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“The Complete Background Story of Why the POOF Video Went Away Temporarily”

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Reader, fwd: American Kabuki 12-28-12… “The Complete Background Story of Why the POOF Video Went Away Temporarily”
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Reader B. sends us:

American Kabuki 12-28-12… “The Complete Background Story of Why the POOF Video Went Away Temporarily”

by kauilapele

american_kabuki_logo_wide5AK has posted this article tonight about, yes, the Poof interview. But even more than that, he discusses the background story about the recent emails we both started receiving from Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf of People's Trust.

This also gives some insight into what AK has been going through and what he has been facing as a result of posting some of what he has posted.

I'm just going to post the first part of the article and link here, and you can read all the emails at his site.


by American Kabuki, 12-28-12

I thought I'd share the emails I received after Christmas. Kauilapele actually saw these before I did. They were addressed to both of us. I was up late on Christmas and slept in until 11 AM the following day. Its not uncommon for me to be up to 2 AM. I am a bit of a night owl.

Brian will conducting an interview with Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, the Trustee from The One People's Public Trust (TOPPT) soon. We should have that up in a few days after that is completed. Hopefully that will answer everyone's question in a non-legalese format. The reason for all the legal "mumbo-jumbo" is that what is happening to change the banking system from its current debt-slavery model to a global prosperity mode, it has to have a firm legal foundation. Something it really didn't have when the Federal Reserve was secretly created. This is a system that will be based on openness and transparency. Kevin Kelly in his seminal work, "Out of Control" discusses how in complex systems its vitally important to have the correct starting conditions as complex systems will replicate their founding parameters. The more complex systems become the more their behavior becomes like biological systems. Behaviors like flocking, predation, herding and clustering show in a very complex system. An economy is a very complex system.

You may recall Sheldan Nidle in his messages speaking about the various sacred societies helping to bring freedom from our debt slave system through our existing laws. This is more confirmation to me that Sheldan Nidle is one of the most accurate channelers out there.

The following is a sequence of emails as this disclosure by the One People's Public Trust unfolded December 26th. The note from Heather to POOF I wasn't aware of until the 26th. I've also included emails regarding the whole mess about pulling the POOF video. I am put it all out there for public record.

I didn't post these right away. After the brujah of the POOF interview I wanted to make sure and double sure we had clearance to post this information. I didn't want to go through that again. I don't mind taking grief from the cabal (well I do mind - but I won't stop) but from people I actually support was difficult.

Kauilapele (KP) and I were threatened with some pretty heavy legal action if we didn't pull the video with the POOF interview, tout suit. POOF didn't threaten me - I think he was just as flummoxed as I was, but there was a man out of Hong Kong that got kind of nasty with me. I didn't sleep well that night. I called on God and AA Michael to secure the premises. As sometimes happens with anyone in times of extreme pressure, I had images of some Hong Kong Triad ninja coming into my home at night. I mean if you read Fulford long enough you know he's had some pretty scary encounters.

I have had emails, like Ben from the P2 Illuminati Lodge myself, after I posted the banker resignations, they were threats against Japan and Japanese institutions. I gave those to Ben to pass onto Japanese authorities. He told me it was the same style of threat he got prior the giant 3/11 quake in Japan. Just a little background on some of the hair raising stuff I haven't talked about publicly in the past.

I wasn't really sure who I was dealing with or who Brian, KP and I just pissed off. As usual, when I call on such protection I find myself just falling into a very peaceful sleep. I've been behind the veil in my NDE, I know there's more happening on this planet than what we see with our limited spectrum of vision.

The troubling part for KP and myself, was that we were concerned we might have delayed the change in the economic system. I know I was beating myself up emotionally about it all, wondering what else I could have done. We had cleared the release with POOF so we were left scratching your heads as to what happened. The best we could determine there were some lives at stake, and that appears to be true, briefly. The emails will explain how everything unfolded in chronological order.


Explorer said...

Or..... beyond this rambling explanatory diatribe on AK's blog..perhaps the "poof" video was simply pulled to protect Poofies $50 consult fee. And really...if you've ever had a "consult" with "Robert" (poof) you would find it an exercise in obscurity, just as his weekly updates are. He just really doesn't say a whole helluva lot when it comes to actual "specifics"! He'd make a very good "spook"

Anonymous said...

Then there was the part about the fee being sent to James Holmes, not Robert.