Monday, December 31, 2012

Open Letter For Public Release this date

Subject: Open Letter For Public Release this date

An open letter concerning the “Gun Control” threats made by public figures and Legislators.
If some drunk runs over a bunch of preschoolers at a bus stop, that does not give you, society or the government the right/authority to take MY car or restrict what kind of car I can own.
If some meth head goes on a rampage at the local day care with a chainsaw,that does not give you, society or the government the right/authority to take MY chainsaw or restrict what kind of chainsaw I can own.
If some insane boy-man guns down a bunch of school kids with any kind of firearm,that does not give you, society or the government the right/authority to take MY firearm or restrict what kind of firearm I can own.
The US has over 300 Federal and major State Firearms laws on the books.(a very conservative figure) Every one of which is unconstitutional. No law will save you from the insane or criminally inclined. The only thing that will suffice to defend your family is the ownership of a weapon and the will to use it.
The 2nd Amendment was never about hunting, or even self defense. It is all about the Citizen's ability to defend themselves against tyranny by the government or the majority. What part of "...Shall not be infringed" do the Marxists not understand?
In reality I think they understand perfectly, that as long as 'we the people' are armed they cannot run roughshod over the Constitution. That is why they have moved slowly and discreetly to usurp our rights on a daily basis for decades. They fear us, they fear discovery and openness. They fear the removal of their masks as liberals or “progressives”. We know their true face, history has shown us
many times. The Collectivist Central Governments of Russia, China, Cambodia and North Korea killed more than 200 MILLION people during the last decades of the 20th Century.
We will NOT allow them to repeat their Socialist nightmare here. We will resist, we will not comply.
We will not permit the confiscation of our property. We will not allow cries of “Save us!”, “Protect us!”
or “It's for the Children!” to be used as justifications for the majority to deny us our natural rights.
Let me state clearly and publicly for the record and for posterity's sake. We will not comply with any further infringements. We will resist. If attacked, we will fight. If accosted at our homes we will shoot back. God have mercy on those in Government, Media or “Law Enforcement” who threaten our families, because we will show none.
We make this statement not in anger or fear, but with sound minds and firm resolve.
Let our servants in the public sector and the intellectual, media, and academic elitists who
support them take note and understand the very personal results of their actions. If our families suffer,
so shall yours. We know where you live, we know where you work, we know where you dine and shop. Your bodyguards and contractors cannot protect you from determined men with nothing left to lose. Stay away from our families, homes and property, you have been warned.
From One unit of the United States Militia
Molon Labe
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Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you wrote on this post!! I love you guys, and am with you 100%!!! Thank God for people like you who are honest, have integrity, and know that there is nothing to fear, but fear itself!!

Anonymous said...

Remember We The People are watching all of the governments local, state and federal and whom are infringing on our rights and when the time comes we WILL prosecute to the fullest extent of constitutional law. We are making a list and checking it twice.

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned, all those in "control" at this time GOT there ILLEGALLY. They have no qualms about ABIDING BY THE LAW. Their laws are NOT for themselves -- they're for the "little people". Their STOLEN TRILLIONS is what's making them "top dog". If they attack the people, retaliation IS constitutional. FORGET "prosecuting" them!