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More About the Hollow Earth: Solar Openings,Two new continents and civilization intraterrestrial ~12/29/12

More About the Hollow Earth: Solar Openings,Two new continents and civilization intraterrestrial ~12/29/12

Hollow Earth: OPENINGS SOLAR, two new continents and Civilization intraterrestrial

Why Earth is flattened at the poles?
Why no one has ever reached the poles?
What causes the Northern Lights?
Where and how icebergs form?
Why is snow in the Arctic red, yellow, orange or purple?
Why the weather is warmer near the poles than from 1000 to 1700 km of them?
Why the compass stops working in the vicinity of the poles?
It seems that the formation of planets is also different from what they told us in school.

Eva Monferrer
During recent decades has come to light many hidden information about human history, power groups, the free energy change of paradigm, the quantum world and more. Chakras, Annunaki, Lemuria, exopolitics, toroidal systems, ... are concepts that are discovered and understanding slowly but still some way to better disseminate and comprehend their true meaning. However, one of the lesser known issues what is unofficially the Hollow Earth.
A hidden reality, not a theory, supported by innumerable puebras on the structure of our planet and what it contains inside.
Here we present all data on the Hollow Earth (picked by expert Perennial Wisdom and History silenced Eva Monferrer * in his book "The change was"-published in 2009 but written years ago-), we explained that all planets, including ours, are concave with a central sun, that there are two inhabited continent in the Earth's interior and civilizations before us and characters of the past centuries knew, described and traveled to her.
If before we had to overcome the false belief of flat land, soon we will have to do with the land and lifeless compact inside.
And this is the index of the description of the Hollow Earth:
  1. The poles are not
  2. The magnetic poles
  3. The gravitational attraction
  4. The testimony of polar travelers
  5. Facts and confirm this reality works
  6. Civilization intraterrestrial
  7. The evolution intraterrestrial
  8. Shambalah, Agartha and El Dorado
  9. The Central Sun
  10. Social organization in the world intraterrestrial
(NOTE: The text of Eva Monferrer are verbatim transcripts of oral classes, hence certain expressions and comments)
The Hollow Earth Theory holds that all planets, not just ours, have polar openings and a "central sun" resulting from a concentration of light energy from the sun outward, allowing life inside. Sounds crazy, is not it true? But we'll see the evidence that this actually testify.


The Arctic and Antarctic ends of the Earth are convex, but concave. Thus, the North and South Poles ... no! That would place them between heaven and earth, in the center of the polar openings and not on the surface.
Admiral Richard Byrd, by the 1956 Antarctic expedition flew over an area of more than 3 million km2 beyond the South Pole without ice and vegetation and animals. The rapport of this discovery goes to President Eisenhower, head of Majestic-12, and decided to deny all this information ... Why? Because the territory discovered is bigger than the United States, fearing that other country and claimed for himself the new lands, they decide to silence the issue ...
But if in 1492 Christopher Columbus discovered a new continent-officially-in 1956 Richard Byrd discover a new world!-Officially.
The truth about the "geographic poles" of the Earth: The Poles, North and South, are not "a geographical point" as we think. In fact do not physically exist, for they are concavities of 2800 km in length, so they are located in the sky!

2. The magnetic poles

As the magnetic poles, the Soviets discovered that not a point but a line perimeter, which outlines the concavity of the geographic poles. Thus, when compasses mark the North Pole, which are pointing to is the perimeter of this concavity.
One thing that really caught my attention was the knowledge that the total land area is 510 million km2, and its weight is 6 × 10 000 tons. If a compact ball should weigh more. So it must be hollow ...
When it comes down to 70-75 degrees latitude north or south, the earth begins to curve inward: the geographic pole magnetic pole coincides with delimiting the polar opening. Compasses point north stop because it has been exceeded! ! And point down ... This happens near latitude 90 °.
Furthermore, the magnetic pole is not located on the surface, but at about 2800 km depth, and this is where lies the center of gravity of the planet and not at its core geometric

3. The gravitational attraction

In the gravitational attraction has no geometric position but the dough. The ground mass is greater than the bark level. Thus, the mass of the crust such that the force of attraction exerted. The similar distribution in this gravity center of the crust allows the central sun remain suspended in the air, so that equidistant from any point on the inner surface.
To support this model, we can refer to the formation of planets, where the structure is that of a shell with an internal void and openings at both ends. This nebula, solidifies its "shell" to make way for a planet with polar openings as a joint.
What scientific verification exist in relation to the surprising fact that the earth is hollow? It has been shown in several studies seismographic-earthquakes, earthquake-which seismic waves travel through the interior of the Earth at different speeds depending on the materials they are! And the speed of wave propagation through the air is faster than through the water or soil.
If the Earth is "hollow", then no "core", what do we do with the Force of Gravity? In the model of the bubble, as the land mass would be concentrated in the crust, scientists who study this new planetary model, place the force of gravity in the "center of the earth's crust."
So those inside and not fall out either!! Bark draws us all to himself. We "paste" them both to the Earth due to the force of gravity itself!


1. What happens to reach the poles, is that the compass indicates the North or the South are inward! and in fact, it "enters Earth" from 90-95 ° latitude! The last 10-5 parallels are in the air!
2. For this reason nobody has ever reached the Pole. Airlines fly not ever, do not you know? The outline.
3. A consequence of the cavities of the poles is the phenomenon of the aurora borealis.This beautiful phenomenon is due to the drawings he does on the ice in the polar caps and clouds reflected light coming from inside the planet. Light filters and offers the spectacle of color and intensity changes. This we decíaMadame Blavatski almost 100 years ago! Besides the other planets in the solar system is observed this same phenomenon.
4. It softens the temperature when traveling to the poles from latitude 95 due to heat from the interior of the Earth.
"A north wind temperature warms, and are butterflies, flies, mosquitoes, and even well-fed grass and foxes. The north wind brings warm pollen and dust them. "
5. Colored snow observed at the poles, is a strange phenomenon if stopping to think. It is due to existing vegetation pollen inside the globe, which stains the snow over thousands of square kilometers.
6. Icebergs, which are fresh water! water from inland rivers that comes to the surface and freezes immediately. The rivers of the interior, the exterior flow into the ocean, very low temperature, becoming frozen freshwater icebergs! Sometimes house inside extinct animals in the area ...
7. Musk The bird migrates north in winter, beyond the 80th parallel.'s Gull Ross, so does.
8. Polar bears tend to go north when food is scarce.
9. Eskimo myths that speak of their ancestors refer to a "Northland" ... perennially sunlit ... (North of what?)


1. Groups mass disappearing without trace: Ankor Wat in Cambodia, Machu Pichu in Peru.Probably were groups that had an average level of evolution First Initiation and allowed access intraterrestrial Civilization.
2. Groups that appear mysteriously: The Essenes in the Dead Sea near Qumran Khirbert came to prepare for the coming of Jesus who was a member of the Planetary Hierarchy, were a few generations, few, and then disappeared, leaving the witness Khirbert Qumran manuscripts. These manuscripts are being translated,-but without undue haste, 'for publication,-probably past the year 2012 -.
3. Authors intraterrestrial speaking world: Aliglieri Dante, Tomaso Campanella, Jules Verne, Nicholas Roerich (1940), Raymond Barnard (1960), William Reed (1906), Marshall Gardner (1920), Gianini and Palmer (New York 1959. Withdrawal Magazine circulation), Nicolas Senn (1953), William F. Bulwer Lytton or Warren (1964).
4. Cities of the Planetary Hierarchy, intraterrestrial Civilization, have been named in different cultures with different names, mixing physical places (Agartha and El Dorado) with ether (Shambala).
Consider their different names: "Celestial City" in the Scandinavian Eddas, "Asar" in Mesopotamia, "Land of Amenti" in Egypt, "The City of Seven Petals of Vishnu" in India, "The City of Seven Kings Edom "or" Eden "in the Jewish tradition," Shambala "in Central Asia," Erdami "in Tibet," Alberdi "or" Aryana "in Persia," Land of Canaan "for the Jewish people," Maya-Pam "For the Aztecs," Tula "in Mexico," Dual "or" Dananda "or" Land of Mysteries "for the Celts," Valhalla "or" Thule "to the Germanic peoples and" The Kingdom of Avalon "for Arthurian tradition.
5. There are historical records:
5.1 In 1906 the Norwegian sailor Olaf Jansen entered the North Pole after a few months left for the South Pole, including it in his book, "Journey into the planet." It speaks in the book "The Smoky Good" written by WG Emerson and published in 1908.
5.2 In February 1947 the English Admiral Byrd, (1888-1957), of the U.S. Navy, and the testimony of all the crew, on an expedition to Antarctica, he found a land area greater than that United States, with a temperate climate, vegetation and human consciousness high living there. These people gave testimony to the then President of the United States (Eisenhawer) warning that he should not use nuclear power, that they would not consent, because the planet was shared, and offering technical assistance in using clean production energy.
Upon returning from the trip, Admiral Byrd told and gave testimony to the President, but not only did not believe him and pretended to ignore him, but forbade him tell it, under threat of death for him and his family.
The Presidency (...) created the pact called "Majestic 12" with Eisenhawer and 11 others, who put the ban on the dissemination of all that was against the use of atomic energy and presence ... is the plot intraterrestrial of Silence. In January 1956 he organized another expedition from base called McMurdo Sound Antarctica. Byrd managed to penetrate a distance of 4000 kilometers in land intraterrestrial.
5.3 In 1976 Raymond Barnard published "The Hollow Earth", which was nothing more than the adventure of his friend Admiral Byrd. This had to be the end of his life, with the penalty of not having done it before. Byrd asked him to publish it when he died.
"That continent so charming in that sky, land of everlasting mystery! I would like to see that land beyond the Pole! This area is the center of the Great Unknown! "
5.4 The November 23, 1968 the U.S. Weather Satellite ESSA-7, equipped with high resolution cameras and infrared, photographed the North Pole on a routine mission.
Photos sent to Earth where you can see the dynamic aperture of the Poles, and appears as a hole, according to the time of year appears more open or more closed, more cloudy-and-shoot can not, or less cloudy, -then it can be photographed, these holes to breathe the Planet.
5.5 A person you have trouble understanding that the planet is a living being, I will add that in 1983, scientists and Guido Pizzella Edoardo Amaldi, University of Rome, individualized vibration of Planet Earth, which is repeated every twelve hours. This vibration is called Sidereal Effect and is the heartbeat of the Earth. So Earth rotates every 24 hours, is a systole and diastole.

6. Intraterrestrial CIVILIZATION

Furthermore, to surprise you finish, I have to tell you that our Hollow Earth contains a Civilization in its comfortable interior ... I'm raving! This will happen the same as when it was believed that the Earth was flat ... We need a paradigm shift! The degree of evolution through living beings Internal Civilization is superior to ours, thank goodness!
It turns out that, from the time when we have the First Initiation in the Evolution of "surface", we can embody in internal Civilization. We can, for example, to learn something incarnate within, and in the next life do was invent something to actually reinvent!
Interior Humans are much more evolved than us on average, the minimum level required is the Evolution VIII! (Concepts explained in the books and courses on the Evolution of Consciousness - Psychology of the Soul ), and because to this higher consciousness that characterizes them, have a vested interest in not giving us the possibility of causing a nuclear disaster!, which, due to our insanity induced, could easily generate surface in our civilization, as we share Planet!, Earth is home to all!, and also share the solar system!
Today I want to tell you that many of the ships or UFOs that look and that is said to come from outer space, made the world come from intraterrestrial. The hierarchy of spiritual beings who rules is the same, we always talk about Planetary Hierarchy! We are living a very special and important moment in which you want to raise vibration to facilitate the change of era. This is further supported by the Sun precisely, our Astro Rey, which is emitting radiation, waves and explosions of light normally does not emit. This favors the possibility of exchange between the two civilizations.
Our older brothers are protecting us, thankfully!, World War III will not, will not. There was a chance, a few years ago, but thanks to the good will that also exists in our world, the protection was driven to not happen. We are not alone! (Good).
But who really wants to occur the atomic disaster? The answer is: The Energy Luciferic . Devote several days to examine the means they have at their fingertips.
Let's see now the relationship of "initiation" and correspondence in different worlds or civilizations:human evolution are 5 Initiations. The First Initiation occurs at Level 8 and with her and spent the Angelic Kingdom. The Second Initiation is also received at Level 8, while the Third, Fourth and Fifth are received at Level 9. With them, just as Man and Evolution Evolution begins as Angel adult.
From our First Initiation can incarnate on Earth either external or in intraterrestrial Civilization.Given that in the average level of evolution is over, our Fourth Initiation corresponds to the first of them, our fifth to second them and so on. From the Sixth Initiation surface, which has already exceeded the level of consciousness of the human kingdom is evolving in the Angelic, and corresponds to the Third Initiation intraterrestrial-, you can jump to continue growing within the Solar Hierarchy, if, under the direct supervision of the Planetary Logos. This Third Initiation intraterrestrial, or Sixth Surface, equivalent to the First Solar Initiation.
From the seventh initiation of surface, and overcome the human level and being at the Angelicum, which corresponds to the Fourth Initiation intraterrestrial and Solar Second, you can work in the Sirius system, our Superior Logos, the level would be the First Initiation of Sirius.
Let set forth in the following table:
This shows that the chances of evolution are immense. Then there is also the possibility of going to other systems even higher. Recall that the Heart Center of "One about Whom Naught May Be Said" is our solar system, our Solar Logos, His Throat Centre is in the constellation "Pleiades", and Crown Center in the constellation "The Big Dipper ".
Note finally that from the Sixth and Seventh Initiation, if the Self wants to embody needs neither father nor mother, is a "begotten" as Christ was. Therefore it is said that "born of a Virgin." A Human Being will of "Chalice" of this energy will represent "The Holy Grail." This being is called "The Anointed One", and gives their bodies denser materials that Christ is in occupation. An example of this with the Master Jesus Christ and therefore intermittent time, Jesus Christ transmitted to Energy therefore is known as Jesus Christ.

7. EVOLUTION intraterrestrial

The Planetary Hierarchy consists of all members of humanity who have, at least, the First Initiation, to Sanat Kumara, which are not human, has nine initiations. In our Scripture, this Being is known by the name of Melkitsedek, King of Salem and High Priest of the Order that bears his name. This Order is none other than "The White Lodge", and the Bible tells us who is "without father, without mother, without genealogy". Strange Being who belong to the Lodge or White Brotherhood, may or may not be embodied. In fact we know that even the Fifth Initiation must embody in the physical plane, and birth "of a Mother", but from this, the incarnation does not happen.
Beings over 5 Initiations, for example the Ascended Masters or Chohans Lightning, who are 6-Initiations which no longer require physical incarnation, can "zoom in" humanity to the etheric subplanes of the physical plane-solid, liquid and gas and four ethers.
It is in the etheric subplanes of the physical plane where is the mythical "Shambala", the city of light, or White City, where "living Masters" and sits where the Planetary Hierarchy, The White Lodge, The White Brotherhood.
The dense physical counterpart of this "City", is located in "The World intraterrestrial". In the Northern Hemisphere the place is called "Agharta", and in the Southern Hemisphere, "El Dorado". From the First Initiation-Level 8 -, human beings can incarnate intraterrestrial Civilization interchangeably or in the surface of the Earth, where we are now. It is important to see this difference to not induce an error.

8. Shambalah, AGARTA and gold

Cities where lives the Planetary Hierarchy are:
  • In the etheric level, "Shambala", located in the "ether" of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia, the Masters live there who are not physically embodied.
  • On the physical level, "Agartha", corresponding to the space-intraterrestrial which is in the Northern Hemisphere, and "El Dorado" - that is the space intraterrestrial which is in the Southern Hemisphere.
It seems that both continents are connected intraterrestrial not physically, but due to the high technology of its inhabitants, moving through aircraft, or the same using the ocean floor.
Jules Verne, one of the greatest prophets of the twentieth century, wrote, and novelist who was a delicate work ... "Journey to the Center of the Earth". You know that is his only work unverified ....?
It turns out that all bodies in space are hollow inside. It can have a solid center with a rotating motion. Different satellites have photographed the planets of the solar system, and its poles are always displayed flattened! And if the pictures are taken at night, all lit poles appear!
X The Mariner American satellite, beamed back pictures of the poles open and iluninados the planet Mercury. Then the Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico showed very clear images of the north and south polar openings Mercury. The American probe Clementine verified this soon after. They ran the 70.
Sunlight and electromagnetic waves penetrate through the poles of all the planets and generate their Central Sun, ie the inner light is the same as the external. Science believed that solar electromagnetic waves died on reaching the surface of a planet. Today we know that they penetrate through the poles, and in the center, twist, giving rise to a kind of coil, called "Gang of Moepbius". So the central sun appears.
Central Sun size is proportional to the amount of solar energy received by the planet. This depends on the distance from the sun to that is, and the size of the openings of its poles.
In 1996 was published in the press that the Earth's core rotates faster than the crust ... strange news. And Neptune have verified the same ... This is impossible if the bodies were in one piece!


Moreover, we also know that Planet Earth has two openings, one at the North Pole and another at the South Pole. Through these openings is where filtered sunlight, resulting in a magnetic effect inside the planet, which goes by the name "Noebius Band".
The band proves Noebius as a coil of light, electromagnetic quality, and therefore attracts a lot of light particles or photons from the sun, so they create a kind of "Central Sun", in the same nature outside the sun light, and stays stabilized in the geometric center of the planet, and may give light and heat, and allowing life inside - two continents, Agartha and El Dorado. The difference would be that there is inside night!


This information I extracted from various works that speak of the Hollow Earth:
The inland mountains are low rise, there are valleys, rivers and shallow seas, about 2 miles, the vegetation is tropical but different from the surface, the temperature is constant and is around 26 degrees, although subjectively perceived as more fresh, no insects and animal life is scarce, this being mainly of birds and fish.
The vault of these large caves internal white light shows a large blue, light is life, but depending on the earth's rotation increases or decreases. There are no stars. There is the frequent occurrence of rain, but no wind. The 60% ​​of its area is covered by the sea, with the balance land (on the outside, the percentages are 71% sea and 29% of land).
The air outside is like but with a greater amount of oxygen (60/62%) and less nitrogen (15%). The population in the North is about 4.2 million inhabitants, and in the South of about 800,000 . People look the same to us, but their developmental level is much higher. A intraterrestrial civilization is accessible through caves that lead to tunnel network that covers practically the balloon, and passing through the crust communicating both worlds.
The crust has a width of only 1400 miles, equivalent to 2,200 miles. We know that through thenetwork of tunnels, it is possible to travel under the sea from America to Europe. Eric Von Daniken, Swiss investigative journalist, has documented decades fabulously in his book: "The Gold of the Gods" .


In Peru, the "Brotherhood of the 7 Rays" has a place of retreat called "The Abbey", near Lake Titicaca. There exists a rock formation called Ayumarca Gate or The Aran-Muru Portal.
Another point of access to the world's intraterrestrial Manu in La Selva, in the Mother of God, called "The Paititi"-means the heart of the heart, in the Valley of the Blue Moon.
In Ecuador, in the Cordillera del Condor, a network of tunnels that connects all the Amazon jungle. There is an entrance to the intraterrestrial between Coango and Santiago rivers, is called "The Cave of the stems."
This is the place where Andreas Faber-Kaiser made ​​important discoveries in relation to the tradition which places them at the library holds the golden forgotten history of man ... never told.
The entries are stored and protected by very primitive and savage tribes, which, due to a basic intuition, instinctive consciousness of the mass-, know the intentions of those who approach them. Based on these intentions are let through or not. (I normally eat them, because almost all explorers who dare to venture into these places looking for the gold of the Spanish or the like).
But our friend Andreas let him go .... Not eaten! ... And go ... let him go after teach many things! Anyway, when he returned to Europe, others killed him ... That was his last adventure ....
In Brazil, the Serra do Roncador in no tickets, and the Sierra de Portiaria, in the State of Goyas is Paraúna the jungle valley where walls are 4 meters high and 4 km long. They are built by basaltic rocks together magnetically. Stepped pyramids care areas covered by vegetation, which open to the world intraterrestrial tickets.
Perhaps entries or accesses that are most talked about: The Bermuda Triangle, Lake Titicaca, Lake Guatavita, The Potala Palace in Tibet--the Alps, the Pyrenees, or up the mountain Montserrat in Catalonia, but in fact there are many more, less popular, for example, to quote a well nearby, Lake Banyoles, in Gerona.

10. WORLD SOCIAL ORGANIZATION intraterrestrial

Civilization is a supercivilization intraterrestrial. Is governed by a political-religious structure Sinárquica. Indeed, The Synarchy is "the power of Initiates", such as a Council of Elders, so that the Spiritual wisest, most loving, the most will and firmness, in short, the most luminous, directs and inspires others. Imagine a Cabinet Sages, what strange, no?, - With the need to make in our world, but, Think of it for a moment, do not you think that things would be better?
When the boss, really know, advocated that spirituality grow on people, ideal for light the way of all,and strives for personal virtues and coexistence are favored, ennobled, defended and respected. With such a leader, the human being can evolve and transcend smoothly, fulfilling God's plan for man and the earth. Had a good friendship, a brotherhood, between civilization and our inside, our civilization would update in a short period of time, the evolution recover it needs to comply with changing times without too much conflict.
But this does not matter to the dark forces! Since we are against the evolution of our planet Earth, and ours with him. If all this were uncovering, and soon uncover, you should change human history, thoroughly revise and rewrite.
Eva Monferrer
* Eva Monferrer Perennial Wisdom is expert, for over 20 years, spread these teachings through classes and workshops in their school of Barcelona (School of Evolutionary Studies "Indra"), online classes and books that are available in bubok, print and pdf. He has already published seven of his series "The Evolution of Consciousness. Psychology of the Soul ".
Eva lets her work speak for her, taught by his own authority and combines ancient messages, they have always been available to those interested in them, with explanations of modern quantum physics, transpersonal psychology and other disciplines, transmitting a language close and understandable to those seeking answers and want to live more consciously

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