Sunday, December 30, 2012

Message From Montague Keen - Sunday, 30th December 2012

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Message From Montague Keen - Sunday, 30th December 2012
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Date: Sunday, 30-Dec-2012 18:52:59

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 30th December 2012
So many of you are hurting, whether it is through illness, emotional, or financial problems, you are being bombarded by dark energies and you are finding it difficult to rise above them.
It will not last.
It is being done to try to prevent you waking up, and seeing all the information that has been suppressed for years.
Do not allow yourselves to be distracted, no matter how bad you feel.
Because you are hurting, it does not give you permission to lash out and hurt others, whose intentions are honorable.
You are all in this battle together; all fighting on the same side, with one goal in sight – the removal of the Dark Cabal.
The Cabal uses the same formula every time in order to achieve its aims.
Do you not see that by killing your children, they hope to remove your rights, so that they can make laws that would leave you at their mercy.
Think carefully on this one, as you have everything to lose.
Infiltrators are positioned to appeal to the masses, to make it seem that you do not care if you do not do as they demand.
Learn from these terrible tragedies.
Recognise the formula and look for the real culprits.
They do not give up easily.
You need to be awake and alert to look behind the official story.
Knee jerk reactions lead to disastrous decisions.
You are not being told the truth.
Stand firm. Do not be pushed into agreeing to something that you will most certainly regret.
The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.
Those in the Cabal are laughing at you.
They play games with you.
They actually show you, in advance, what they intend to do, and you still do not see it.
They feel they do not need to hide their plans.
They are confident that you are sufficiently asleep that you will not notice them.
How they relish the fact that they have got away with so much for so long.
It is up to all of you, now, to read all that was hidden from sight.
Brave people are now coming forward with it, to enable you to understand the real truth.
You saw, my dear, that the portals to Inner Earth were revealed.
You asked, "Who created the NO FLY ZONES?" [over the north and south poles].
Why was it so important to them to prevent you from knowing about them?
There is so much more for you to learn about your planet.
You need to know why your world is in the state it is today, and why the control is in so few hands.
Religions have done more to control the masses than anything else, yet people still cling to them because of the fear they have instilled in people about places that do not exist.
Go forward into 2013 with eyes wide open and with love in your hearts, in the sure knowledge that you are on the right path, where truth is paramount.
There is sufficient information out there in the public domain, to convince you that you have been constantly lied to, by those who make the decisions.
Stop being victims.
It takes courage to stop being the helpless victim but you must step into your own power.
Ancient history has all the answers.
Yes, you do need to go back that far in order to understand why the world is in such chaos now.
That is when the big take-over began.
You have been lied to and controlled like sheep, ever since.
"Love changes everything".
That is so true.
When mankind learns to love, instead of fearing each other as you were taught, then the killing will stop and there will be peace for all mankind.
The more love you give, the more you will receive.
Every creature on Earth needs to be loved and cherished.
Send LOVE to situations that seem hopeless, then wait to see the energy change.
Let love be your weapon.
Use it to bring about the changes that are needed.
Many of you do not understand that you must first love and accept yourself before you can love another, or use the power of love to bring about peace and harmony.
You are the knights in shining armour who will rescue your planet from the hands of the infidel.
Everything will fall into place when the timing is right.
You just need to be open to it.
Those who only strive for financial gain will be left by the wayside.
It is time to reassess your values, as this creates such fear and stress that it takes over your life completely and you fail to see the full picture and your part in it.
Many of you are targeted individuals because of your work for justice and truth.
You must recognise this fact and invoke protection and guidance.
Take responsibility for your life and wellbeing.
Close all doors to possible attacks and constantly ground yourself and ask for protection.
Protection cannot be given unless requested.
You learned this fact the hard way, my dear.
You assume it is all bad luck, but when your eyes are open, you see clearly that you have been selected for attack, to try to prevent you from carrying out your mission.
Once you recognise this fact, you can deal with it.
This goes to show the alertness of those in the Cabal:
they know who everyone is, and they know their role in bringing about the Transition.
Those of the Cabal FEAR YOU and this is why they attack you.
They consider your role important, so you must accept THAT IT MUST BE SO.
It is up to you, to use every means at your disposal, to protect yourself.
You have nothing to fear, except fear itself.
Surround yourself with love and light.
Veronica, my dear, life continues to be a struggle for you.
Trying to keep everyone on track and protected is not an easy task.
You need the support of those around you.
You are a team and should act as such.
The obstacles and blockages are sent to try you, and indeed they do.
Continue to work in the sure knowledge that we will succeed.
I walk this lonely path with you, my dear.
We have loved each other in many lifetimes.
Past love is powerful, it cannot die.
It is to be valued as it is priceless.
When you find it, treasure it.
Let us go forward, my dear, in love and light.
Your adoring, Monty.

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