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How To Stop The Worst Acid Reflux Imaginable - Forever

How To Stop The Worst Acid Reflux Imaginable - Forever
I was in New York City recently for an appointment and struck up a
conversation with a young lady (Patricia) who was training to be a nurse.

My ears perked up when she said that, because I like to "test" people in the medical field and see if they are, well, strictly mainstream or possibly holistic.
After talking for about a minute, it became clear to me that Patricia is getting trained only in allopathic medicine. I threw a few holistic terms at her and she had no idea what I was talking about.
But the good news is, I sparked her interest and curiosity.
She asked me what I did and I told her I was a nutrition consultant, author and speaker who specializes in digestive health.
Her eyes got as big as saucers!
"Oh my God!" she said. "I get horrible acid reflux ALL the time, no matter what I eat! And the PPIs I'm taking don't seem to be helping that much."
I thought to myself, how sad. She couldn't be more than 25 years old and already is on the purple pill or one of its cousins. She'll be loaded with osteoporosis by the time she's 40.
But I just smiled at her and said, "Well, I have some suggestions if you're willing to listen."
And here is what I told this nurse-in-training:

The real root of "horrible acid reflux"
Acid reflux is most commonly the result of one of two things:
(1) What goes IN
(2) What goes ON
We'll start with...
What goes IN
I'll go out on a limb here and say that most people don't put marshmallow fluff in the gas tank of their car. Not if they actually want it to run, that is.
But with what most people eat on a regular basis these days, they're doing something just as ridiculous.
They're shoveling in processed (packaged) foods and/or fast food and washing it down with soft drinks or other sweetened beverages and expecting to feel good, when in fact they're literally creating a towering inferno in their chest.
Get the fire extinguisher!
Or, they might be eating foods that can actually be considered "healthy," but in combinations that are hard for the body to break down.
Either way, my friend, acid reflux is an almost certainty for you.
Now let's look at...
What goes ON
Now we're looking at your innards, and there are 3 different things that might be going on here.
1- Much too much
When you eat a typical processed or hard to digest meal, your stomach tries its best to do its job--that is, begin the initial breakdown of the mess you've taken in.
It's a real trooper--it will try and try and try to achieve success.
What this means is it secretes acid enzymes over and over and over. Believe it or not, this process can go on for 8 hours or more!
The end result: LOTS of acid and poorly digested food sloshing around in there. And that's precisely the same acid that comes gliding up your throat (especially when you lie down), or makes you feel like Puff the Magic Dragon.
Your problems continue down the road, too.
Because once your poorly digested mess passes to your small intestine, it (along with your pancreas and gallbladder) has to put forth a Herculean effort to try and finish the job.
Hello gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea!
Plus, your body ends up expending FAR more enzymes than it should have to in order to accomplish digestion.
And that can lead to...
2- Waaaay too little
Some people have the opposite problem -- UNDERproduction of enzymes.
This is commonly due to diet as well.
You see, when you spend years or decades in the cycle I just described above, eventually your body may not be able to produce enough enzymes anymore.
That's why so many people starting as early as their 40's have digestive issues when they never did before. Their eating habits catch up with them and they're runnin' low on enzymes.
This can also be the result of years of using acid-reducing medications. The medications stop acid production in your stomach, so that means your foods are even MORE poorly broken down when they reach your small intestine, and even MORE enzymes are needed to finish the job. So acid reducing medicines are never a good idea. Eating better quality foods is always the best method.
3- You need a little help from your friends
The Beatles had it right--we all need a little help from our friends.
And that's especially true of your gut.
The friendly flora in your small and large intestines has a hand in the digestive process, breaking down certain starches and fibers.
Problem is, most people's diets feed the UNfriendly bacteria in the gut. When the bad guys outnumber the good, poor digestion (including lots of gas, bloating and constipation) can result.

Say goodbye to even the worst acid reflux
Now that you know what causes acid reflux, here's what you can DO about it.
1- Change what goes IN
When you ditch the processed crap, fast food and soda and instead eat real foods in easy to digest combinations, you will likely be astonished at how quickly your body responds.
It can happen in as quickly as one meal!
And if you don't know where to start, I'll help you with the Great Taste No Pain health system.
In the Great Taste No Pain manuals, I spell out the physiological reasons why eating a typical modern diet is so detrimental to your health, and why eating certain foods together can make ALL the difference in the world for you.
When your body can digest your foods easily and efficiently, any overproduction of acid, wasting of enzymes and digestive agony can quickly subside.
You also get simple meal planning guides, a recipe book full of scrumptious dishes, and even a credit-card sized dining out guide that will help keep you feeling great, even after a restaurant meal!
Now, if you have gluten challenges on top of everything else, no worries. Great Taste No Gluten is for you.
You'll get the same food pairing information as in Great Taste No Pain, along with a collection of delicious gluten free creations and gluten free substitution guides.

2- Help what goes ON
Enzyme help
If you suspect that your body may be already challenged with enzyme production (especially if you've been a Tums or purple pill popper for a long time), or want to help conserve what you do have left, enzyme supplementation can make a big difference.
The most complete digestive enzyme on the market is Digestizol Max..
Digestizol Max is loaded with 14 natural, plant-derived enzymes (so it's even OK for vegetarians) that will give your body a boost in breaking down everything you eat--proteins, starches, carbs and fats alike.
Plus, its herbal formula can help soothe a cranky digestive tract...
Aaaahhh, you can almost feel the relief already.
Flora help
The majority of people in developed countries today are walking around with seriously imbalanced gut flora.
And if you add in the possibilities of stress, medication use, exposure to environmental toxins or past or present use of antibiotics (which all harm your gut flora too), chances are great MOST people have or are close to having harmful bacteria overgrowth (aka dysbiosis).
Not only does this hamper your digestion but it can practically destroy your immune system.
That's why an effective probiotic supplement is so helpful for the vast majority of people.
And that's why we created Super Shield multi-strain probiotic formula.
Super Shield supports both of your intestines--it contains certain bacteria that inhabit the small intestine and others that live in your colon. So you're covered from one end of that long intestinal tract to the other!
And less gas, bloating and constipation can soon be a reality for YOU.

At this point, Patricia was bubbling with excitement at the idea of getting rid of her horrible acid reflux for good.
And she also wanted to show the Great Taste No Pain system to her instructors at school!
I told her I wasn't sure what her teachers' reactions would be, but the good news is she is now armed with the facts she needs to make a HUGE difference in how she feels...
And so are YOU.
To your health,
Sherry Brescia
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PPS: Eva's shouting from the rooftops!
I would like to tell you that I was very hesitant to order your Great Taste No Pain program months ago.
I had suffered for almost 20 years with IBS, acid reflux, depression and panic attacks. I had thought for some time that the panic and depression were linked to my stomach problems, but doctors just kept giving me more meds and said no way.
Last year after a horrible bout that sent me to the emergency room and out of work, I was taken to a mental hospital where I was treated for 20 days every day and all day long. Shortly after treatment I came around a little, but still struggled because of my stomach.
I then ordered your program--I thought, "Why not? I had already spent thousands of dollars on everything else. I can throw away another few dollars."
I started your program shortly after I received it and you know what follows.
My whole family has been amazed at the transformation and weight loss! I have been heavy for years and don't eat that much. Now I eat 10 times more food than I did back then and still lose weight.
I don't take meds for IBS or acid reflux anymore and I don't sleep sitting up. I am weaning off of the antidepressants and the anxiety meds.
I no longer feel sick all the time, so I can make plans to live my life and don't have to be panicky when doing that.
I wish that there were a way to tell the skeptics just like me not to wait another day to save your life.
I was rock bottom and now I want to shout it from the rooftops. I tell everybody what your program has done and even better yet, the people that know me already see it and can't believe it.
A lot of people mistakenly thought that the doctors had finally "gotten my meds right" and were really scared when with the help of my gastro, I began coming OFF of meds. They feared that I would relapse without them and I kept saying it is not the meds, it is this program and I have been able to prove that over and over.
I read all of your letters daily, but what do you truly say to the one person out of hundreds that actually helped save your life? In return, I will continue to tell everyone I know not just about your program, but the common sense ideas that you teach me everyday.
Hopefully someday people won't have to suffer like I did and get washed up in that bottomless pit of helplessness and devastation.
Thank you again and again for giving me back the person I knew was lost in there somewhere.
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