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I just talked with Zorra

 Newsletter,  Saturday, December 29 , 2012

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I Just Talked with Zorra


Just after sending my previous newsletter ... The Next 72 Hours ... I got a phone call, about midnight Friday night/Saturday morning ... from Zorra!Now hold on to your hats ... because, THIS is what Zorra told me, direct.  I had to take notes fast and it was difficult, as I was still "full" of all the information from all of these channels ... which Zorra had no knowledge of.  In fact, when I talked about "7th Dimension," Zorra said, "You have to get fully into 5th Dimension first!"  So, here goes....Everyone who is on the planet now ... 99% of us (the other 1% who chose not to ascend are already removed to the sister planet) are now in the first level of 5th Dimension.  "Ascend" means to move to 5th Dimension.  We all went through to 5 D on December 21st, but have not "caught up with our Essence yet."  The awakened ones know they are in 5D and all will know they are physically there soon.Mother Earth is in the process of becoming 5th Dimension ... and when she arrives in 5D, all physical beings on the planet, including those who are still in slumber, will know it without any shadow of a doubt.  We will all reach full consciousness when Terra is fully ascended.  We are in the first level of 5D now, waiting on Terra to complete her Ascension.

How events will unfold:

As I understand it, before the end of the year.  Zorra joked about the New Year's Ball descending in Times Square.  He did not say it WOULD happen that way, but laughed and said it would be a great way of doing it! 

He said there are many ships strategically in place NOW, hovering a few feet off of the ground, as their weight would hurt Mother Earth.  One is already there on the White House lawn facing Pennsylvania Avenue, others already in place at the Kremlin, London's Buckingham Palace, Central Park in New York, one near Paris,  China, Jerusalem ... just a few feet off of the ground.  They are already  in place, cloaked ... awaiting word to de-cloak.

There are also masses of ships in the skies, cloaked.   Zorra is back at his post:  North Polar Opening.

Yes, the Gathering ... "Removal of incarnates from other star systems" will take place and there will be NO PAUSE.  It will follow Ascension and Disclosure.  All will be returned to their home star systems, Hollow or Inner Earth.  Zorra again described it, as we have always heard.

Nothing has changed from the scenario Zorra has been giving us all these months.  This is the Master Plan of the Creator and it is still in place.  "Thus far, I have not been informed by the Creator that this plan is changed."  We have not been let down.  Once again,
"... before the end of the year!"

For those who are disappointed ... what Zorra says will be quite evident within the coming days.

Rapidly coming into play.

Galactic Government is in place and ready to go.  Obama is primed and ready, as well.  6.  OUR WORK?
Continue to wear our headbands; very important.  Get quiet ... move into the energy of 5th Dimension when we meditate.  Meditating with our heart-mind will help us move quickly into full consciousness.  Continue to concentrate on raising our vibrations.  Do our breathing exercise.

By the way, when Zorra talked about the 1% not going to 5th Dimension ... that they have already been removed to the other planet, I asked about Hilary ... "Is the Hilary we see now, a clone?  Zorra:  "Yes, there are a lot of clones moving around now..."

So folks, Zorra made an extra effort to get this information to us.  We will not be hearing from him again.  He mentioned the validity of SaLuSa's message.   Everything is in place ... Ascension has happened for us, and Mother Earth is on her way.  Disclosure comes next.  The Gathering is still going to happen, after Disclosure. 

Let's take quality quiet time for our meditation and breathing exercises.  The more we do this, the quicker we open fully into our 5th Dimension.

And aren't we the lucky ones, to get this pure information direct from Zorra???

Sleep tight!  My love to every one of you!

May harmony, peace, joy, laughter, healing and much, much love be with each of you.
 ~  Zorra

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree.. Obama and Hillary are NOT the good guys nor should be treated as such. For their deeds, there isn't a tree high enough.

gotta be posted by the CIA..another Flag.

Anonymous said...

anyone who would say Obumer is primed and ready, discounts any information in the message.

Anonymous said...

Obummer, Primed and ready...Really, hopefully primed to shoot out of cannon back to Kenya. This message is so full of spit I can't see straight. I would like to believe but this is just way toooo much for my brain. We all are hoping and praying for a change but we have heard this before. Just more disinfo from CIA, TSA, FBI and the whole alphabet soup group!!!!

Anonymous said...

For your information, "Zorra" depending of where in spanish speaking areas, means...

1. Female opossum, fox or skunk,
2. Easy woman,
3. Prostitute,
4. Sly, deceiver,

Take your pick

Anonymous said...

All that which you see is an illusion. What you think is playing out, really isn't. I have never been a fan of Obama or any other chosen official (notice I didn't say elected); however, there is much going on that you cannot understand. There is most definitely a truth to Obama being "primed and ready". It just appears that he is the one in charge of bringing down the US.

If you don't already know it, each chosen official is in their own way the puppets for the shadow government that has overrun this planet for ions. They are the faces that you see on TV; the "here today; gone tomorrow" shells that give the illusion that they are in charge.

It is in my opinion that all the "controversy" around him being from Kenya and all the other information was all just to keep you distracted from what was really playing out. Think about it....he has the play the part of the evil law maker. When the exact time for disclosure of the truth comes forth, we will know for certain whether or not Obama was the good guy or the bad guy.

Knowing what you know, from following this blog, there has to be someplace in your mind that makes you realize that anything is possible. Just some words to ponder. CFG

Anonymous said...

I wont be rude to the dear lady. She believes what she believes. I'll believe it when I see it and I don't expect to see it anytime soon. I would love to be wrong!