Monday, December 31, 2012

NC Police Lt. calls in Pastor Butch Paugh's show last night-GOING FOR THE GUNS AFTER ECONOMIC COLLAPSE

Pastor Butch Paugh had open lines last night for military and leo's to call in.

A police Lt. from NC called in and said that officers, most of them "roid heads" in his area, will start training next week with the ATF on gun confiscation. He said the training should last from 30-45 days
He also said he has been told to expect the economic collapse first and then the feds will start going after the guns.
Dec 29, 2012

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Anonymous said...

This is a fact! I am retired LEO and I have been watching off the coast of NC the training of LEO, Coast Guard and Navy Seals off our coast for a long time now. I have seen the helicopters, the use of flight lights, use of buies in the water and have even been turned around from open waters by men on jet skiis with red lights on the helmets the wore, and all the while I was on my cell with 911. The dispatchers did not even know what was going on. Now, Every night since last year around Mid Feb. this training has started again. I have even contacted old fed friends to come and witness this. This first started on our coast in 09' through 2011. Then stopped for a year. Of course! Go fiqure, we got Bin Laden right? I thought, well no more " Operation Red Robbin". Ask the City of Raleigh when they ran them out of the city for doing the same thing years ago? The military entered without permission and did the same, or tried too. No one has come out and called it what it is. Look at the reports of "UFO's" called in to dispatched in 2011 and 2012 along the east coast. Several; by innocent people vaccationing from out of town. I have seen them in the water, using back propelled jet skii's, morris codes using un-occupied summer homes, tops of roofs, tops of parking decks. I have seen the drones which stated in 2009. I have seen them in the dunes, with the head lights, not knowing that someone like me was out there fishing and watching them. I have been followed while with my son, with them close by in the dunes in the wee hours. My son is ex-military and could not believe what he was seeing. My son even attempted to approach one of them. My son has been over there four times now and works for the State Dept. When I told my son in 2009 what was happening he did not believe me or thought that I was seeing things. Then he saw it for himself. This is my beach and the public's last time I checked. I have seen people out there with the wife and small children looking for crabs at all hours during the summer. These guy's are now becoming very cocky in not hiding what they are doing now. In the begining they were very cautious. So yes, it is happening. The average public does not pay attention to this because they are not trained to pay attention. I WAS!! And being a female, I have to pay particular attention to my area when fishing alone. I have video and pictures of the drone's and the flares and the navy seals in the water. Oh yes I do. The helicopters used in the Bin Laden take down; The were used and still being used here off our coast. So that Lt. is telling the truth. Now about the Martial Law; This has in fact been in play for the last few years. Since the 80's I do not know about this. But I do know our military has been planning for this since the 70's. I was a little girl and heard my father talking all the time what was going to go down. We were always station at stratigic bases. There you have it. Our next war is going to be fought off our coast here. Mark my words. It is coming and I hope and pray it will not be against WE THE PEOPLE. I have all ideas it will be China or India. It is coming.