 2012
A gunman stood outside of a crowded downtown bar and opened fire from two different positions early Tuesday, sending patrons running or crawling for cover. At least 17 people were hurt. Nathan Van Wilkins, 44, surrendered about 10 hours after the shooting near the University of Alabama campus, police said. Authorities believe one of the bar patrons was a target of the rampage and that it was connected to an earlier shooting at a home. (Alabama shooting suspect surrenders, SFGate, July 17 2012)
(17)   Chicago, IL
July 11, 2012
Four youngsters are among the latest victims caught in Chicago’s gun violence epidemic, including two middle school-aged girls who were wounded in a neighborhood park on the Far South Side. (Gun Violence Leaves 4 More Chicago Youth Wounded, CBS Chicago, July 11 2012)
(18)   Dover, DE
July 9, 2012
At a weekend soccer tournament in Delaware three people died and two were wounded. The dead included the tournament organizer, a 16-year-old boy participating in the tournament and one of three suspects alleged to have initiated the deadly violence Sunday afternoon at a park near downtown Wilmington. (3 dead after gunfire at Del. soccer tournament, AP, July 9 2012)
(19)   Chicago, IL
July 6, 2012
Three people were shot, a 19-year-old man was shot in the calf, a 34-year-old man was shot in the back and a 24-year-old man was shot in the thigh. The oldest was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in critical condition and the other two were taken to Roseland Hospital, Alfaro said. Someone approached the three on a bicycle and opened fire. (3 dead, 7 wounded in shootings across city, Chicago Tribune, July 9 2012)
(20)   Seattle, WA
July 02, 2012
One killed, five injured at party.  Gunfire erupted at a South Seattle home where a party was underway. Six people were hit with flying bullets as multiple shots were fired. One of the wounded, a 21-year old woman, later died. (MORE GUN VIOLENCE IN SEATTLE,Sky Valley Chronicle, July 2 2012)
(21)   Chicago, IL
July 1, 2012
One man was killed and a man and woman were injured in a shooting that occurred early Sunday in the East Garfield Park neighborhood, police said. A 22-year-old man was shot in the head and pronounced dead on the scene. (Cops: 1 dead, 2 injured in West Side shooting, Chicago Tribune, July 1, 2012)
(22)   Omaha, NE
Gun violence put three men in the hospital, one of whom has serious injuries. One neighbor said she heard several shots, then went outside to find the victims hit in the hand, arm and leg. (3 injured in 61st Street shooting, MSNBC, June 26, 2012)
(23)   Houston, TX
Gunfire erupted outside a Houston night club, killing three people and wounding two others as hundreds of confused concert-goers hit the ground in panic, witnesses and police said. 3 people, including one woman investigators described as an innocent bystander, died. (3 dead, 2 wounded in Houston club shooting, CBS 5 News Channel, June 20, 20121225 Eye Street, NW, Suite 1100, Washington, DC 20005i(202) 898-0792 iFAX (202) 371-9615 5Updated 12/14/2012
(24)   Auburn, AL
A 22 year old man opened fire at University Heights apartments off West Longleaf Drive. The shooting left three men dead, including two former Auburn University football players, and three others wounded. (Manhunt on for suspect in Auburn mass shooting,Dothan Eagle, June 10 2012)
(25)   Oklahoma City, OK
A 16-year-old boy is in custody and suspected of opening fire after an NBA game on Monday, injuring eight people. Three of the people shot were bystanders, while five had been involved in the group clashes, which revolved around “high school, girls-and-boys stuff”. (Police say 16-year-old shot eight outside NBA game, Chicago Tribune, May 23 2012)
(26)   Chicago, IL
Last year Chicago saw four people slain during Memorial Day weekend. This year the city saw 40 shootings and 10 murders over the four-day weekend (Chicago’s Memorial Day Weekend Was Terrible, Atlantic Wire, May 29, 2012)
(27)   Seattle, WA
40-year-old Ian Stawicki entered a Seattle cafe on Wednesday and opened fire, killing four people. He then left Cafe Racer, killing another person during a carjacking before taking his own life. (Seattle Mass Shooting Latest by a Concealed Handgun Permit Holder, Huffingtonpost, June 1 2012)
(28)   Gilbert, AZ
Four people killed by a former neo-Nazi before he turned the gun on himself. The killer shot and killed his girlfriend and three others, including a toddler as a result of a domestic dispute. (Armored gunman, 4 people dead in Arizona shooting, msnbc, May 2, 2012)
(29)   Tulsa, OK
Three were killed and two wounded severely early Friday morning in four separate incidents during a span of less than two hours. Two men were arrested in the crimes. All of the victims were targeted while they were out walking, and apparently did not know each other. Hate crime charges were being evaluated. (Two Men Arrested, Facebook Clues in Tulsa Shooting Spree, ABC News, April 8, 2012)
(30)   Oakland, CA
Seven people were killed and three others wounded in a shooting rampage Monday at an Asian religious vocational school in east Oakland; police later detained the suspected gunman. (7 Dead, 3 Wounded In Shooting At Oakland Religious School; Gunman In Custody, CBS San Francisco, April 2 2012)
(31)   North Miami, FL
Fourteen people have been shot and two are dead outside a funeral home in South Florida. One of the victims, a 43-year-old man, died at the scene while the other, a 27-year-old man, died at the hospital. A 5-year-old girl was shot in the leg and hospitalized at Jackson Memorial Hospital along with eleven other victims. (“Grandma, I’ve Been Shot” Said Girl Hurt In Gang Related Mass Shooting, CBS Miami, March 31 2012)
(32)   Waller, TX
Trey Sesler massacred his mother, father, and brother in their home in Waller, Texas. He was found by police the next day. A high-caliber rifle was used. It later emerged the killer was also planning a Columbine-style massacre at a local high school. (Man suspected of killing family captured,, March 21, 2012)
(33)   Pittsburgh, PA
A gunman opened fire in the lobby of a psychiatric hospital in Pittsburgh on Thursday, killing one person and wounding seven, including a police officer, officials said. The gunman was also said to have died. (2 Die and 7 Are Wounded in a Shooting in Pittsburgh, New York Times, March 8, 2012)
(34)   Tempe, AZ
As hundreds of fans waited in line to see Hussle, fights and arguments broke out, police said. They also said some fans were drinking beer in the parking lot. Three men opened fire on rival gang members and fled, police said. All 14 of the people shot are expected to survive, including the two seriously wounded, Lt. Mike Horn said. (Tempe concert mass shooting: Rapper decries gun violence, Tucson CitizenMarch, 3, 2012)
(35)   Chardon, OH
T.J. Lane has told police that he took a .22 caliber Ruger pistol and a knife to the school on Monday and randomly fired 10 shots into a group of students sitting at a table, according to prosecutors. Daniel Parmertor, 16; Demetrius Hewlin, 16; and Russell King, 17; were killed. Nick Walczak, 17, remains in serious condition in a hospital with neck and back injuries, and another student has been released from the hospital. (Suspect in Ohio school shooting charged with murder, Washington Post, March 1, 2012)
(36)   Jackson, TN
Police said one person was killed and 20 others were injured early Sunday in a shooting at a Tennessee nightclub. An apparent dispute between several people at the Karma Lounge in Jackson led to at least three people opening fire, according to a press release from the Jackson Police Department. The club was hosting an after-party for a basketball game between Lane College and Lemoyne-Owen College. (Police: 1 killed, 20 injured in shooting at Tennessee nightclub, Fox News, February 26, 2012)
(37)   Norcross, GA
Norcross police on Thursday identified the gunman as the 59-year-old Paek, and the victims as Byong Ok Kang, 64; Kum Hi Song, 61; Kum Sook Kim, 57, and Tae Yol Kim, 55. Surveillance camera footage shows Paek walking into the business and talking to one of the victims before shots were fired, police said. Paek is accused of killing his two sisters and their husbands before turning the gun on himself. (Witness to Norcross mass shooting: ‘It was horrible’, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, February 23, 2012)
(38)   Philadelphia, PA
Police late Wednesday arrested a man after three teenagers were shot dead in an ambush in Philadelphia, according to a report. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that another teenager was also wounded in the attack Tuesday night. (3 Teens shot dead in Philly ambush.US News, January 12, 2012)
My count is thirty-eight (38).  Having studied this list of “atrocities,” I would like you to go to this Web location and review this article recently published by Wikipedia (take note of the plethora of references):
Herein lays the “pattern” of deceit that I had written of in my essay on “The Nature of the Thing.”  Jean posted that article twice!  So now, many of you might be saying to yourselves: “Okay, SaS, tell us what the pattern is, already!”
In my essay I explain that:
“[Normal] Processes that occupy our time addressing our normal inclinations are natural, ordinary aspects of our behavior providing a holistic and reasonable framework that enhances our discernment.  Artificially introduced and isolated from our perceived sense of continuity are unnatural processes that stand apart from our rational worldview.  These are aspects of a “background” wholly unfamiliar to us.  They originate through traumatic events or repetitive discipline under circumstances that seem disconnected from us, irrelevant to our nature, and somewhat meaningless.  Unnatural processes provide very little useful knowledge.  We cannot adequately experience and integrate them as an evolving aspect of our human nature but they do take up our time.  In this fashion, we often find ourselves engrossed in distractions that affect our preferred behavior as orderly, reasonable, and consistent with our human nature.   An unnatural process imposed upon us through trauma or coercion, results in behavior that manifests itself apart from our true human nature and we behave like soulless automatons or worse, mindless savages!”
Now then, consider the information that I have just provided to all of you and rememberthat information is just information—it is neither good nor bad.  From one end of our finite awareness in this Third Density experience we are being systematically traumatized by our own law enforcement establishment—thousands of cases erupting all over the country, arguably the result of recent trends to “militarize” the police collective through training provided by security contractors who view the general population as an “Intifada.”  Yes, little family, we are being gradually “marginalized” by our law enforcement agencies and police collective as a manifestation of:
  [in-tuh-fah-duh]  noun
(sometimes initial capital letter) a revolt begun in December 1987 by Palestinian Arabs carried out, en masse, to protest Israel’soccupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
1988;  < Arabic intifāḍa  literally, a shaking off, derivative of fāḍa  to shake off.

And, just what is it that we’re attempting to “shake off” as a body politic, if indeed, our exemplification of the term, “collective psychosis” can be considered adequate?  In an article entitled “Report: Israeli model underlies militarization of U.S. police,” by Muriel Kane (Published, Sunday, December 4, 2011 20:52 : The Raw Story), the author concludes:
“Given the amount of training the NYPD and so many other police forces have received from Israel’s military-intelligence apparatus,” Blumenthal concludes, and the profuse levels of gratitude American police chiefs have expressed to their Israeli mentors, it is worth asking how much Israeli instruction has influenced the way the police have attempted to suppress the Occupy movement, and how much it will inform police repression of future upsurges of street protest.  But already, the Israelification of American law enforcement appears to have intensified police hostility towards the civilian population, blurring the lines between protesters, common criminals, and terrorists.” [Emphasis mine]
There was a time in American History when the “civilian population” craved domestic peace and tranquility.  “Law enforcement” was viewed as a necessary element of a civilized society in which those unalienable rights guaranteed to us by our Constitution, would be ensured against the backdrop of violence that was prevalent in the chaos of our evolution as a nation state.  Police brutality is to a “civilian population” irreconcilably similar in its nature to child abuse or any kind of abuse for that matter.   And, what can we say about abuse?  Well, we can say that, in general, abuse is all about disempowerment and subjugation.    Abuse is a phenomenon of the human condition that has been with us for tens of thousands of years and represents something more than just the physical nature of its manifestation.  I’ll agree that physical abuse might be the most apparent symptom of this prevalent social aberration but there are other types of abuse.  They include emotional abuse and neglect and the practice of such vicious alienation leaves deep, lasting scars.  For example, our politicians often refer to us as a “47% who are looking for government handouts.”  Really?  Social security and Medicare a handout?  What the hell is the payroll deduction doing on my god damned paycheck stub then?  Then too, there are all those disenfranchised souls living in tents and cardboard boxes, shanty towns along the railroad tracks, street people, starving children, despondent single mothers and feral teenagers roaming the streets of every community.  I suppose we could call them all “neglected.”  Wouldn’t you agree?
“They” must really hate us and they’re making no bones about it either!  They want us to feel rejected, lost … useless.  Abuse “softens us up” and makes us easier quarry.  Such psychological trauma produces the animals of atrocity, as the single-most important aspect of abuse is its unfathomably ferocious violation of innocence and trust.  These “animals” help in the slaughter of the innocent; they are as the “Kapos” or prisoner functionary of the Nazi death camps (The Funktionshäftling).  They are assigned by their masters to supervise the coercion and subjugation.  In this mindset, there is also imposed the meme of “gratuitous skepticism” intended to turn victim against victim.  In the grip of this meme, we loose our bearings and cannot navigate the ethics of our human condition.  Militarized police respond to their own compatriots as though those fellow citizens are nothing more than dogs to be beaten into submission.  They are suffering from “collective psychosis” in that they too are prisoners of the system pitted against their fellow prisoners in order to maintain the favor of their greedy, vicious, callous overlords.  If they are derelict–if they pause to show compassion–they are returned to the status of ordinary citizens; prisoners subject to other “kapos.”  Many of these “police” are merely “prisoner functionaries” recruited from the ranks of the biased and violent among us rather than from the more numerous political, religious and racial “prisoners.”  Those barbarous bastards are known for their brutality toward “the other” and “the system” protects them.  This brutality is tolerated by “the system” and is even encouraged as an integral part of our social context.  Recruited from the ranks of the oppressed they beat us senseless because that’s what we “deserve.”  We are nothing more than animals in their mind’s eye.  Brothers and sisters, we are being driven from the relative safety of our natural propensity to “trust” out into the open field of fire like prey animals that are hunted, killed, and then butchered.
It is a fact that—from childhood—we’ve all been inculcated with archetypical notions ofAmerican Exceptionalism.  While our minds were malleable—submerged in the innocence of childhood ignorance, we were taught to memorize (at one time or another) the “sacred” tenets of our Constitution, the “Ten Commandments,” the expectations of patriotism, and the efficacy of citizenship in the applied and splendid ethics of social responsibility.  What effect do any of you think such a profound failure of ourexpectations as citizens of the republic might be after we suffer such disappointment at the hands of the people we’re all supposed to trust?  What thoughts enter our minds as we all begin to realize the tremendous failure to prosecute that sacred trust–to “protect and serve?”
Trauma.  We are beginning to exhibit the symptoms of abuse.
Withdrawn Personality:  Watch people who tend to avoid social interaction.  A willingness to trust and confide in others is hampered.  The abused often keep to themselves and avoid getting close to anyone—both physically and emotionally.  Interest may diminish for a sports or hobbies they used to love.  (Recall how I have periodically complained of our tendency to engage in “gratuitous” skepticism.  Think about the many times that Jean has had to “police” the site for viperous commentary that rejects—not only the comment but the very humanity of “the other.”  Think about the articles we’ve read that caution our consciousness of the damage that is being done to our fellows as they become more insular—pursuing the momentary rush of emotions as they engage video games or televised sports as opposed to our earlier preferences for intimate gatherings, idle conversation, social sharing, and common courtesy)
Abnormal Behavior:  Those with friends may have difficulty interacting in a normal, healthy manner due to little patienceincessant arguing or undeveloped social skills.  Behavior may change drastically.  A once-happy person may suddenly become severely depressed, jittery or angry.  Sexually abused youth may show an interest in sex or display sexually inappropriate behavior.  Some appear tentative when changing clothes around others. [Emphasis mine]  (I’ve already had to write a few Op-Eds on “propriety” for Jean, advising participants to refrain from vulgar commentary and angry, hurtful, diatribes.  We know such behavior resolves nothing, so why do we engage it?  The answer is becoming obvious to us, isn’t it?)
Low Self-Esteem: Experiencing abuse on a regular basis takes its toll.  Be mindful of people who regard themselves in a negative light.  They have no self-worth and feel like they are not good enough.  Eventually these feelings lead to lowered expectations and little drive to succeed.  (How many times in the past have our discussions included encouragement—a loving, “reaching out” to “the other” for those brothers and sisters who came to this site with heavy hearts?  How many stories of deprivation and needless suffering must we read before we make this connection?)
Disconnect from Family: Look for signs of discontent or voidance of emotional attachment to a parent or loved one.  It is unusual for a young child not to be excited or happy to see mom or dad walk into the room.  Children may react strongly and resist going home.  The parent may blatantly scold or ignore the child in public and show no affection.  (How many times have we read commentary that unilaterally rejects the aesthetics, ethics, and general philosophy of this site?  “The other” calling us crazy, stupid, infantile, or some other demeaning expression of contempt!  Think about the true nature of the oppressor and what their goals and objectives must be.)
Toddler Tendencies:  Some find comfort in reverting back to acting like a baby or toddler.  They may cling to their parents more, wet the bed, suck their thumb, rock back and forth or throw temper tantrums.  Horrible nightmares are common.  (We’ve seen these tendencies displayed by—not only visitors to this site—but by our fellows who occupy the space within our immediate reality.  Note the final symptom as explaininghorrible nightmares are common which leads us back to Paul Levy’s contention.)
Levy frames the central theme of his supposition as “…a psychic epidemic of titanic proportions.”  That’s a pretty powerful statement of personal conviction.  To “catalogue” his determination as plausible, Levy associates his assertion with an elucidation, isolating the diagnosis of this horrific state of mind as “malignant egophrenia,” a psycho-spiritual disease Levy has defined as “… endemic to our culture at large, and symptomatic of the times in which we live.
Go to his site, Awaken In The Dream, Glossary of Terms:
His argument associates this deft characterization of human behavior with an ancientshamanic tradition that identified similar behavior as “Wetiko,” (Wey-teek′-oh) a Cree [Native American Tribe] term that refers to a diabolically wicked person or spirit who terrorizes others through infestation and eventual possession.  In the Algonquian language, the relevant term is “Wendigo” (Ween-dee′-go; a.k.a. a demon).  Levy ascribes the attributes of a virus to this mental condition but my intent, here, is to demonstrate that this aspect of the human condition is understood as relevant to our reality by bothindigenous peoples and modern sociologists as well.  It is not a condition alien to our consciousness or foreign to our species.  It is a manifestation of a common, recognizable human pattern of behavior since ancient times.  What is more, modern metaphysicians aren’t able to identify its source or offer an effective remedial response in terms and conditions that express a complete, scientific, and rational understanding of its operation any better than our ancient ancestors!
In other writings, Levy suggests that, “Like C. G. Jung, the great doctor of the soul reminds us, we become enlightened by making the darkness conscious.  Protecting the abuser, though seemingly in the service of the powers of darkness, is, paradoxically, at the same time, potentially revealing the darkness, and hence, ultimately an expression of the light. It is as if the light needs the darkness in order to reveal itself, for not only is the darkness revealed through the light, but the light is revealing itself through the darkness. Seeing how the field nonlocally protects the abuser is a doorway through which we are introduced to the underlying unified and unifying field of consciousness where light and darkness are both expressions of a single non-dual sentient presence. Seeing thefield-like aspect of protecting the abuser is to see the field in its nonlocal glory, which is to be in a glorified, i.e., more lucid state ourselves.”  [Emphasis mine]
Wow!  What is Levy talking about?  What does he mean by suggesting that we, somehow, view “the field” nonlocally?  I could be wrong.  Levy is a very fine academic by anyone’s standard and his rational portrayal of this enigmatic, mysterious, abstraction of our human condition is as meaningful as anything else that anyone could illustrate.  I don’t disagree with his diagnosis.  I am trying to illuminate a possible prognosis such that his recommended treatment might be better understood as theapproach repeatedly advised by—not just Paul Levy—but countless New Age social commentators for well over five decades now.
Levy identifies “the field” as our unified, common, collective consciousness—the order of the Universe, our reality as we tend to agree, cooperatively, on its dimensions, relativistic appearance, and variation.  A person like me will say that we’re “seeing” the same thing because we are ONE.  Others speculate that it is because our individual perceptions have unique distinct boundaries that brush up against one another (yes … Kurt Goldstein) and we may tend to concede each other’s “point of view” (POV) as acceptable.  At any rate, my point is that “the field” is the field.  As Bishop Butler once said in 1767, “It is what it is and it is not another thing.”  That would be our first lesson in identifying what is real to us.  So, my contention is that this collective consciousness is “The Field,” whether that field is defined by Paul Levy, Lynn McTaggart, or David Wilcock.  And, it is “The Field” regardless of the discrete properties assigned to it by people like Albert Einstein, Werner Heisenberg, or Erwin Schrödinger.  Brothers and sisters of The ONE, let’s accept the fact that “the field” is The Field.
If we can agree on this rudimentary context of our shared experience then I would like to re-direct your attention to the theme of that essay I wrote for Jean: “The Nature of the Thing.”  In the quotation from that essay above, I point out that “ unnatural processes … originate through traumatic events or repetitive discipline under circumstances that seem disconnected from us, irrelevant to our nature, and somewhat meaningless.  Unnatural processes provide very little useful knowledge.  We cannot adequately experience and integrate them as an evolving aspect of our human nature but they do take up our time.”  I made the best attempt I could possibly make at articulating Kurt Goldstein’s  “Organismic Theory” for your individual consumption.  His theory attempted to define the phenomenon of a mutual awareness consisting of “differentiated members” that are normally intended to function together by natural design.  These integrated and articulated elements or members do not normally become “detached and isolated” from one another unless they are subjected to abnormal or artificial conditions such as those experienced in stressful situations that produce extreme anxiety.
When we were discussing the essay, Jean thought that perhaps I might have been getting into the weeds, so-to-speak.  Esoteric information like “Organismic Theory” tends to both confuse and bore the reviewer.  This is a problem I constantly contemplate because I’ve found that, unless such information is somehow couched in the context of an occult mythos, as ancient and mystifying wisdom gathered from the sands of time, it just doesn’t have any traction in the minds of the audience to which I might be writing.  It must become a “secret” then and—well—humans are a curious lot.  Aren’t they?  But let’s take a closer look at the premise of my essay as it might be associated with Paul Levy’s assertions.
Goldstein said that our perception can be manipulated to encompass an unnatural condition if we are sufficiently traumatized.  Now, back to the beginning; for decades now, our population has been systematically abused by “authority” and I’ve made the argument that such abuse has effectively destroyed our natural human propensity to trust in our normal, native expectations.  I’ve tried to make the argument that we’re exhibiting symptoms quite similar to those of an abused child.  If we can accept this supposition as rational and possible then we must entertain the notion that our condition leaves usvulnerable.
Vulnerable to what?
Take a look at the list of domestic atrocities one more time.  We’ve suffered thirty-eight (38) major incidents as a national identity this year alone.  A review of our recent history will show us that we’ve been exposed to such “traumatic” events on a regular and reoccurring basis for a couple of decades now.  Some of you will insist that all of this violence is being orchestrated and I wouldn’t disagree.  The spore of artificial intervention is all over every one of these so-called “isolated incidents” and, of late, the official stories that attempt to explain the circumstances are found to be replete with incongruities, inconsistencies, and out-right lies.  What are “they” attempting to hide?Before you answer that question, ask yourself: “Why are we forbidden to view the coffins of returning warriors killed in battle–victims of our endless wars?”
Since we are a very human community we have, as a natural characteristic, a propensity to project our empathy for “the other” as compassion.  Allowing us to see the coffins of fallen warriors, to be reminded of the wives made young widows and the children who will be raised fatherless would allow the rest of us to get a bit too close to the cause of all the human suffering.  Wouldn’t it?  And what is the abuse coupled with the trauma attempting to produce in us?  Why, it’s intended to engender feelings that isolate us such that we find ourselves standing in the middle of a hostile Universe, naked, cold, and all alone.
So much for trusting the same source of “authority” that periodically and with malevolent regularity abuses our fragile human empathy.  We’ve got social commentators like Paul Levy telling us our species is infected with an other-worldly psychological wickednessthat drives us all to propagate inconceivable malice toward one another.  Within this context, “the news” eagerly communicates the imposition of unfathomable cruelty upon the most defenseless, most innocent, most trusting members of our human family; our children; women; total strangers!  What the hell is going on?
We’re being traumatized.
For what purpose are we being traumatized?  If people like David Wilcock and Foster Gamble are telling the Truth (and they are)—the “Oligarchs” want to kill off 90% of the global population of “useless eaters.”  If this is the case, why would they pause to “traumatize us?”  They’re the “efficiency experts” as their forays into human cruelty have been proven in places like Dachau and Buchenwald.  Why the hell wouldn’t they just, launch the disease, drop “the bomb,” unleash the Kraken and just exterminate us already?
They have the resources and the power.  What is stopping all of them?  Whatever are they doing to us?  Why are they attempting to start World War III through a series of carefully planned events intended to produce a legitimate extenuation?  Doesn’t that sound just plain stupid?  They’ve decided to kill off the bulk of humanity and now they want to make a legal, ethical, and moral determination before they undertake their most important enterprise for the 21st Century.  Where in the hell is their head?  Yes, yes, I know, I know!  As difficult as the concept might seem from the perspective of human physiology, their head just might be stuffed securely up their behinds; I’m not going to argue that point.  No, I want you to just stop and think about just what the most significant reason might be for conducting this campaign of terror upon a seemingly benign and otherwise cooperative population of common folk.
I’ll give you a hint.
Questioner: For the general development of the reader of this book, could you state some of the practices or exercises to perform to produce an acceleration toward the Law of One?
Ra: I am Ra.
Exercise One. This is the most nearly centered and useable within your illusion complex.  The moment contains love.  That is the lesson/goal of this illusion or density. The exercise is to consciously see that love in awareness and understanding distortions. The first attempt is the cornerstone. Upon this choosing rests the remainder of the life-experience of an entity.  The second seeking of love within the moment begins the addition.  The third seeking empowers the second, the fourth powering or doubling the third.  As with the previous type of empowerment, there will be some loss of power due to flaws within the seeking in the distortion of insincerity. However, the conscious statement of self to self of the desire to seek love is so central an act of will that, as before, the loss of power due to this friction is inconsequential.
Exercise Two.  The universe is one being. When a mind/body/spirit complex views another mind/body/spirit complex, see the Creator.  This is [an] helpful exercise.
Exercise Three.  Gaze within a mirror.  See the Creator.
Exercise Four. Gaze at the creation which lies about the mind/body/spirit complex of each entity. See the Creator.
The foundation or prerequisite of these exercises is a predilection towards what may be called meditation, contemplation, or prayer. With this attitude, these exercises can be processed. Without it, the data will not sink down into the roots of the tree of mind, thus enabling and ennobling the body and touching the spirit.”  [The Law of One, Book I, Session 10]
They know who we are!  They view us as separate and distinct from themselves by virtue of the fact that they have chosen to explore the “wisdom” of separation.  It isn’t that we’re all infected with a spiritual virus the only cure for which is death.  It’s that human beings have, of late, demonstrated an “awakening” that has not been witnessed in our collective memory since the dawn of our deficient civilization.
The Cabal’s response is to “head us off at the pass,” brothers and sisters; we’re being systematically traumatized in a last-ditch effort to misdirect our collective concentrationaway from this profound awakening that is reconstructing our present conscious state of mind.  We are beginning to become aware of our true nature; the few facts presented in this Op-Ed disclose this to anyone who will give them even modest consideration.  We are becoming, once again, familiar with our natural status as human beings.  And the Cabal, through the mechanism of “this system of things,” is attempting to turn our attention from an understanding of our infinitely powerful, eternal, and immortal co-creator status as Sovereign Integrals of the One Creator/God toward one of despair.  They are systematically traumatizing us so that the focus of our thoughts can be controlled to accept “our fate” as herd animals destined for the slaughterhouse.  You see,we want a “Golden Age for all humankind”—a natural evolution of our development as human beings embedded into the very fabric of the Cosmos—and they want us to accept an artificial and unnatural turn of events that drive us all into oblivion.  They want us tobelieve that we are diseased and hopeless[3], helpless animated meat whose purpose can be nothing more than to fertilize the earth with the ashes of our ever-evaporating aspirations for peace and happiness.
How do we combat this awful state of affairs?
How can we, as Sovereign Integrals of the One Creator/God, exercise our status as “infinitely powerful, eternal, and immortal creator beings?[4]  Well, for one, we can learn the Six Heart Virtues as defined in the book, “Living From The Heart;” by James.  You can obtain a copy by going here:
where chief among the Six Heart Virtues is appreciation—the expression ofgratitude.
Remember what James reproves: “What happens to one happens to all.”  We can changethe effect of what they’re doing to us (the cause of our troubles) by changing what it is our mind is concentrating upon.  As we change our circumstances through the power of thought, we also change the way “the other” thinks regardless of their intellectual abstractions.  This is because we are ONE.  Believe it!  Don’t allow yourself to be swept away in a torrent of despair.  Fight the propensity of your human psychology to transition from a state of mind in which you feel compassion to one in which you begin to demonstrate a profound sorrow that will fall away into desolation.  That is where “they” want us to be so that we will stand still, ensnared in the hypnotic state of futility[5] while they slit our throats (figuratively speaking … yeah, maybe not-so-figuratively) and bleed us unconscious.  We’re much easier to “render” in a state of unconsciousness and the threat of their injuring themselves in the process of subjugation is eliminated altogether.
Remember the lesson that Ra taught to all of us as I’ve quoted it in the passage above.
Those of us who take the time to submit an expository thesis for general consumption dooften think things through even though many may not agree with our premise.  It is difficult to present useful information in the shortest possible time.  For example, I know that my Op-Eds and essays are sometimes “long-winded” as some of you have mentioned.  But now, you tell me how you would be given the information that draws theconnections together if people like me remained silent and didn’t take the time required to pose a rational argument by making every attempt to reveal those connections and the details associated with their occurrence?
Some of you may play “Devil’s Advocate.”  What would be the purpose of that?  If such events as we have been discussing here on this site have all been uniformly streaming into our collective consciousness as undeniable articles of our cooperative reality, then what is the value of suggesting that what is may not be?  Why bury the truth of our experience in the minutiae of ancillary evidence?  It but suggests an alternate point of view no one is simultaneously experiencing and, therefore, willing to accept as a possibility.  We all have to stop insisting “the other” boil everything down to an elemental literary pabulum for our quick consumption.  That kind of “candy”is bad for us because it just isn’t nutritious; it doesn’t feed the mind!  We have to understand the antithetical nature of insisting that “simplicity” is the only thing that we’re willing consume while—all the while—we continually complain about what it is that “they” are doing to us.
It takes hard work to clear ourselves of these “pathogens” of which the likes of Paul Levy caution us.  We can’t just throw up our hands in frustration and accept the fact that we’re “diseased.”  To paraphrase the I Ching: “To have good results, consume good things, think good thoughts, seek the company of good companions.” if we want to pursue the “good” life then we must come to an understanding that those things which can kill us, as Nietzsche was want to say, really don’t make us stronger.  They weaken us and, in that weakened state, we become the perpetrators of our own aggression and the victims of our own feckless negligence.  We ignore these facts at our own peril.    Remember, the One Creator/God is not dead as the temporal identity (complex mind distortion or what have you) of Nietzsche once proposed to be a consequence of our encounter with “modernity.”  The concept of Nietzsche is dead.  Think on it.
Ah!  We are very happy people!  Are we not?  We dance!  We sing!  But, do we think things through?
“Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly, and they will show themselves great. [Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essays, First Series: Prudence; 1841]  
Regardless of a human’s potential—whether it is positive or negative in its expression, you can trust them to do as they truly perceive themselves to be!  Treat them greatly and, regardless of their mindset, whether in service to the other or in service to self, each human will remain faithful to their character; they will represent themselves to you as a loving brother or sister or as a reprehensible tyrant whose cruelty will have no equal within the context of your experience.  Emerson was a man of the ages.  Emerson, my darlings, told the Truth!
Kind regards,

[1] A collective Psychosis? Interview: Mathilde ter Heijne interviews German psychoanalyst Gertrud Hardtmann, October 13, 2001.  [ ]
[3] Combine the diagnosis of Paul Levy (no insult is intended here) with the Cabal’s insistence on our cooperation with their numerous vaccination programs and you have an animate, sentient being that has become contaminated both psychologically andphysiologically rendering it pathologically incapable of sustaining life and therefore “useless” by their logic (i.e., useless eaters).
[4] Zingdad’s recommendation for that first step of independent human action is to make exactly this declaration!
[5] e.g., the famous “Borg” expression “Resistance is futile” was intended to be superimposed upon our collective awareness as an expression of capitulation.
Again, let me suggest REPOST: Wetiko, mentioned in the movie, I AM, reminded me of this post as a source for further reading on this important topic. ~J


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